JADE - Sweating Bullets

by Simon Naylor

I enjoyed running this BPN. The players floundered a little a few times (something I see as a failing on my part as the writer, not theirs), but the atmosphere of fear and paranoia was right on the mark. It's an evolution of a rough story arc I called Serial Killer Morals, which revolved around moral injustice and included the Suburban Psycho and Justice for All BPNs. As the characters rise in SCL it gives them a chance to see that all is not necessarily as it should be within the higher ranks of the company, and a little window into the political infighting that comes at that level. It also gave me a nice opportunity to put in some weird Ebb stuff.


A serial killer has been terrorising the underside of Upper Downtown, taking victims in increasingly grizzly ways. This isn’t much to be of note, killings are more common the lower you get in Downtown, but these are more remarkable by the indications of Ebb use. The Shivers haven’t picked up on it, but someone in the Dept. of Ebb did and the Necanthrope Dour had been looking out for just such a thing. Not used to issuing BPNs, he directed the job towards the last squad he encountered who seemed competent and discreet. The squad he met in A Scent of Ebb.

The Contact

It is likely that the squad will remember Dour. Last time they met him he may have saved their skins from the Hounds. They may not have met him at all, but he will have heard about them from that BPN. At any rate, upon calling the contact number they will be invited by his assistant to visit him at Dark Lament.

The Dark Lament building in Central is an unnaturally slender, towering, gothic building. It looks more like a black, elongated cathedral than a place of business, and upon entering through the huge doors of dense, black wood, the interior does nothing to alter that impression. A vast atrium made of black veined marble appears to fill the entire ground floor, twin rows of pillars stretching up towards the high ceiling and away towards a black column with a narrow staircase winding around it. Immediately in front of them is a counter made of the same black wood, a petite female Ebon sat behind it looking politely towards them.
Assuming the squad approach her and request to see Dour, she will direct them to the elevator without telling them which floor they will need. It doesn’t matter, the elevator will know where they need to go. The elevator is housed in the column mentioned earlier, and is disturbingly organic looking. The doors seem to dilate rather than open, but upon stepping inside it feels as firm and hard to the touch as any other elevator made of plastic and steel.

The doors close, and after a very brief journey the doors open again onto a black and white corridor. Rather than crossing the exit from the elevator, the corridor leads directly away, with no apparent doors on either side. Travelling down it a little way, however, reveals a single black door in the white wall. There is no name on it, but being that there are no other doors to be seen they should assume they are at the correct one. If they delay over knocking, they will be summoned anyway by the voice they spoke to on the phone earlier.

The office they enter is surprisingly small. Slightly cold, and made of the same black marble from the atrium, it is decorated with a few ancient red leather chairs and an equally ancient looking desk. A few trophies – a couple of skulls, animal and human, a Thresher Vaph assault Rifle, a broken blade – adorn the walls. Behind the desk stands Dour, bulky and sinister, and beside him a thin and pasty looking Brain Waster.
Dour will answer any questions as best he can within the limitations of the brief. His Brain Waster will remain quiet.


Dour will only reveal the surface truth of what he suspects. A serial killer is responsible for a string of grisly deaths, all identified by a similar MO. The killer dispatches their victim with a crude implement, usually a knife, and then removes the skin from the bottom part of the face to leave a gruesome grin. From the limited evidence Dour has gleaned from the Shivers, in the form of a couple of witnesses and a few scraps of CCTV footage, the killer also sported an unnaturally large grin.

Facial recognition, cross referenced with the proximity of potential matches to the killings, have come up with one Reginald Fleet. Fleet is a nondescript Lower Downtowner who seems to have been off radar for a few years, but he has an address. Dour will issue a termination warrant with the BPN.

The Killer

The killings were brought to Dour’s attention last week when the vassal of a colleague at Dark Lament, while on an investigation, encountered a body in a Shiver station which bore the residual ‘scent’ of a Necanthrope. The body turned out to be the victim of a serial killer. Dour’s first suspicion was that there was a new rogue Necanthrope on the loose, but investigating the killings further revealed an MO that stretched back years, and of many different killers. Dour describes the most recent killer, but past records show that the MO is very particular to a long string of killers, none of whom have any obvious connection. His conclusion is that the killings are the work of a Necanthrope who uses Possession to play out their dark fantasies, and one particular Necanthrope fits the bill perfectly, an old acquaintance by the name of Havoc.

