T H I N G S - T O - K N O W - A B O U T - S L A - I N D U S T R I E S

updated 11/09/97

You work for a mega-corporation known as SLA INDUSTRIES.SLA INDUSTRIES is also the current governing body that dominates most of the known universe.

SLA INDUSTRIES is ran by the mysterious Mr. Slayer, you know that it is unwise to displease him.

The 3 major rival companies who you are trained to fight against are ‘DARK NIGHT’, ‘THRESHER’, and ‘TEK TREX’.

SHIVER units are the police force of SLA INDUSTRIES, and are there to assist you some times.

MORT is one of many worlds in the known universe, it is also the capitol planet of SLA INDUSTRIES, and is where your characters begin play at.

SLA INDUSTRIES has been in power for 900 years.

Television rules the common populace of MORT, and is all controlled by SLA INDUSTRIES.

STORMERS are a biogenetic creation of KARMA, a company of SLA INDUSTRIES.

TAARNISH was the first successful ‘313’ series STORMER, and still lives today, more than 900 years old.

STORMERS revere TAARNISH as an all powerful father figure.

NECANTHROPES are the next evolutionary step in an EBON’s or BRAIN WASTER’s life.

The first NECANTHROPE was TEETH, and he was named the PRECEPTOR of the EBON and BRAIN WASTER races. He still lives and rules over them today.

DARK LAMENT is the major company, owned by SLA INDUSTRIES, that produces items for the EBB races (EBON’s, BRAIN WASTER’s, and NECANTHROPE’s).

The time before SLA INDUSTRIES rule is known as the ‘CONFLICT WARS’, when all the known worlds waged war against one another.

The largest television station on MORT is known as THIRD EYE NEWS.

Credits are the main currency used by SLA INDUSTRIES, but the main currency used by the general populace is UNI’s of which 10u = 1c.

CLOAK DIVISION is an investigative branch that takes care of those that are deemed a threat to SLA INDUSTRIES, do not make these guys suspicious.

STIGMARTYR is a branch that erases those who CLOAK DIVISION can’t touch, if they come knocking at your door, pack your bags for the trip to the afterlife.
The more bullets you shoot, the higher the bullet tax you have to pay.

Do not damage property or people carelessly, for just about everything on MORT belongs to SLA INDUSTRIES, and if they think that you went to far then it comes out of your pay (big time).

BLUE PRINT NEWSFILES (BPN’s) are the jobs or missions that operatives complete to earn money, fame, and a higher security clearance.

There are 9 types of BPN’s; BLUE - street maintenance, WHITE - investigation, YELLOW - retrieval, GREEN - expeditionary, RED - Emergency, GRAY - cloak / internal affairs, JADE - ebon related, BLACK - suicide operations, SILVER - media, PLATINUM - head office.

Don’t forget to look over your shoulder to see who’s watching you.