Fiery Soul

Fiery Soul causes alterations of colour and minor alterations of style to match your mood.



This GlyphWeave ensures that your Immortality clothing is always clean and fresh, no matter how down and dirty you get.



Symphony creates a unique aural resonance around the wearer, making her more noticable. A must when you want to increase your exposure.


Soothing Touch

The height of GlyphWeave technology, Silken Touch ensures that you remain perfectly poised in every situation.

Silken Touch provides a +1 bonus to COOL for the non-ebb using wearer. Due to the amount of GlyphWeave material necessary to create this effect it also reduces the ID of every location by 1 (min. 0). Silken Touch negates the COOL penalty (but only the COOL penalty) for Ebons and Brain Wasters wearing the item. Biogenetic lifeforms (Stormers and Vevs) and those with extensive Karma modification (GM's descression, should be at least two levels of Flesh / Glide or full Shell Augmentation) cannot benefit from the use of Silken Touch


Free Spirit

No longer need fluctuations in temperature upset your equilibrium. Free Spirit GlyphWeave allows you to set the temperature within your suit, and thus the temperature you ecperience to any level comfortable to the non-biogenetic races.



An essential measure in hostile urban and industrial environments, Electron provides excelent protection against electrical discharges.

Electron negates PHYS penaltys to resist electrical based stun attacks. Lethal electrical attacks are reduced to stun attacks with a PHYS penalty equal to the damage. This penalty cannot be negated by the Electron GlyphWeave. As with Soothing Touch the implantation process removes 1ID per location (minimum 0).