Havoc – Necanthrope, SCL3C

Havoc is a revered old Necanthrope, once a Brain Waster, who revels in causing chaos and confusion. Technically he is a renegade, fleeing the company decades ago in order to play his manipulative games. However, as Slayer sees him as no more than a playful eccentric, he retains his SCL. Within the Necanthrope community Havoc is variously disliked and despised. To leave the company simply for your own entertainment is deeply distasteful, and many would like to see him brought back to face their own justice, regardless of Slayer’s tolerance of him. This would be easier said than done though. He dwells in the wastes outside the city, away from prying eyes, and his skills and powers of deception hide him well while he plays his games. He hasn't resided in his own body for years, though, preferring instead to pass his possession from person to person and remain in Mort by proxy.

Physically Havoc is skinny and insect-like. His limbs are spindly and oddly patterned with thin white candy-striped bands, and his body, while human-looking, appears famished. His face is uncomfortably human, but when he smiles the grin is unnaturally wide, revealing thin, sharp teeth and covering the width of his elongated head. Havoc’s aura is that of oppression. Being around him invokes the kind of feeling one would get when someone hated and intimidating is standing close and being physically overbearing.

Fleet's Apartment

The squad are sure to head for the apartment fairly early in their investigation. It is in the upper levels of Lower Downtown, in a rundown building that probably was once offices for some production facility. One of a long set of rotting doors in a windowless corridor, below ground level. The door is locked, but even knocking on it betrays its flimsiness, and a kick from all but the puniest of Operatives will tear it off its hinges.
Inside the apartment, the Ops are confronted with more damp and filth. A basic bed and cooking facilities are in this room, a small bathroom with grimy shower and toilet the only other room. A pile of empty cans and discarded food packets is the only sign that the apartment hasn't been abandoned for years. Characters making a forensics or tracking roll, though, can tell the room has been lived in recently. Writing covers the walls, mostly insane gibbering about demons and ghosts. A psychology roll will tell a character that the writer is more than likely a paranoid schizophrenic. Following the rambling text, it seems to flow chronologically, telling of, amongst other things, gruesome killings both recent and old. Targets are singled out for imagined slights, obsessed upon, then slain. There are probably a dozen of these, scrawled across the walls, and a little investigation into the names reveals a trail of killings stretching back years, some of which were investigated and the perpetrator killed. All had the same MO as Fleet, and all were distinctive by their grin. The final piece of writing refers to what appears to be a girl called Lucinda Powell, and details of her home, work, habits, appearance, and friends can all be found among the insane rambling.

Lucinda's Home

With Fleet missing, and so many details of Lucinda, the Ops shouldn’t take much prompting to find her. If they go to her workplace they will find that she hasn't arrived tonight, but if they go to her home they will find the door unlocked and nobody answering. The apartment is surprisingly clean and tidy for Lower Downtown, but at first glance is devoid of inhabitants. However, a figure appears to be lying under the bloodstained bedclothes.
Pulling back the bedding, the squad should be surprised to find not Lucinda, but Fleet.

A forensic examination of the body reveals Fleet has been dead for only a few hours, and DNA, fingerprints and whatever else comes up all point towards Lucinda being the killer.


Fleet is a disturbing looking, wretched character. Havoc has been possessing him for weeks, and he has been conscious of everything he has been forced to do. His sanity in tatters, he has adopted the persona Havoc has created for him and would now continue to be a serial killer even without the possession. Havoc has had little consideration for the health and well being of his temporary host, leaving Fleet emaciated, dirty, and mutilated. His unnatural grin is directly inspired by Havoc’s own, in fact Fleet bears a startling resemblance to the Necanthrope, although the Ops at this point are not aware of that. The grin alone would be startling enough, but in a subconscious attempt to make himself more like Havoc, Fleet has slit the corners of his mouth. Above his wide and bloody grin, Fleets eyes are cold and glazed.

