DNA Row: By Ed Handley

Biogenetic Chop-Shops

"The Karma Palace Mall, Home of civilian Biotech. Here you can purchase any number of DNA altered creatures as pets, guard animals or whatever else your twisted pleasure runs to."

Of course the Black Market has it's own versions of the Palace. Here you can buy the latest Biotech from the back-street labs of Orientia, even have it spliced in if you wish. Props, DarkNight Interceptors, gangers and assorted low-lives get their supplies here, for a price. These back street Splicers do not operate on the Market itself but if you ask the right questions they can be found."

-Loco Suzy (Deceased), Toxic Shock / Third Eye Investigative Reporter, 901 [Not for Broadcast]

Dreams of Avarice: Biotech in HexWoP

DarkNight BioGenetics: The most common biotech on Mort.

Skin Trade/ Orienta BioGenetics: The best BioGenetics on the street.