Dark Lament

Welcome to the future of the World of Progress. No need for messy, uncertain biogenetics when Dark Lament can supply you with your own Science Friction clothing and armour. Produced from the same material as a true DeathSuit these stylish offerings have no tell-tale differences to spoil their image and with GlyphWeave they can be enhanced for your every desire.

Immortality Entirety, Interregnum and Perspective: Armour for the non-ebb user by Dark Lament.

Immortality Shadow and Empress: Armoured trenchcoats from Dark Lament for the non-ebb user and the ebb user respectively.

MAL / Dark Lament Indictor: Powered Science Friction armour.


GlyphWeave: Enhancements for your Immortality Product .


Karma Biogentic Armour provides protection comparable with any other armour of it's class along with the benefit of regeneration.

Karma / Power Projects K/PP644W: Biogenetic armour over a standard power frame.

Game Rules

New rules for inert Science Friction material, the Empress coat and Bioregenerative armour

Rules Addenda

Credit where it's due:

Thanks are due to Grim Lock whose B.S.C Armories "Weapon Mount" Trenchcoat inspired the creation of the entire Immortality range, Mark Booth for suggestions leading to the expanded GlyphWeave list and Kal Widget for the idea of DNA tattooing your armour.