WHITE - Justice For All

by Simon Naylor

This BPN acts as a counterpoint to the Suburban Psycho BPN from earlier in the campaign. In that BPN the killer was let off because of his value to the company. Now the squad will be called upon to deal out justice to another killer, but they may find that this one would be better off alive.


Cerulia is an Ebon Operative, SCL9A.2, Investigation package. While on a recent investigation she encountered a rather unpleasant character, who in turn led her to a whole group of unpleasant characters. Cerulia, during the course of her BPN, shot and killed a criminal jack-of-all trades by the name of Chris Durham. She wanted him for illegal arms dealing, and his resistance by way of a DarkNight assault rifle led to her blasting a large hole in his chest. Her BPN was complete, but for the sake of being thorough, with not a little Ebon curiosity, she decided to have a snoop around his apartment before calling it in. She found that Durham wasn’t only into arms dealing – he also dealt in human traffic. Weak and vulnerable people of all ages and gender were taken from the streets of downtown and given to the pleasures of wealthy professionals. The exact details of the fates of these unfortunates becomes more apparent as Cerulia works her way through Durham’s contact list, aware that SLA would be unlikely to fully punish all of the perpetrators. In the meantime Cerulia’s vigilante solution – the killing of those pleasure-seekers – has attracted the attention of the Dept. of Investigation, and a BPN has been issued to investigate the killings.


Mr Farrell is a bureaucrat. He is given reports by the Shivers and a team assembles likely connections into potential investigations. Most of the time they are correct in their assumptions, and the BPNs they issue generally have solid evidence of a case. This BPN is no exception. Farrell doesn’t have time for long lines of questioning, he issues several of these BPNs a day. He will simply inform the squad that all the relevant autopsies and forensic reports are available on SLAnet under the BPN reference number. It’s doubtful he even remembers the details of the BPN at this point.


Cerulia isn’t stupid, if she used Blast on all her victims she’s have Cloak Division down on her faster than she could calculate. Luckily she has taken recent possession of a DarkNight AR, which gives her a somewhat distinctive MO. The Shiver forensics teams from all the different cases pointed out that it is unusual to have SLA manufactured 10mm HESH fired from a DarkNight weapon.
Three bodies have been found so far, all with varying amounts of 10mm HESH damage.

Morris Demarco

Demarco was head of food control at the dept. of Health and Safety, SCL 4C.4. He was first on the list of Durham’s contacts as he was the oldest and best customer. With a penchant for sadistic violence against teenage boys, Demarco was far from a pleasant character. It didn’t take a lot of searching before Cerulia got an address for him, so she made her way to his apartment, reality folded in through the window, and put a few bursts of her now silenced AR into his chest while he was in bed. Knowing that the killing would be investigated, Cerulia left half a dozen cab receipts to Downtown scattered over the corpse – Demarco was arrogant enough to claim back the fares from his depraved trips.

Clues to be found:

- SLA ammo fired from DN weapon
- No signs of entry might indicate reality fold
- Demarco’s phone number searched for by Cerulia the night before in SLA records
- The cab receipts all lead to one sector in Downtown.

From this the Ops may be able to ascertain that the killer is an Ebon Operative. Cerulia doesn’t own a 10mm rifle, so searching the records and finding that she has been buying 10mm HESH may strike alarm bells. It is unlikely a player will find this off the first killing though. This killing was four days ago, so it is unlikely use of Ebb would be picked up. The squad might interview the cab drivers, but with so many passengers they won’t remember anything in particular. Checking to see how many other claims had been put in will lead to a D-notice.

Jared Crane

Crane was the support manager at HQ’s Kilcopter pool, SCL6D.1. Killed the night after Demarco, using the same method of entry and the same weapon. Crane was awake though, and Cerulia had to spray a burst at him as he dived for the phone. She hit him, he dragged himself into his kitchen, then she finished him off. Not before she leaned close to tell him what he’d done and why she was killing him though, which he used as a chance to stab her with a kitchen knife. Of course it did nothing against her deathsuit. Cerulia had to search this place pretty thoroughly to find evidence, but hidden behind a large tasteless picture was a small built in cupboard with a lock, which she used a breaching charge to open. Inside was a leather outfit with all manner of unpleasant spikes on and photographs of young victims who had been embraced by the wearer.

