R E S I D E N T - C H A O S - B A C K G R O U N D

This is the background of the group of SLA Operatives who are collectively known as Resident Chaos. This is their story on how they came to be the squad they are today. The squad which became known as Resident Chaos is centered around it's strong investigative abilities. Three of the seven members graduated from the Interrogation / Investigation curriculum with the rest supplying a nice balance from the highly aggressive Death Squad to the deadly Kick Murder to the intuitive Scout and the jack-of-all-trades Strike Squad. With the ability to handle almost any type of BPN, their specialty definitely revolves around their detective skills.

Aural is an Ebon who graduated with Thomas Ramon and Regulus from the Interrogation / Investigation class. Although her skills as an Investigator are basically as good as the rest of those in her class, it was obvious that she focused most of her attention on expanding her knowledge of her Ebon abilities. She met another Ebon named Twilight at one of the pistol ranges at MENY and the two found that they had some common interests. The two helped tutor each other in regards to pistol marksmanship, and became friends. She thought Regulus was interesting in his almost hopeless quest to become an Investigative Stormer. She didn't go out of her way to help him, yet she offered advice to him in class and he showed his appreciation in return by adopting an almost protective nature for her. She dated a Human named Scott Anderson and hoped to join him after graduation, but after a painful split she accepted Regulus's offer to create an operative squad.

Ky'leet is a Wraith Raider who graduated from the Strike Squad class. He had difficulty deciding which route to take when he enrolled in MENY, so he decided to take the class which he felt would offer him a wide range of skills to help him survive. Ky'leet is an amazing specimen even for a Wraith Raider. His natural looks and charismatic skills make him likable by many. He was a favorite model for some of those in training to become Media Operatives. His friends where numerous in school, but he became rather attached to the Frother named Odenn. Although the Frother was rather dim of wit and sloppy in battle, his desire to be in the spot light is probably far greater than Ky'leet. The only thing is that Odenn is lacking the social skills so much that he almost inadvertently makes Ky'leet look even better. Although Ky'leet may seem detached from others at times, he knows that Odenn will some how find action and attention when others can't. When Odenn asked him if he'd be interested in joining the squad, Ky'leet agreed more or less for the above reason.

Odenn is a Frother who barely graduated the Kick Murder training. Virtually unable to grasp the concept of martial arts and with a tendency to get himself in over his head, Odenn probably graduated for the instructor's simple fear of seeing him being recycled for more training. He was constantly harassing the Media trainees for chances to be in their class projects. It was while trying to get in front of a camera that he met the Wraith Raider Ky'leet. At first he was rather upset at having his spotlight stolen, but then he remembered that Ragnarok's Wraith Raider companion, Blaine Wishong, held an eerie resemblance to this Wraith Raider. Even though Ky'leet constantly insists that he isn't, and he never even heard of, Blaine Wishong, Odenn refuses not to think that the two are somehow blood related. Odenn constantly brings up the fact that Ky'leet and Blaine are both great shoots with a rifle, and simply ignores Ky'leet's point that most Wraith Raider's are good shots with a rifle. Odenn also had the benefit of meeting the Stormer known as Regulus in a special class to try and tutor those students who were barely making the grade. Odenn found the Stormer very unethical and Regulus found him rather annoying. They meet again later in an unarmed combat class and it was when Odenn bested Regulus that the Stormer began to appreciate the Frother. Especially when Odenn didn't make a big deal of the matter. Regulus felt that Odenn might be one of those who'd except him as an Investigator, so Regulus invited Odenn to help form an operative squad. After accepting, Odenn also invited Ky'leet.

Regulus is a Stormer, one of the few who have ever graduated from the Investigation / Interrogation class. It wasn't without it's difficulties, and the fact that he finished dead last hasn't deterred his enthusiasm in the slightest. He befriends those few who accept him for who he is. In class he grew quite fond of those who helped him out, namely Aural, Thomas Ramon, and Marc Strong. He also befriended Odenn although Regulus didn’t give the Frother the benefit of his doubt in their first meeting. He invited those four to join together and create an operative squad, and he urged them to invite others that they'd trust. Aural accepted his offer after some complications of her own, Odenn accepted instantly, Thomas Ramon joined up much to Regulus's surprise, and sadly Marc Strong informed his close friend that Regulus would be better off without him in the squad. When Regulus began to protest, Marc told him that he'd help if Regulus ever needed it, but that he had a path to walk alone for now due to it's danger. Regulus didn't really understand what the hell his friend was talking about, but he didn't push the matter further.

Thanatos is a Brain Waster who pounded his way through Death Squad training. He doesn't carry as large a chip on his shoulder as your average Brain Waster, but his aggressive nature still shines through at times. Thanatos turned much of his attention towards his training in MENY, and even though he didn't neglect his Ebb abilities, he didn't expand them as much as your average Brain Waster. Thanatos is no girl scout mind you, he is still rude, crass, and a royal pain in the ass. However, the fact that he grew up in a section of Suburbia that was relatively clean-cut may of created a Brain Waster about as refined as one can get. He knew nothing of any of the other group members other than Thomas Ramon who Thanatos didn't even know was in MENY at the same time. Thomas was, however, a friend who lived on the same block as a child before he moved away. Even though the two were never really close, Thomas explained that he was joining a squad which needed someone with Death Squad training to round things out. Thanatos was somewhat uncertain at first, but after realizing that he didn't have to many other real squad offers, decided to give it a shot.

Thomas Ramon is a Human who graduated near the top of his class in Investigation / Interrogation. He was a quite student who focused on excelling in his area of studies. Seeing that the Stormer Regulus was struggling though, Thomas felt that it would help strengthen his own knowledge if he could help Regulus expand his. Regulus whole heartedly accepted the help, and Thomas soon discovered that the Stormer was not your normal drooling vat spawn that most other Stormers where. Regulus was devoted to his studies so Thomas helped out whenever he could. After graduation, Regulus approached Thomas with an offer to help start up an operative squad. Thomas Ramon was already working on a small list which did include Regulus on it. After accepting, Thomas approached the two other names on his list to try and get them to join. One was an old childhood friend who he felt would add to the groups combat ability, so he invited Thanatos. The other was someone from one of his pistol training classes named Brian Duncan. Brian had already accepted another invitation though, to another squad known as Infinity.

Twilight is an Ebon who graduated from the Scout class. Twilight isn't as open as many other Ebon's. Instead she prefers to keep to herself and do her job. Only those who gain her absolute trust tend to get more than a few words from her. She met and befriended the Ebon named Aural at one of the many MENY pistol ranges. Keeping quite and withdrawn from most of her classmates in the Scout class, Twilight found that she could relate on a certain level with Aural. Even though she is normally quite, she is steadfast loyal to those she deems friends. Twilight joined the squad at the urging of her friend, Aural.