These rules will grow, shrink, and change as we experiment and
try and perfect this SLA PBEM campaign. For starters, I'd like
to enforce these.

1. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) Without intending to offend, I
feel that it be easiest to follow the above advice, and thus for
starters, I'll be going only out of the SLA Industries main book.
No races, equipment, LAD accounts, etc. from any of the other
books yet. I will incorporate Karma and other items in the
future if this works well. Be patient.

2. Be adults. I feel nothing is worse than getting stupid with
other people who are trying to enjoy a game. Inner-party
conflict is okay with me as long as it's within reason. If
things get out of hand you will be excluded. On the lighter
side, if someone can't handle sarcastic humor, or use it
properly, this may not be the group for you.

3. Only Frothers may use Ultra-Violence. Not everyone may agree
with this, but that's to bad. It's my world and I feel that SLA
expects Frothers to burn out in a couple years max, so why not
hurry things along with some good UV. As for the other ops, SLA
feels Rush and the rest of the line are a okay.

4. Please remember that it's my campaign world. Since SLA is so
wide open in what can really be done with it, I've gone and done
some things which others may not agree with. If that's so I'm
sorry, but I'm not going to change. I am open to ideas though on
ways to improve and add to the world, so feel free to offer
tactful advice.

5. Have fun. It's a game over all, and it's designed to bring
the occasional smile or cause the occasional headache. But all
in all, if it's not keeping you interested in any form, let me
know and I'll try and adjust. If that doesn't work, I'm sorry
but I tried.

6. Remember. The truth is out there.