The recent strategic allience between GA and Daemon Arms must have been the worst kept seceret in the last decade, but apparently it still caught FEN on the hop if the vitrol from their press relations office is anything to go by. While the alliance may not seem that important on paper the involvement of the unbelevably wealthy Diukan Ki-Hiroshi effectively ended any hope FEN had of perchasing their formerly struggeling rival.

Renamed as the Daemon Design Team (DDT) Daemon Arms will continue to create inovative custom weapons and high quality handguns for the operative market but with the production power of GA behind them their recent well documented supply problems would seem to be over. Roomers of an approach to BLA by FEN in the wake of the anouncement are hotly denied by both companies, but we would seem to be entering a period of consolidation in the firearms industry

Assesment: A. Kramer

Division: Corporate

To: Head Office

Date: 23/02/900 SD

Product Line:

GA / DDT Handguns: The Invigorator and the Death's Head.

GA / DDT Combination Weapons: Exotic combiations of gun and close combat weapon for aspiring Contract Killers.

Urban Nightmare

Established in 900SD Urban Nightmare have quickly established themselves as a quality manufacturer of mass-produced weaponry. Some may say that in taking on the might of FEN Urban Nightmare are writing their own bankruptcy writ but by providing a competitively priced high quality alternative to FEN Urban Nightmare are picking up customers who are looking for something a little bit different from the norm.

Product Line:

Urban Nightmare's #802 Revolver: High quality long barrelled revolver.

Urban Nightmare's Iron Monger: Heralded as the best sub-machinegun available.

Urban Nightmare's Tempest IWS: Integrated Weapon System

Havoc Arms

An established manufacturer of high quality custom weaponry Havoc have played a subsidiary role to BLA since the end of the era of energy weapons. Now however they are back, and they've brought some fantastic new designs out to prove it.

Working on the same basic principals as the Linear Accelerators and Rail Guns used on Dante and other war worlds Havoc's new range of Magnetic Accelerators are bound to turn heads with their unusual appearance. They are also far more reliable then a standard firearm, having fewer moving parts and no explosive propellant. All in all a brilliant new product from a company we once thought dead and gone.

"I'd call it a gun myself but you know these marketing people."

- Mr Drake, Damage Inc

Product Line:

Havoc Arms Handguns: The #2105 "Mortis" and the #3110 "Agent Orange".

Melee Weapons


Famous for their Chain Axe and the ubiquitous Paccifier Batton used by Shivers everywhere GASH's expanded product range contains some inovative and very nasty new treats for the Operative comunity.

Product Line:

GASH Shockwhip


The masters of unpowered weaponary are at it again! MAC claim they are putting the punch back into hand to hand combat, and given it's what the people want to see, who can blame them? Unless other companies make similar breakthroughs to MAC's fabrication techniques they are likely to dominate the melee market for the foreseeable future.

Product Line:

MAC Longblade series

Ammo Stats and Game Rules

.44 Magnum and .50 AE are both new to SLA Industries, as are Graser rounds. Rules for the efficiency of long-barrel guns are also included. Also costs for Magnetic Accelerator ammunition and stats for the Mortis' unique Darts.

New Ammunition Types

Rules Addenda

Credit where it's due:

Urban Nightmare, the Death's Head, #802 and the Iron Monger all originate from Mayfair Games' Underground RPG (now unfortunately out of print). The Gunblade as is originates from Final Fantasy VIII, although this version was helped along by Owen Hughes and Mark Dodd.