HexWoP Equipment

Reality Overlay

The basis of SLA Industries computing is the reality overlay system. Providing unrivaled access to technology for the post literate society these systems are now available to the Operative on the street for the first time.


Computers: While the humble Oyster is the basic SLA field computer, newer machines challenge that supremacy.

Peripherals: Devices to allow the use of reality overlay technology.

Software: The programs themselves.

Medical Equipment

Like computing, medical equipment does not remain static in the World of Progress.


Karma Bio-Monitor and Auto Injector: Useful biogenetic technology.

Karma "Leiber" Medikit: Karma's new rival to Boopa's established product.

Game Rules

Program load times, computer capacity and allergies to anesthetic.

Rules Addenda

Credit where it's due:

Thanks are definatly due to Kal "but I don't want guns" Widget.