Dour's Absence

The Ops may choose to contact Dour at this point, especially if they deem Fleet's death as closure of the BPN. Fortunately Dour is otherwise engaged and his assistant takes the call. He won't authorise closure of the BPN, won't tell them where Dour is, and in fact won't do anything other than offer to take a message. This will be the case until it is deemed necessary to reintroduce him later.

Finding Lucinda

Ideally the squad will suspect something is wrong and try to track down Lucinda. If they don't, have a filthy and feral looking man catch their eye. He's notable because he sports an identical smile, without the cuts, to Fleet's. He should disappear into the crowds and be uncatchable, but at least he should pique their interest enough to want to stay. Even if they do go looking for Lucinda, if they struggle a little throw the feral guy in anyway. Finding Lucinda isn't hugely difficult if they guess where to look. She's dead, you see. There's a few witness accounts to be found near her flat of her leaving that morning with a strange smile on her face, but the Shivers are where the information is. A sleeper patrol brought her in a few hours ago after finding her mutilated on one of their lower levels. She's in the morgue, and she's had the bottom of her face cut off like Fleet's victims.

One of the Shiver sergeants has the case on his desk, waiting to process it where it'll probably get linked to the BPN the squad are on. These things take time though so will need the Ops to go and coax any information out of him. However, if they've missed the point completely and headed home have the Shivers contact them with this information after linking it to their BPN. If that doesn't get them back on the right track then nothing will.
The information the Shivers have isn't brilliant, but it's a solid lead. Lucinda was found on level 20 of the sector by a Sleeper unit. That low in Downtown they generally won't even leave the APC, but seeing a body so obviously out of place they had a rare bout of professionalism and picked it up. They're now back on patrol, continuing their route where they left off. The Shivers in the station haven't looked at the body yet, but will do if asked. She appears to have been killed by a sharp implement combined with a large electrical shock, being driven through her lower torso. It would also seem that she took long enough to die from the injury that she was probably still alive when her face was mutilated.

Deeper in Downtown

There's two viable ways of finding who killed Lucinda. The Ops can catch up to the Sleeper Shivers and question them, or they can head to where the body was found and do some poking around of their own. The results are much the same, and really only vary in whether they get it from the Shivers for free or the pasty and skittish locals for a small bribe.

Should they go to the scene, they will find it surprisingly populated for such an inhospitable place. The buildings, such as they are this low in the city, are mostly derelict factories and warehouses partitioned with whatever junk the residents can get their hands on. It's almost post-apocalyptic. The residents aren't immediately apparent, as they're all pretty adept at hiding from the various nasties that prey on them. However, as much as they distrust the company, a group of Ops offer protection and a potential income, and so they will emerge cautiously. Residents of Lower Downtown are generally a pale and skinny lot, living in poverty as they do. However, so deep in the bowels of the city they are startlingly white, having probably lived in semi-darkness all their life, and shockingly thin from surviving on the scraps that make their way down from the levels above. If the players are getting comfortable, or maybe if they're getting anxious for a fight, it's not unreasonable for the gathering (there are around 20 civilians) to attract a roving gang of pigs or Carriens.
Should the Ops want to track down the Sleeper APC it isn't hard. The streets at this level are exclusively tunnels and suspended roads over various forgotten chambers. The only vehicles these roads see are the Shiver APCs, and so the only clear roads are the ones the route follows. Even these are in a poor state, and going is slow and requires constant concentration by vehicle. By foot, the Ops can't expect to catch up, and will take the best part of a day to negotiate the crumbling, labyrinthine undercity.

The information provided by either party is that Lucinda was most likely a victim of one of the feral gangs who sometimes crop up in Lower Downtown. The gang local to this unfortunate sector are The Subterraneans, and they are suspected of being cannibals, Scavs, Carriens, mutants, and anything else the residents fear. The Shivers have never encountered any, but evidence points to their existence. Significantly, The Subterraneans are notorious for improvising vicious, if somewhat unstable, weapons. This is likely where their Scav reputation has come from. The Subterraneans are rumoured to dwell in an old forge on level 23, although nobody the Ops are likely to meet have ever been deep enough to find out for sure.

