GASH Shockwhip

The Shockwhip is a design that was rejected when GASH tendered for the contract to produce a new melee weapon for Shiver forces due to having the wrong 'image' for Cradle's finest. A scaled down version was produced for Shiver and MP dog handlers but full production was not envisaged until the public's recent mania for new and different melee weapons prompted a test production which sold out completely within hours. Now available on a mass market basis, the Shockwhip is proving a popular new design.

The Shockwhip is produced from thousands of steel sections over a heavy cable core. These sections have a oval cross section, with a 'sharp' striking edge (there's a definite right way up to use the Shockwhip). However physical damage is only half the story with the Shockwhip. If the Shockwhip entangles it's target the user can activate a press-stud on the handle, delivering a massive jolt of electricity from the capacitors there which is capable of disabling anything short of a PowerSuit or rendering unprotected targets unconscious.

The capacitors store enough charge for ten strikes before needing to be recharged, though the Shockwhip can be connected to the user's power armour with a few simple modifications, consuming an hour's power per use.

GASH Shockwhip






Flexible Weapon






The electric shock disables power armour for three minutes (60 rounds). If the jolt is delivered through the helmet there is a 1 in 10 chance of destroying any electronic systems mounted in the helmet. Roll for each in turn.

The wearer of the armour is stunned for one minute (20 rounds, double if the shock is delivered through the head) unless he makes a stun save at -20. This save must be made even if the target is using drugs that would normally negate the need for stun saves. Wearers of unpowered armour such as DeathSuits are subject to this effect.

If the Shockwhip strikes an unarmoured target that person is rendered unconscious for ten minutes. If the shock is delivered to the head medical aid will be needed to revive the target and the target's CONC and DIA are reduced by 1 for the next 48 hours. If repeated shocks to the head are delivered, reducing the target's CONC _and_ DIA to 0 or less then the target has suffered permanent brain damage, reducing max CONC and DIA by one. Needles to say this would only happen as the result of a viciously sadistic attack.