Business Package



Known Ebon Skills:

Blast (1)
Communication (4)
Healing (2)
Illumination (1)
Protect (14)
Reality Fold (2)
Senses (3)
Telekinesis (3)

Ebon equipment: Flintlock, Ebon Med-kit, Jade Probe

Known Skills:

Business Admin (2)
Business Finance (1)
Diplomacy (3)
Computer Use (5)
Computer, subterfuge (3)
Literacy (1)
Detect (1)
Rival Comp (3)
Sla Info (4)
Persuasion (4)
Pistol (3)
Martial Arts (2)
Haggle (2)
Lockpicking (1)
Repair, mech (1)
Intimidation (1)
Evaluate Opponent (1)
Pole Arm (1)


Two 12.7mm Blitzers, one with HESH rounds the other with HEAP rounds, Flick Scythe, and of course a Fen 603 which is kept in his brief case

Character Notes:

Smite stands 1.8 meters tall, with glowing blue eyes and black-red hair. He generally stands on the side line during a BPN but is still a major influence on missions. Smite will persuade, or bribe people to get things done, for example. He paid for and spend hours filling out forms to allow a fellow squad members daughter to become enrolled at Orange Crush, also has several connections within KT. In battle he holds his own, but the other squad members are more able at the take down. However, smite is a very good persuader, and when use with his intimidation he has no trouble getting information. Not to mention his stock of Honesty he uses to drug unwilling suspects.

Currently Smite has put together a squad of various packages and has no trouble finding the right people to complete a BPN, for a small fee of course.

Smite was played by Dustin Farris