Rules Addenda - Armour

Inert Science Friction Material

The Entirety suit holds no flux and cannot be boosted or interdermalised even if worn by an ebb user. Ebons and Brain Wasters describe a profound sense of discomfort when wearing these suits (In game terms they are at -1 COOL, -1 to all active skills and -2 to all rolls to produce an ebb effect). Dark Lament scientists theorise that this is a reaction to wearing 'dead' Science Friction material. The opinions of Necanthropes are unknown.

The Immortality Empress

The Empress can store 5 points of Flux and can be healed in the same way as a DeathSuit with the use of the Protect power. The Shadow cannot be interdermalised, but will adapt to the change in mass and form produced by a transformation into an Ebb Beast (If you transform into an Ebb Daemon with one of these on take 1 HP to each location except the head and buy a new coat). If worn over an extraderamlised DeathSuit a -1 DEX penalty is incurred.

Note that the Empress cannot be modified with GlyphWeave

Long coats and concealing weapons

Long coats imposes a -2 penalty to detect rolls to notice a gun hidden under it at the GM's discretion.

Bioregenerative Armour

Bioregenerative armour regenerates ID as a 313 Stormer regenerates wounds / HP providing it has been fed a paste pack within the last 24 hours. These packs are sold by Karma and are inserted into a feeder module, usually located inside the back plate of the armour. Between feeding the armour can 'hibernate', absorbing enough 'food' from it's environment as is necessary to sustain minimal life functions. Karma do not use the name 'paste' in their marketing but given the appearance of the substance the nickname has stuck.

Karma Paste:

Cost: 4c per pack

Bioregenerative armour comes in a wide range of basic colour schemes but due to the organic nature of the armour it is uniquely customisable through the same process as is used to create DNA Tattoos. Any Ebon with the Enhancement power at a high enough level or any Karma facility can provide any design desired (providing no copyright is infringed) in just a couple of hours. Prives vary but Karma outlets charge from 60c for basic designs up to thousands of credits to design and implant a unique piece of artwork. Once a design has been implanted only the use of the ebb can alter it.