Gray BPN
Required Packages: Any
Report to: Cloak Division
SCL Required: 10
Payment: 300 c per Op
Assist Cloak Team in the apprehension of confirmed criminal.

 Delivering the BPN:

This BPN is designed for Ops who have 2 to 4 BPN’s under their belt. I’ve found that the best way to deliver this BPN is to a squad who think Cloak is very cool, and would jump at the chance to work something for them. Or a financier who was supplied the BPN with the understanding that they better have a squad that can fill it.

This BPN will NOT be floating around in Slayer’s Crib or any other BPN halls. If it is delivered directly to the squad I suggest a member who has a reputation with Cloak (either good or bad), or a chipped individual. If it is handed out from a financier I suggest the financier stressing the wonderful opportunities this job could lead to etc.


Reporting to Cloak Division:

I have no idea how many of you run YWOP, so adapt as you see fit.

The Cloak Division is located in Mort Central. It’s raining (as always) when the Ops stop by. The nice part is that here on the upper level the rain isn’t as heavy, and sunlight actually seems to near breaking through (although it never does). The sidewalk in front of the Cloak Division is pretty much devoid of action, other than a Wraith Raider dressed in a suit that enters the building. Looking around, the Ops notice that people seem to prefer to stick to the other side of the street.

The Cloak Division building itself is squat compared to other buildings. A set of darkened glass double doors leads into the building. Entering the doors, the Ops will find a pair of large guards decked out in Dogeybone armor and armed with FEN AR’s. If the Ops are not wearing their SCL Badge, they will be asked to be seen before the Ops may enter.

Once inside the Ops are met by a small lobby outlined in fine mahogany wood. (Whether or not it’s replicated is up to you, I prefer it not to be to be an example of their influence.) Lighting is actually somewhat sparse, causing the corners of the room to be hidden in shadows. Seated behind a desk opposite from the doorway is a middle-aged lady (Irma Gladstone) who is flanked by two other guards in Dogeybone armor and armed with FEN AR’s. Irma will not acknowledge the Ops until the actually approach her desk. She asks them for their copy of a BPN while she taps away at a keyboard. She goes through the routine of asking the Ops questions that she already knows (a way to authenticate them and annoy them). Some questions you may wish to ask the squad is their squad name, each name of the Op, each Ops clearance, each Ops training package, each Ops address, etc. For really good and annoying effect, ask a few questions twice.

Once they seem ready to pull their hair out, have Irma inform them that Mr. Johanson is waiting for them in room 103. If at any time the squad gets threatening towards the kind lady, the guards will escort (rather roughly if need be) the guilty persons back outside. It would be suggested that the guilty person then be watched by Cloak for possible treason like behavior.

Cloak Briefing:

Mr. Johanson is a tall thin Wraith Raider. (No he’s not the one they saw enter the building.) He’s very blunt and to the point. He has a briefcase in front of him and inside he has an Oyster PC that he uses for his job. If any Ops start to get unruly, he places the BLA Blitzer (loaded with HEAP) in plain site as a warning. (Mr. Johanson has a Pistol skill of 13.)

He explains that the Ops are to assist the Cloak Team known as Krow’s Killers. The squad is not to get in the Cloak Team’s way, and they are to take their orders straight from the Cloak Team. He informs them to meet Krow’s Killers on Marchins Street level 3 in Sector 7 of Suburbia. If they inquire for a more exact location, he simply informs them that the Street is only 2k long and runs between Coolidge Avenue and Parkens Avenue.

If the squad inquires as to what they’ll be doing, he informs them that their orders will come straight from the Cloak Team. If they inquire as to why they were chosen, he compares their job to that of a SHIVER squad, but the level of this operation has decided to use low-SCL Ops instead. If the squad tries to back out of it, Mr. Johanson taps away at his keyboard for a second, and informs them that he’s sorry to hear that. (The Ops should receive a –1 rep with Cloak and be under surveillance for a while.)

Meeting Krow’s Killers

The Ops may or may not notice something’s out of the ordinary when they begin rolling down Marchins Street. While the rest of the streets in Suburbia seem to be bustling with civilians and ops alike, Marchins Street only has a handful of people walking it’s street.

Assuming the Ops stroll or drive down along the street, they’ll see Pandora’s Theatre across from a large apartment complex. If there is a member of the group that is more cultured than the rest, they’ll recognize it as one of the better known theatres which perform various live action plays. The current hit, which is sweeping the area, is ‘Fall of a Titan’. A story of the once popular Contract Killer and his tragic fall from grace to extermination by Cloak.

