"The World of Progress is Mr Slayer's gift to us out of the ruins of the Conflict Wars. My people fought those wars, our elders remember the tales and legends of that time, and as children we learn them and so learn from them. You would not like to return to that time."

- Apokilypse, Damage Inc, 900SD

What is the World of Progress?

900 years ago Mr Slayer initiated the Big Picture and brought an end to centuarys of warfare and destruction on a galactic scale. With this single act he brought into beeing the World of Progress, the World of SLA Industries.

It is this World of Progress, and specificaly Mort, the capital planet of the SLA Industries empire that is the setting for the game. Mort is the dark, industrial centre of a dark and dangerous universe where horrific acts of violence and brutality are broadcast on corporate television as entertainment for the unemployed masses of Downtown while their corporate masters send often psychotic operatives against rivals, subversives and even their own people. Downtown Mort is a nightmare of paranoia, poverty and violence where renegades and the mercenarys known as Props sell their services to the street gangs, black marketeers and the tiny 'Soft Companies' that dream of one day treatening the might of SLA Industries. In these laberinthine warrens Dark Night agents ambush operatives to get footage for their propaganda and the insidious Skin Trade snatch their prey from the streets, seemingly with impunity.

Downtown is far from the worst area of Mort. Confined by massive walls defended by millions of Shivers, SLA Industries private police force, five Cannibal Sectors sit like open wounds upon the face of the planet. Here Manchine, Carion, War Criminal and Cognate compete for scant resorces with mutants, scavs and the cannibals that give the sectors their names. In thses dark pits of desolation are burried dark secrets that should remain concealed forever lest they rise to consume all who lack the will to resist them.

Even the horrors of the Cannibal sectors are not the worst excesses of the world of progress, for there are secrets to this world known only to it's masters in their fortress of Central. Here, benieth the pyramid of glass and steal that is the Head Office of SLA Industries a war is being fought on a level that no truly mortal mind could even comprehend. Dark Finders and Cloak Operatives drag the inocent and guilty alike from their hiding places and mete out the punishments dictated by their masters while the ultra-secretive agents of Stigmartyr look on, ever vigilent against a darkness form which they have protected the World of Progress these 900 years.

Races of the World of Progress


Slayer's Chosen. The Human race make up the majority of the population of the World of Progress and dominate every aspect of life within it. For every Alien or Biogenetic executive, Contract Killer or TV Star there are thousands of Humans in the same role. Humans may not be as strong as a 714 Chagrin, as swift as a Wraith Raider or be able to wield the powers of the Ebb but their sheer versitility ensures their dominance.

Almost everything in the World of Progress is designed with Humans in mind, despite the best efforts of the Department for Racial Equality. To do otherwise would be foolish. Only the Subsidiaries and Indis that cater specifically for Aliens (most of which are run by Aliens) design primeraly for anyone else, and all of them retain Human designers to ensure that their product will be accepted by the World of Progress' largest consumer group.


Frothers are a sub-race of humanity, evolved from generations of soldiers whose very DNA was warped by the potent combat drugs and biological enhancements pressed upon them in order to maximize their abilities on the field of battle. Long ago, before even the outbreak of the Conflict Wars, the regiments had become hereditary warrior clans in the service of their planet, nation or star system. The rituals of regements a that evolved over thousands of years evolved to become the traditions of the clans, their origins forgotten, their importance re-enforced by perrenial ussage. Weapons, dress and language, even the drugs of choice, became the birthright of the clans.

The Conflict Wars hit the Frother clans hard, all but obliterating many of the herreditary lines, but Slayer, seeing their value, saved as many a he could. The majority of the survivors were of the old Highland Clans, though a few other traditiions have survived. In Mort City especially it is exceedingly rare to see a Frother form any but the Highland Clans as they concider the capital their own.

Frothers are genetically drug users. A Frother is born into withdrawal and will spend his entire life as an adict. Most use combat drugs, usually the SLA equivalent of their favored clan drug. The perpetualy drug-fueled, hyper-aggressive fighting machine that this produces is the stereotypical Frother. This is not to say that all Frothers are of that ilk, many of the finest medical personal and biologists in the history of the World of Progress have been Frothers, and Frother pilots certainly have a reputation.