In HexWoP the ebb works slightly differently than it does in the 'normal' World of Progress, especially in the areas of Protect and Enhancement due to the increased importance of the DeathSuit to the Ebb user. HexWoP also includes two ebb disciplines not found in the MRB, Blade Mastery and Ebb Motion. In time the HexWoP versions of all the Ebb powers will be found in this section, though for now I have only completed Blade Mastery and the revised Protect (the revised Enhance and Ebb Motion are being play tested at the moment).

Ebb Powers:

Blade Mastery


Credit is due to James "Freddy" Lennon for Protect II and Aeon Flux, which form the basis of this version of Protect and Ebb Motion, and to Richard Sands for the 10 level basis from which Blade Mastery is developed