Leaning against the wall, near a side street that leads into the apartment complex is a human male in street clothes that motions for the squad to follow him before walking down the side street, and entering the first available alley on the right.

Let the ops decide if they want to follow or not, in two different sessions each group couldn’t really make up their minds until a brave (foolhardy?) op would just say screw it and follow.

If they or at least one does follow, they’ll find the human about halfway down the alley leaning up against a wall lighting a cigarette. He’ll basically ignore anything the characters say unless they are within distance where he wouldn’t have to raise his voice to talk to them.

Upon reaching them, he asks, "You lot the <insert squad name here>?" If this draws the same blank stares or untrusting twitching, which accompanied the people I play with then good job. If they inquire as to how he knows who they are, he’ll give them a ‘duh’ look and point out that they’re the only ones walking around dressed for war. After confirming who they are, he motions towards a side door near the end of the alleyway and says, "Krow’s waiting to meet you lot."

The Mission:

Jeremiah Krow is the veteran leader of Krow’s Killers. When the characters enter through the door, they find themselves in an apartment laundry room. A middle-aged man (Krow) is going the final stages of donning his Dogeybone Armor. An Ebon is in deep concentration, sitting atop a washing machine. A Stormer 313 in Powercell is checking the power supply of his Chain-axe. Another op, man-sized, is wearing Powercell and carrying a FEN 30-30 with all the trimmings.

The characters should receive a definite feeling of being outclassed. If they have equipment comparable to the Cloak ops, you may want to either tone up the equipment Krow’s Killers have, or wait until they start over again.

Jeremiah looks the first Op that enters over, and proceeds to give him the briefing. "You’re here to stay out of our way." (Pause here, and enjoy the brief look of shock.) "You’re here to secure the area and nothing more. Our suspect is currently holed up in the theatre across the street, and we’re going in to take him. Your squad will take position OUTSIDE the building, and insure that NO ONE that is not a Krow’s Killers member comes out. Plain and simple. If it’s not one of us coming out, it’s your job to stop ‘em. Don’t call in for the SHIVERs or anything like that. That’s why you’re here. No one’s gonna pay you any mind, so don’t go calling attention to yourself."

Jeremiah doesn’t give them the time to ask more than a couple questions before they are ready to move out. (BTW, the guy in the alleyway is the parties scout. He’ll be in PP8 Exo when everyone comes outside.

Pandora’s Theatre:

Not obscenely large, it’s probably the size of a large high school auditorium. It has a main lobby with a snack stand to one side, and public restrooms to the other. A ticket purchase area is in the front of the lobby between the set of doors on the inside. There are two sets of double doors. One set with darkened glass that leads into the building, a small area about 2m x 4m then the other set of glass doors with the ticket booth between them. (I’ll probably post a rough .gif image for those that I’m confusing.) From the main lobby, two sets of doors lead to the main floor of the auditorium. A twisting stairwell on each side of the main lobby leads up to the second level of the auditorium. Up here the seats extend out about a third of the way over the seats below. The seats on the lower level run until about 5m from the stage. Here there is a small walkway, and then the ‘musicians pit’ is located on the right. A set of stairs lead from the rear of the pit up to the stage that is about 2m above the floor. Heavy canvas curtains hang from the ceiling, obscuring the rear of the stage. Behind the curtains are a variety of scenery drops, some props and such. A small trap door that leads to an area below the stage is located in the rear left corner. Also along the left wall is a stairwell which leads up to a second level above the rear of the stage which is where the actors and actresses tend to dress and prepare for shows. Also, the wall in the auditorium opposite the ‘musicians pit’ is an emergency door that leads to an alleyway outside. There is also a door that the actors arrive through in the rear of the stage, slightly off-center on the right side.

That’s a rough description, flower it up, and add or subtract things as you see fit.

Krow’s Attack:

The Krow’s Killers rush through the front doors in common Cloak supremacy. Left outside, it’s up to the characters to surround and watch the building. It’s nice, because to successfully accomplish this, they must split up and surround the building. As far as windows go, I only put a couple in the rear on the second floor.

If the ops are naïve, they’ll think they’ve got easy money. Heh, if they were only so lucky.

I like to start messing with the poor sap(s) who are in the rear first. The sound of claws or such being dragged along the inside of the door momentarily tends to unnerve and tense them up in anticipation. After a few seconds they’ll hear the sound of sporadic fire. Followed by silence. Back in the rear, or in the front (depending on how dark your glass doors are) a figure will be only glimpsed as it dashes by. If they get really high on the detect roll, inform them that it almost looked like a large unarmored Stormer 313 series.

