rush'n romance
a white bpn
Robert Jeffrey Burson

This is not a fully fleshed-out adventure complete with statistics and everything you could ever need in any situation. This is for a role-playing game run by a real, living and breathing GM - not a computer game. THIS IS NOT THE FINAL FANTASY. That said, I have provided plenty of extra helpings of details to give you ideas if the players do something weird (If? hahahahahaha). In the end, I hope that anyone who runs it makes it their own, inspired by what I have provided.

BTW: Statistics? Why none? It allows you to gauge the enemies to your squad, without having to wait for your PCs to become strong enough to go on the adventure (read BPN).

This BPN is suited for however many damn characters you want (but probably not thirty) - even just one lonely solo - of SCLs 10 to whatever your squad happens to be (just alter the base information for high-level PCs).


Contact Department of:
Shiver Unit Organization
Training Package Recommended:
Investigation & Interrogation / any
Investigate the execution-style murder of Shiver Sergeant in Downtown gauss station. Possible gang involvement. Bring in murderer alive if possible; Extermination Warrant available upon demand.
Station Analysis
Consolidated Bonus Scheme
Per Operative
Third Eye News
Per Squad


the participants, or who do they have to kill?


Name: Michael "Spike" Yurov
classification Cossack Frother
package / training Business Package
SCL 7c

Appearance: Typical cossack colouring with short, dyed-blond hair on his crown and a long black ponytail. Like most cossacks, he is tall and broad, but is unusually slim. He wears an old, ragged jacket over red and black HARD armour and carries an Atrocity Blade at his side. The back of his jacket says "Violence Boy." He drives his own dark blue Augustus Truck or his girlfriend's red Kashang.

Backstory: Spike left Czaria at age 4 with his family, moving to the center of Progress, Mort. His father was a Cossack storyteller before being gunned down by DarkNight. After living in Birdland (the Czarian immigrant sector of downtown) for awhile with his family, he transferred his application to Meny for business. He was at one time a decent Operative and a good earner for his squad, but he has slacked off over the past year due to a graowing dependance on Rush. He has turned his financial skills to selling the combat drug to civilians in the birdland sector and beyond.
personality Spike likes to have a continual string of projects on hand, and is always busy. He is pushy but eager to make his cutomers happy. Once Spike has a customer dependant on him, he uses them for all their worth. Spike seems like the main man, but the real deal behind his operation is his girlfriend, Vile. He is utterly devoted to her. Occasionally, about once a month, he likes to drop Alice and go down into the deep depths of Lower Downtown for "good medicine." He has been neglecting this for several months.

Quote: "We gotta get on the case about this."


Name "Vile" Violynn
classification Feral Ebon
package / training Civilian employee
SCL 11

Appearance: Attractive Ebon corporate with typical pale skin and white eyes. She has long, fasionably curled and styled, black hair. Dressing in womens' suits in similar style to Operative Financiers like Cerise, Vile accents her outfits with handmade personal jewelry. She has no armour or weapons and does not like them. She drives a red civilian Keshang.
Backstory: The daughter of a DN Interceptor, Straightedge, and a Downtown girl, she grew up among crime. She has used her contacts to create a small criminal business in selling Rush, but uses her boyfriend for all the work. She works as a corporate secretary as a front, but is proud of her position.
Personality: Vile seems to be a warm, normal ebon secretary. Many cannot match her up with Spike. Under her facade, she is a manipulative woman who will do anything to get what she wants. She considers herself to be the real dealer, but loves Spike fiercely. She is heavily addicted to Rush, and suffering the long term effects. She denies this.
Quote: "My boyfriend is NOT a dealer, first of all."


Name Real Name Unknown
classification Human
Package / training: DarkNight man
SCL Unlisted
Appearance: Dressing for success, TT wears DN armour and carries a brief case. His armour is styled like a black pinstripe suit, and his lemon-yellow helmet has a black bowler hat and a robotic-looking face with clock-face eyes.
Backstory: TT is a DN madeboy pusher. He probably won't show up at all, but I've included a brief synopsis just in case or for latter use. He is Vile's main DN contact and can do multiple electronic hack jobs such as illegal cellular connections and he sells many drugs including Rush and Shatter.
Personality: Cool and professional at all times.
Quote: "I'm outside your door - are you ready for the deal?"


Name Real Name Unknown
Classification Human
Package / training Prop Serial Killer
SCL Unlisted
Appearance: Check out the March 900, Mort edition of Karma, page 39. Evil-E's armour is off-white and blue. His pullover is grey and his "Ee" sysmbol is blue. He carries two DN SMGs and wears DN Power Armour.
Backstory: Ee is a prop working for Spike. He's the trigger man.
Personality Ee prefers ambushes, and loves inflicting pain. He hangs with the Cossacks because Spike pays him well and they all show him respect. He is a hard-drinking man.
Quote: "Hey, SLOPpy bitch! Take 10!!" *BANG* *BANG*

the case, or what the fuck's going on here?