Clues to be found:
- Same ammo and weapon
- No signs of entry again
- Phone number searched again
- The outfit is obviously made to fit Crane
- The background of the photographs show distribution boards for high-powered industrial machinery.
- Attacker is probably armoured

The squad will see some obvious connections now, such as the MO and method of entry. They will almost certainly realise that the two are connected by their perversions too, and is probably why they are being killed. It is probable that they will connect the location of the photos with the area of downtown the receipts were from, but they’ll need more than that to narrow it down to a location.

Garth McMahon

McMahon was an SCL8C.1 Operative. He was recruited after a talent spotter saw him fighting in Downtown pit-fight. As skilled as he was in unarmed combat, he was a violent bully who enjoyed hurting people. He found that the weaker and more vulnerable the recipient of his violence was, the more he enjoyed it, and this in turn led him to Durham. McMahon didn’t get sexual kicks out of his violence, he just liked to batter young men and women with his fists until they were unconscious. Compared to the other killings his vice was relatively tame, however several of his victims died as a result of the vicious beatings he gave them. McMahon, being combat trained, managed to defend himself to some extent against Cerulia by getting a few shots off with a 603, but this wasn’t enough to stop the Ebon. She killed the unarmoured Op and healed herself, although her Deathsuit took the brunt of the damage, and the 10mm rounds weren’t of sufficient power to penetrate (so no blood to trace). This killing was again the night after the last, which makes it two days prior to the BPN being issued. There is a lot of HESH damage to the apartment – it looks like the killer found it tricky to hit her target.

Clues to be found:
- Same MO and entry method
- Phone number search again
- Killer is definitely armoured, spent 10mm bullets would indicate a ‘soft’ armour.
- Killer not particularly proficient in automatic rifles

It is unlikely that the players will have picked up on the net being used to find the addresses of the victims, but if they have then the results will narrow down with these three cases to only Cerulia. Aside from that, and the other similarities with the last two killings, they should be able to work out that the killer is armoured. The spent bullets were ejected from Cerulia’s Deathsuit when she healed, and a forensic test on them (either by a skilled character or by the Shiver forensics) will reveal that they were stopped by ‘soft’ armour – either a Deathsuit or a naturally armoured Stormer such as a Xeno or Vevaphon. The pattern of rounds from the killer’s rifle are not particularly closely grouped, indicating that the firer wasn’t very skilled in its use. It took a full thirty rounds to finish off McMahon.

Eli Ortiz

Ortiz, an SCL7D.8 sales manager for car manufacturer Hijoule, was killed the night before the BPN was issued. This means that unless the squad waste a lot of time there will be traces of Ebb able to be traced with Detect. This should lead the players to the final encounter with Cerulia. Many squads won’t have an Ebon with that level of Ebb detect though and will have to rely on old fashioned detective work. Ortiz had a penchant for sex with young boys, and liked to think of himself as an old romantic. Cerulia thought of him as an obese monster, and woke him in his bed so that he could beg before she shot him. Running low on ammo after the night before, she killed him with one round to the head at point blank. Investigating his apartment, Cerulia found a canvas toolbag containing various romantic paraphernalia such as candlesticks and fake flowers, which she tossed onto his body. Eagle-eyed Ops (Detect 4 or roll -4) may spot that in the bottom of the bag, caught in the folds and crevices, are very fine white plastic shavings. What Cerulia didn’t check is Ortiz’s car, which has a folding table and chairs concealed under the lining of the boot. It’s unlikely that the Ops will either, and at any rate it only enforces the items already found. It is possible to find out the movements of the vehicle through the gates in the wall to Downtown, which will give away dates that the ‘meetings’ have taken place in the past (and will coincide with the taxi receipts Demarco had).

Clues to be found:
- Same MO, entry, number search
- Ebb used within 14 hours
- Plastic shavings in bag
- Times of meetings

The Ops should be able to piece together the clues to work out that the shavings come from the building that Crane’s pictures show, which is in the sector that Demarco’s taxis lead to. Finding the building that these atrocities take place in won’t help them catch the killer, in fact she has been leading them to it in the hope that they will take the initiative and investigate it. She knows SLA won’t issue a BPN with so many high SCL staff involved, so she’s manipulating the system. Unless the Ops can track using Ebb detect they aren’t likely to get any closer to finding Cerulia from this one.