Some more firing, greater in volume, followed by a loud crash. Bust out a window in the rear of the building. Have a figure coming through it, and only give the Ops out back a ‘are-you-going-to-shoot-it-or-no’ time limit. Don’t be kind and give them the time to easily focus on what’s coming through. If they do fire, they’ll probably be hitting a headless body wearing Powercell. All weapons and ammo are stripped from it. If the characters panicked and fired, rate the FEAR check a 10 as it bounces at their feet and sprays them with bright red blood. If they kept their cool, rate it only an 8, simply for the brutality and suddenness, as well as the large red spot pooling around the body.

Something should scream inside the building, loud enough for all ops to hear it. Not human, wraith, ebon, or Stormer like. Not a sound of pain, death, or joy, just alien and unnatural. Any Ebb users in the party that try and detect another’s presence, will sense the use of ebb in the area. A loud BOOM resounds inside the building, causing the building to shake a bit. A loud crash is heard against the emergency door at the side of the building. A human scream, and large head sized dent appear as something is thrust against the door.

Played right, the ops on the outside will be debating whether or not they should try and rush in, or turn tail and flee, or sit tight and pray. Breaking the radio silence, a voice from one of Krow’s Killers comes on long enough to say, "..there? Taking loses, we…(static)" Not forgetting those out front, a loud crash is heard as something slams through the inside glass doors and lands against the outer set. The sound of something messing trying to open the doors can be heard.

Party Time:

If the ops can’t take it, and go for the front door, and the noise, they find the upper half of the scout they originally met. He’s in a state of shock, and it’s this state of shock only which is keeping him alive. He mutters something about ‘claws from the darkness’ and ‘out of nowhere’ over and over. Unless the characters think quickly and do something that can stabilize him slightly or such, he dies after about thirty seconds.

If the characters entered the building before this point, they should still not find anyone alive, save for the half of a scout. If they try and contact the SHIVERs, you may want to remind them they were told not to. If they contact Station Analysis, or Cloak somehow, they’ll be told eventually, that the original mission was to apprehend (exterminate) the person(s) inside, and that they’re still active on the BPN. If the scout is somewhat stable, they’re told to leave him and someone will get to him, but they have a priority to stop the criminal.

The Bad Guy:

The bad guy is up to you. I suggest using an Ebon who was a former Cloak Agent that is powerful enough to enter the white, but he discovered something which scared him from his path, and he’s out to make sure SLA doesn’t try and make him go through with it. He’s fled Cloak, and they’ve decided to bring him down in standard deserted op fashion.

If your characters are slightly more powerful, you may want to make him a Nec who went insane after entering the white, but that gets old after a while.

Here are the stats I tend to use for the bad guy.

Note: If you want to know how the characters stand a better chance, I tend to have them encounter him with only about a third of his normal Flux.

Bear (Ebon, SCL 4b)

STR: 9 (11 w/suit) (16 as Beast)
DEX: 10 (15 as Beast)
DIA: 9
CONC: 12
CHA: 9
COOL: 8 (10 w/suit)
PHYS: 10 (12 w/suit)
KNOW: 11
FLUX: 99
Deathsuit FLUX: 20


Notes: When first encountered, he’ll be in Ebb Beast Form with Ebb Razor Claws.
He does hit and run tactics, picking on the slower members of the squad if they fall behind.
He’s not all there, so he’s more likely to fight to the death rather than run.
To make the most of him, I highly suggest keeping him from confronting more than one healthy character at a time.
He’s in no hurry, and will fold away to heal himself when injured.
He’s hidden all the weapons and ammo in a chest on the second floor above the stage.
He’ll go there and arm himself when he’s to low on FLUX.
Try and use the Thought Plant 5 on a character if he’s ever confronted by more than 1.
His Deathsuit’s PV should be maxed at it’s Heavy level, the ID can be chipped away though to show some lucky shots from the Cloak fellows.
He’s not all there and like’s to mess with the ops when possible, have them hear some annoying little nursery rhyme inside their head or from the shadows nearby to help unnerve them.
Give him decent skills as you see fit, I suggest a Hide, Sneak, and Unarmed Combat of at least 8 each.

Played right, this one little Ebon can scar a beginning group. It’s worked for me a couple of times. On a positive note, only one fellow ever died in the couple different times that we played it. Granted, an arm was once lost, and about 4 others where knocked out for a time, but it could’a been worse.

The other members. I suggest setting up a few gruesome scenes inside the theatre that could cause FEAR checks in a few instances. BTW, Krow’s the one face planted in the side door.