Skin Trade / Orienta BioGenetics

The best Biogenetics on the street, some say in the entire World of Progress come from the black labs of Orientia. Available in Mort City only through the infamous Skin Trade they are the cutting edge of enhancement. Many of Skin Trade's growing stable of Props joined up purely to get access to these enhancements. Only those items marked with a * are subject to overstress.




Flesh Muscle Enhancers
Bone Enhancement
Flesh SuperHeart
Flesh SuperHeart+*
SeductorPheromone Enhancers
Sculptor Re-modeling
For Your Pleasure

6,000u / 11,000u
6,500u / 12,000u
8,000u / 14,000u
4,000u / 7,500u
5,200u / 9,800u
500u / 900u
750u / 1,250u
2,000u* / 3,750u
1,400u / 4,800u+
3,500u / 6,000u
- / 3,000u

+1 STR per level
+1 DEX per level
+2 PHYS per level
+2 to PHYS rolls
+3 to PHYS rolls
Covers other enhancements.
Colour changing skin
+2 to seduction checks
Alters physical appearance
+2 Athletics, hold breath for 10 minutes

Fleshtm Muscle Enhancers

Basic muscle enhancement. Increases STR and STR max by one per level. Maximum of four levels. Does not effect PHYS.
Recovery Time: Three days

Fleshtm Glidepath

Basic ligament enhancement. Increases DEX and DEX max by one per level. Maximum of four levels. Does not effect PHYS.
Recovery Time: Three days

Bone Enhancement

Rebuilds and enhances bone structure and muscle and ligament attachments. Provides +2 to PHYS per level, maximum of two levels.
Recovery Time: Ten Days

Fleshtm SuperHeart / Flesh(tm) SuperHeart+

Heart is replaced with a biogenetic heart. Note that only the SuperHeart+ is subject to overstress.
Recovery Time: Two Weeks. Five days of this are spent hooked up to a life support machine somewhere
Overstress: Heart attack! Loose half base hit points in the torso (if this kills you then too bad) and make a PHYS roll at -8 (not including the SuperHeart bonus) to remain conscious. Loose all remaining phases this round and take no actions for the next two rounds even if you are conscious.

Seductortm Pheromone Enhancers

This enhancement is often given 'free' to Skin Trade 'recruiters' to assist them in appearing attractive to their targets. The pheromones work only on members of the implantee's own race. This is Skin Trade's biggest selling genetic enhancement.
Recovery Time: Two Days

TradeSkintm / TradeSkintm Deluxe

This replacement skin is used to cover enhancements. It is slightly tougher than normal skin, meaning it rarely sustains minor cuts and the like. The Deluxe version has the ability to change colour in response to the implantee's mood or to certain electrical impulses (Colour changer kit (a' la Total Recall nail kit) included in the price ).
Recovery Time: Two Days

Sculptortm Re-modeling

Cosmetic alterations. Essentially grants +1 per level to the Good Looks (or Bad Looks if the client so wishes, Good Looks cannot be raised above +8 in this way). It is also posable to use this treatment to create a new 'identity' for a person. The level brought is used as a penalty to all attempts to recognise the modified person visually. A maximum of 10 levels may be brought.
Recovery Time: A maximum of a week, depending on the level of alteration


Replacement lungs engineered with hyperefficient alvioli to enhance your endurance.
Recovery Time: One Week
Overstress: Occurs only in users of inhailed drugs (smokers, etc). The lungs develop a cancerous growth and must be replaced before the cancer spreads. Onset and detection at GM's discression. If the cancer is not treated in time the character suffers a nasty, lingering death.

For Your Pleasuretm

Not an implant but a complete CNS re-wiring. FYP is not a process that a client usually undergoes (it makes it kind of difficult to function in society) though some jaded individuals have chosen to undergo this ultimately fatal modification. FYP is used to ensure that the merchandise brought by a client responds with pleasure to whatever the client chooses to do to it. Granted not all clients wish for this but it is popular.

FYP wires the recipient to feel pleasure in place of any other stimulus. It also ensures that the recipient will die of shock induced sensory overload in a matter of months (weeks if used particularly hard). Expensive yes but those with a taste for this sort of thing can afford the price.
Recovery Time: Two Weeks