Mort City

"Believe me when I say there is nowhere like Mort City. In no other place are the triumphs and tragedies of the World of Progress so eloquently knitted together to form such a perfect whole. Once you have lived here, everywhere else seems but a shallow reflection of the truth it encapsulates. Nothing can prepare you for it, and nothing can take it away from you."

Jin "Harlequin" Ki Hiroshi, Necanthrope, 904SD

Capital City to the Universe

Mort City, Capital of the World of Progress. More than seven and a half million square miles and up to forty levels deep it sits like a giant man-made mountain range looming out of the industrial jungle that surrounds it. From the plush Operative and executive housing of Uptown to the teaming slums of Lower Downtown it is estimated that somewhere in the region of 17,000,000,000,000 humans, aliens and biogenetics call Mort City home. With 100 sectors containing representatives of every culture in the World of Progress Mort City is truly representative of the empire that is ruled from it.


Sectors 1 through 10 are Mort Central, The administrative hub of the World of Progress. The vast majority of space here is taken up by offices of the various bureaucracies, departments and subsidiaries that make up the elite of SLA Industries. Dark Lament, Karma and Third Eye all maintain their head offices here, as close to the center of power that is the Head Office of SLA Industries itself.

Head Office

Head Office and the plaza that surrounds it is Sector 1 of Mort City. The smallest and most influential sector of the entire city. From his personal office atop the black pyramid of glass and steel Mr Slayer himself is Rumored to oversee every aspect of his empire.

Head Office is the hub of the enter World of Progress. The decisions taken here quite literally effect the lives of every being in known space. For this reason security here is incredibly tight. While technically any citizen of the World of Progress may come to the plaza or even visit the pyramid the chances of anyone doing so are slim to say the least. The omnipresent squads of the Black Chapter standing ceremonial guard and the widely accepted roomer that everyone who enters the plaza is instantly checked out by Internal Affairs, and if not expected will be subject to their most rigorous investigations tend to act as a deterrent. For these reasons, despite the impressive (if imposing) architecture the plaza is usually all but deserted.

On the lower levels the pyramid is a hive of activity. No-one here wishes to be seen as anything but insanely over-worked, lest they be considered surplus to requirements and removed. This fear generates incredible stress levels, and only a very few ever manage to avoid burning out due to the intensity of their self-imposed workloads. If they can manage to keep body and soul together however the rewards are great. Those few who can operate under the pressure that Head Office applies find themselves in the middle tier, with the prospect of one day reaching the upper tiers of the pyramid and a position with real power. It is here that the true internecine struggle beguines.

The battle to reach the upper tier of the pyramid is an incredible test of will, intellect and sheer animal cunning, and the prize is worth any effort. Once part of the upper tier a person has reached the position of an advisor to the board of SLA Industries, one step below the pinnacle that is a position on the board itself. This position invariably lasts for life, unless one has the incredible luck and talent necessary to take that final step to a seat on the board.

As a background to all this are the Black Chapter, ever present within the pyramid in their ceremonial dress armour, watching everyone impassively from behind their inscrutable face-plates. Loyal only to Slayer and their own commanders, the Black Chapter are the ultimate security force for the most powerful beings in the World of Progress. In their long history the Black Chapter are never known to have failed to protect a principal, or to have betrayed their masters. Uniquely among the forces of SLA industries they are trusted to guard Mr Slayer himself.