The Media

By the time the squad have sieved through the evidence and are mulling over their options, and assuming they haven’t already been contacted, Third Eye will have got wind of the BPN. Lloyd Langley is the investigating reporter, and he’s a ruthless newshound. He will contact the squad and find out where they are. He won’t ask to come along, he’ll just come – this is a Third Eye BPN after all. After interviewing the squad’s frontman about the investigation so far, he’ll edit the story a little to avoid the bad press from the perversions of the victims then air a piece on the story. The squad will get little mention in this. From this point in Langley will follow the squad whether they like it or not and will report in anything interesting. Not all of it is aired, but enough for Cerulia to find out who is investigating her and how far they are from finding her.

The Warehouse

So, up until the present moment the trail ends there. However, there is enough information to be able to locate the warehouse where these meetings took place. The taxi receipts all lead to the same area of downtown, the photographs indicate an industrial building, and the plastic shavings will narrow the buildings down to one facility where plastic cable trunking is made. There are several buildings in this facility, but one of them is empty due to an electrical fault that is waiting to be fixed (and has been for months, due to SLA bureaucracy). There’s little doubt that this is the setting for the horrible things the murder victims did.

The complex is owned by a small SLA subsidiary, Parker Plastics. They are innocent in all of this – it is the site manager who has been taking backhanders to loan the building to Durham. The site manager, Rob Cree (SCL 8.1), is under the belief that Durham is using the building to store some illegal goods. He doesn’t know what and doesn’t want to, it’s safer that way. He has no idea about the twisted events that do take place. Should the squad question Cree he will spill his guts readily. Durham is dead and the warehouse is empty, so there seems to be little risk to him coming clean to a little minor corruption. SLA will fine him and allow him to continue in his work. Investigating Durham’s death will lead directly to the BPN that resulted in it, completed by Cerulia when Durham resisted and was killed.


It should only be a matter of time before the squad contact Cerulia. It’s as likely as not that they won’t have pinned the killings on her, but she’ll try to arrange to meet them in the café of a gauss train station that she knows well. Sitting facing the window on the first floor, she can see directly across the tracks to the entrance hall where she can reality fold into the crowd and disappear if need be. However if the squad doesn’t go for this and want to meet elsewhere she won’t push it as she doesn’t want to arouse suspicion.
Cerulia will play it depending on how the Ops are towards her. If she can get away with it she will feign innocence and deny all knowledge of the deaths. If she thinks the Ops are on to her she will either try to make a run for it, of tell them her story and hope that they will see her reasons and let her go, depending on how she thinks they will react. The situation will also depend on whether Langley is present, as there is no chance that he’ll keep quiet and let Cerulia slink off.
If the squad aren’t sure, Cerulia can produce Durham’s contact book to show that she’s already dealt with everyone in it. There won’t be any more killings regardless, and by killing those she did she has probably saved the lives of dozens of people.


The squad may visit Durham’s apartment in the course of their investigation. The Shivers have been and gone and it is taped off waiting to be cleaned up for the next occupiers. It shows signs of a struggle, and there are still a few bullets left embedded in the walls, and a few of the casings lying on the floor. Comparing these casings to the ones from the murder scenes will confirm a match of the weapon, but checking the BPN report will reveal that no weapon was ever recovered. If the squad haven’t pinned the killings on Cerulia yet then this is probably the last thing that will.


Depending on how the squad react to Cerulia and her motives will depend on how the BPN pans out. If they turn her in then they will get their payment but may be left with a moral issue. If they inform SLA and request advice they will issue a termination warrant for her. If they let her go they’ll either fail the BPN, or they’ll have to pin it on someone else. Cerulia has several leads on some unsavoury characters Durham associated with, one of whom is his Darknight contact. Finding and killing him then planting the AR on him won’t prove difficult, and SLA will be content with a clean conclusion. This could take some trickery to convince Langley, although it makes a great story so he’ll be happy to believe it even though he won’t knowingly go along with it. If Cerulia does survive then the squad will have made another valuable friend.