Anti-Biogenetic Weapons

DK Kiss

"Ok, here's a piece of kit to use against those Biogenetic freaks that Slayer says we've got to call people."

The suited man leans forward slightly and opens the case he placed on the drum. The interceptors crowd slightly to see the contents. They are almost disappointed. Inside are simply clips for their pistols and rifles. One sneers slightly, as if he's heard it all before. Undeterred the suited man takes a clip from the case and slides the top round off the stack. The brass case glints slightly in the dim light but the bullet itself seems to suck in light from around itself. The sneering interceptor shudders slightly, his look of disdain falling from his face.

"What the fuck is that?"

"We call them DK Kiss. Believe me, if you want to put a Stormer in the ground then this is the tool for the job."


"They succeeded in stealing them master, it will only be a matter of time before they succeed in replicating the technology. Their Ferals are skilled in such things."

The dark head nods and the gravel voice fills the room.

"All the better."

Rules Stuff:

DK Kiss does damage as normal for a round of its type but has +1 to PEN. Against any non-biogenetic life forms it acts in all ways as a normal round. Against biogenetic life forms (Stormers and Vevs from a PC PoV) it has a far more devastating effect. DK Kiss disrupts the unique cell structures of these organisms, making it impossible for them to regenerate damage while the round is in situe.

There are also long term effects. The round dissolves slightly in biogenetic 'blood' (causing a blue frothing around the wound) acting as a long term poison. A biogenetic life form exposed to too much of this poison looses a point each of STR and DEX (Dependant on the length of time the round remains in the body. About 20 individual rounds, reasonably quickly (less then 30 mins) disposed of should be required). As the substance accretes in the muscles and bones rather than being free-floating in the blood there is no way to prevent its build up short of LAD treatment.

The lost stat points can be brought back with experience.


Chains are a specialist round used by Cloak for the capture of Vevaphons. Fired from a standard KPS Mangler and looking much the same as a standard Mangler round they are in fact far more dangerous to the biogenetic polymorph.

Chains emit a particular electrical frequency variance which causes a slight destabilisation of the cell network that makes up a Vevaphon. This does not weaken the bonds enough to kill the creature but does force it to revert to it's natural form (a protoplasmic puddle) which has resulted in certain Cloak agents christening these rounds "puddle-shot"

Rules Stuff:

A Vev hit by Chains must make a PHYS roll at -19 ((2D10+PHYS)-19, 11+) or revert to a gelatinous pulp and it's base stats. This roll may be attempted on every phase that the Vev may act on.