Reality Overlay Software

Medical Programs

Available to all qualified operatives (those who have completed the Medical training package from an approved SLA University or obtained an equivalent field qualification) these programs provide an invaluable aid in the field that has previously only been available in secure hospital environments.


Human / Frother - 30c

Stormer, 313 / 714 - 45c

Stormer, 711 - 50c

Ebon / Brain Waster - 30c


Each program provides +2 bonus to all Paramedic or Surgery rolls for the appropriate race providing the user has the skill at level 4 or above.

Vehicle Repair / Maintenance Programs

These chips come in two categories, Civilian and SLA. Civilian chips are available to any employee of SLA Industries and are configured for the less skilled user whereas SLA vehicle chips are restricted to those with an appropriate qualification (as medical programs). Each program deals with an individual vehicle.


Civilian Vehicles - 15c

SLA Vehicles - 35c


Civilian programs provide a +1 bonus to repair or maintenance rolls on the appropriate vehicle and require a minimum skill of 2 or greater to use effectively. SLA Programs provide a +2 bonus to such rolls and require a minimum skill of 4 or better.

Weapons Maintenance Programs

A simple but useful category of programs. Available to any operative to ensure you never mistake a firing pin for a restraining pin again.


Pistol - 10c

SMG / Assault Rifle - 15c

Rifle - 12c

Exotic - 18c

Melee - 8c


Each program provides a +1 bonus to Weapons Maintenance rolls on the appropriate weapon type and require a minimum skill of 2 to use.