The Man from Investigation

The Operatives on the case are put in touch with a Mr. Michael Wellington, an Administrator of the Shivers. Wellington is a book-smart poindexter who wants a swift finale. He will be satisfied with the killer of the Shiver, but would also like to know who ordered the hit.

The Sergeant

On Tuesday at 8:59pm, Sgt. Joeseph Deller of the Shivers was murdered at Shell Beach Station in Paradise Sector. He was shot in the back of the head, point-blank, and his body was dragged across the tracks by the arriving train. A Standard Shiver Squad is holding the area for the Operatives, but the body has already been removed by forensics.
Sgt. Deller just completed a 6 month tour of Sleeper Duty in the Birdland sector in Lower Downtown. He made contacts and friends in the sector with the resident Cossack community there (he was half Cossack through his mother), where he picked up a pronounced addiction to Rush. He began selling it to his squad and muscling in on surrounding turf. He became rather careless as his addiction grew and threatened his main contact, Spike. The Cossack dealer waited until Deller's duty ended three days ago, and then promptly had him shot on the way home from his new assignment as a desk sergeant in Paradise sector.

Spike's operation / Vile's contacts

Spike fronts the Rush sales and seems to be the main man, while Vile seems to be his love-blind girlfriend - a fellow user dating him for romance and Rush. She is a civilian corporate and cannot buy it herself. She seems to be your typical glittergirl.
However, Vile has the real contacts with the DarkNight Black Market. Spike is smart enough not to buy huge quantities of Rush on his finance record. They really do love each other in a misbegotten way, but Vile still uses him as a front.
Violynn knows one main guy who supplies her and one lesser guy. The main DN supplier, TickTock, is a Madeboy with a nice size clientelle. The small fry, Petey, is a SLA corporate who misappropriates supply. She met both through her dad, an old DN Interceptor, Straightedge. He's long dead.

Spike prefers to do any nasty business such as Sergeant Deller by using others. He has hired the prop Evil-E to be his point man. He also has an old Cossack friend, Gregory, an Operative scout who will occasionally help him out. Gregory isn't involved in anything serious, he just backs up his brothers.

They all hang-out at a club called the Vodka in Birdland sector in Downtown.

the clues, or how the hell do I lead them there?

Shell Beach Station three 10mm shell casings from DN
10mm hollowpoint bullet fragments in wall
Key for lockbox in Deller's apartment wedged beneath tracks
vial of Rush in trashcan
any random, useless clues you care to throw at your Ops in the other trashcans
video slug for camera shows a vague image of Evil-E walk up behind a waiting Deller (he is waiting for his train) and shoot him in the head once, then shot camera. (third shot went wild and hit wall as Deller's body fell onto the tracks)

Sergeant Deller's Possessions bloody, ruined clothing
unit bills and coins
torn business card for the Vodka
Slap & Tickle card
Shiver and Civilian ID cards
drug injector and 5 vials of Rush, two are cut with low-grade speed
coat (many of the above must be located in pockets)
fedora, unharmed, with hatband that reads Sacred Yew Hats in the Birdland sector
matchbook with three matches for Cafe Royal (big, stinking RED HERRING suicide mission)
Coffin Cigarette pack with one cigarette that smells like gasoline (dipped in shatter)

Sergeant Deller's Autopsy result.

Heavy Rush addict
Shot point-blank in head with one 10mm hollowpoint
Spicy Cossack dish in stomach

The Sleeper Squad three survivng members: Liam Coleman, Jessica Ho, and Dana Brugel
Liam Coleman: human standard shiver
He may help the Ops by telling them a little of Deller's activities on Sleeper duty, but he fears reprisal even though he was not involved.

Jessica Ho: Ebon SCAF pilot shiver
She is a Rush addict who buys from Spike and will stonewall the Operatives because of her involvement. Her duty involves 14 hour shifts which keep her pumped on Rush to stay awake.

Dana Brugel: human civilian
Cannot be reached. See her apartment below.

Sergeant Deller's Apartment

Nice TV and Succubus computer
futon and pillow with DN74 gun underneath
hotplate, fridge with lockbox hidden in freezer
lockbox has stash of 20 vials of Rush, plus 10,000u (enough for one buy), speed rocks, a scale, and empty vials.
expensive fan art of Hallowe'en Jack
bookshelves with subversive writings
toolkit with chisels and paints
handmade carvings of animals (hobby)
nice suits in closet and nice coat
more nice fedoras from Sacred Yew Hats
empty garbage can (recently taken by intruder)
DN body armour, DN74 pistol, and DN100 rifle in closet
pictures portraying Spike, EvilE, Gregory, Deller's girlfriend - Lucy, sleeper squad, and a DAC named Soot - all with Deller and all labled. Vile has had TickTock remove a picture of her, a phonebook and a second lockbox from the closet (he took them away in the trash bag).

Dana Brugel's Apartment

Dana Brugel's body - killed by 10mm bullet, bound and gagged. Tortured with cigarette. (EvilE had his fun)
Well used DN74 10mm pistol