DarkNight Biogenetics

Not the best on the street but the most affordable. DarkNight biogenetic enhancements tend to be used by Agents, Interceptors and Props who cannot afford those sold by Skin Trade or do not wish to deal with that organisation. All DarkNight biogenetics are subject to overstress. Prices before the / are for DarkNight members, those after are for all others.




Flexor Muscle Grafts
Extensor Ligament Enhancement
Night's Claws
PowerPump Heart Augmenter
Dark Venom

Night's Teeth

3,000u / 4,600u
3,500u / 5,100u
250u / 400u per hand
2,500u / 6,000u
11,000u / 30,000u
650u / 800u per set

210u / 360u
1,700u / 2,500u per eye

+1 to STR / STR stat max.
+1 to DEX / DEX stat max.
+1 PEN, +1 DAM to hand to hand attacks
+2 to PHYS rolls
Regenerate 1 wound / HP per 3 rounds
Implants poison sacs. Teeth or claws must be in place or implanted at the same time.
+1 DAM on bite attacks.
Enhanced night vision and anti-dazzle

Flexor Muscle Replacement

The patient's musculature is enhanced by grafting in extra layers of synthetic muscles. This can be done a maximum of three times. This new muscle tissue is bulkier than normal muscle tissue, leading to a slightly oversized appearance that becomes more distinct as more muscle is added. Does not enhance PHYS

Recovery Time: One week
Overstress: A muscle cluster has broken free of its attachment. Take 1 wound from internal bleeding and loose one level of enhancement until fixed (costs 2000u / 5,000u to fix)

Extensor Ligament Enhancement

Specially developed tissue is grafted over the patient's ligaments and tendons to enhance reaction time. This can be a basic, enhanced or complete process giving +1, +2 or +3 respectively. Cost given is per level. Does not enhance PHYS

Recovery Time: Two days per level
Overstress: The tissue has become abraded. Take one wound and loose one level of enhancement until fixed (costs 2,500u / 6,000u to fix)

Night's Claws

Inch long retractable claws are grafted onto the fingertips of the patient. The process requires the lengthening of the last joint of each finger in order to accommodate the claw (Evaluate Opponent at -5 to spot)

Recovery Time: Twelve Hours
Overstress: Oops, you lost a claw (50u / 65u per claw to replace).

PowerPump Heart Augmenter

Flexor muscle tissue is attached to the heart of the patient allowing it to beat more powerfully and thus making it more efficient.

Recovery Time: Two Weeks. One week of this is spent hooked up to a life support machine somewhere
Overstress: Heart attack! Loose half base hit points in the torso (if this kills you then too bad) and make a PHYS roll at -8 (not including the PowerPump bonus) to remain conscious. Loose all remaining phases this round and take no actions for the next two rounds even if you are conscious.

New Hope

Superactive cells are dumped into the patient's bloodstream along with bio-nanites to rebuild shredded tissue. The cells reproduce much faster than normal cells and thus enhance the healing process. There is unfortunately a serious downside to this process in that if any of the superactive cells become cancerous they will multiply out of control and consume the unfortunate patient. The nanites are supposed to counteract this problem but they are not perfect in this function.

Recovery Time: None, but the Nanite / Cell combination is not assimilated enough to perform for one week
Overstress: Make a PHYS roll or the cells go cancerous. I hope you've got plenty of money to get it fixed.

Dark Venom

Poison sacs are attached to the teeth or claws of the recipient. This poison is injected into the victim of an attack that penetrates armour (i.e. any attack that would normally cause a wound). The victim must then make a PHYS roll at -5 (roll 2D10 under the victim's PHYS -5) or take 5 HP of damage to their chest per round until they are dead or an antidote is administered. The HP lost do not count as lost for the purposes of LAD.

The sacs generate their own supply of poison, holding five doses when full. Each dose requires around ten minutes to regenerate. Up to three sets of sacs can be implanted (one per hand and one for teeth).

Recovery Time: Two hours plus another hour for the sacs to generate their first batch of poison.
Overstress: Sac ruptures! Make a PHYS roll (2D10 under PHYS) or take damage as listed above. The improved PHYS roll represents a limited immunity to the poison granted by the implant. Antidote costs 50u per dose and is available only from DarkNight suppliers.

Night's Teeth

Two elongated canines are implanted into the recipient's upper jaw. The rest of the teeth are also strengthened for the purpose of biting. The two new teeth can be somewhat retracted but are still noticeable (Evaluate Opponent at -8 to notice).

Recovery Time: Twelve Hours
Overstress: Oops, you lost a tooth (55u / 70u per tooth to replace).


Biogenetic eye replacements with enhanced low light capabilities (eliminates penalties every light level except total darkness) and resistance to flash blinding.

Recovery Time: Four Days (Vision returns slowly. All visual actions at -8 on the first day, -6 on the second, -4 on the third and -2 on the fourth
Overstress: Overstress can only happen if exposed to extremely powerful flashes or laser blinders. The overstressed eye is blinded and must be replaced.