Xeno 711

Kick Murder

Squad: WKSD*

Department: Science and Research


Known Stats:

Dexterity - 17

Known Skills:

Unarmed Combat (2)
SLA Info (?)
Sneak (10)
Hide (10)
Climb (7)
Acrobatics (5)
Martial Arts (16)
Rifle (14)
Marksmanship (9)
Dodge (5)
Tactics (1)
Detect (5)
Necanthrope Info (?)

Known Equipment:

MAL Assault Cannon
FEN 400
Gash Fist


CAF Weaponry (woohoo, I know)

His squad just recently lost a regular season Slaughterball(tm) game, so SLA
is sending him and his squad to Dante to "beef you up a little for the
championship game". He didn't like the sound of that at all. Anyway, Spite
is the sniper (and currently being trained for forward observer) for WKSD*.
He prefers long range weapons but is excellent in melee combat when forced.
*WKSD stands for We Kill Shit Dead. It used to be an infamous group that
was very successful in a lot of retrieval and removal BPN's when one mission
gave them a little bit too much notoriety (a black BPN that everyone
actually lived through), and they were recruited by Science and Research.
WKSD investigates things that, to put it lightly, no one else would touch
with a ten foot pole. They're also about due for re-education...

Spite is played by Ian French