The Subterraneans

Feral gangs in Lower Downtown are generally unpleasant. Often little more than the cannibal families found in the Cannibal Sectors, they are lawless, vicious and bestial. The Subterraneans differ only in one respect – they remain intelligent enough to create crude but dangerous improvised weapons with which to fend off the other unpleasant residents of the area. Members of the gang are universally thin and pasty, filthy, and dressed in rags and improvised armour. They wield anything from pipes with cogs screwed onto the end as crude maces, to volatile power weapons which use heat or electricity from old power cells. The grinning man the squad might have seen earlier was Havoc possessing one such gang member, after sending Lucinda down towards their lair in the hope that one would be encountered. Needless to say, she did.

Deeper On Down

It isn't difficult, in theory, to track down The Subterraneans. Their location is reasonably well known and even partially mapped. However, they'll have to find their way there through the crumbling underground tunnels and walkways. Have squad members make navigation rolls to find the best route. A pass means they find their way close to the forge without major event (throw in a few pigs or a swarm of rats if people are getting bored, but nothing threatening). A fail will have them encountering something more dangerous, like 25 Carriens with mutants and a greater, or a Scav patrol. A success of 20+ finds the squad on a walkway overlooking the forge, with around 100 Subterraneans below them going about their business. This will allow them to pick targets off with snipers and make the encounter far easier. Conversely, a roll of double 1 by any of the squad will also find them on a walkway above the Subterraneans, but one that will give way under them at an inopportune moment, leading to a bad fall. Ideally the fall will leave one or two Ops injured, leaving the remainder of the squad to try to rescue them from the swarm of Subterraneans. It is worth noting that while the Ops are this far into Lower Downtown they will be out of signal range for their comms.

The Forge

However the Ops try to deal with so many Subterraneans is up to them. They converge on the floor of the forge, which once contained a huge amount of molten metal, and have a primitive camp established there out of junk and pigskins. It very much resembles a cannibal camp, with even children running around. Groups of the dirty, feral Downtowners cluster around their crude shelters (although the rain can't get this far below ground and it is actually relatively dry aside from a few streams of filthy and polluted water which fall from the ceiling high above and drain off into a hole in the centre of the room), or around a couple of modestly sized bonfires with unidentifiable meats cooking on them. On the ground floor there are two entrances. One is vehicle sized, the other human sized. Both are open and occasionally in use. About 5m above the ground are a couple of smaller openings at opposite ends of the room. These have makeshift walkways build up to them made from junk, and do not seem to be used much. Should the squad have found out that the area still has an old map, they can find routes to all four entrances – the two on the ground are maintenance entrances, one foot and one vehicle, for when the forge was originally being cleaned. The two raised holes are run-off pipes for quickly draining excess metal should there be need. The ground entrances are guarded by young gang members armed with primitive weapons, mostly as a warning against Scavs, Carriens, or any other reasonably intelligent intruder. Pigs and other animal intelligence creatures avoid the area. The two run-off tubes are only really used as emergency escape routes. Due to the volatile cargo they were originally designed to carry they're actually still very stable, and are only guarded by crude alarm traps designed to alert against any beastie that accidentally found its way in. The other end of these pipes leads to a ruined, smaller twin of the forge, and would be difficult to find if not being actively looked for.

Other than the two entrances are the walkways, which are 15 and 30m up the forge, and a 5m diameter hole in the centre, leading down into darkness. The walkways should only realistically be found if the players made a very good or a very bad navigation roll earlier, the 15m high one being the collapsing one (15 DAM, 25 AD, reduced by half gymnastics or acrobatics on a successful roll). The hole in the centre was where the molten metal would run off to be cast. It consists of a 5m diameter vertical tunnel which drops for 20m into a chamber. The bottom of the chamber is formed by a plug of metal, once molten, that blocks the remainder and creates a flat floor. Covering this floor, up to 10m deep in places, are the remains of whatever has been eaten by the gang in the last five years. Bones, festering decay, and more recently gore and entrails fill the chamber. The Ops shouldn't ever see this unless they are very unlucky and fall down (and the 30m fall would probably kill them anyway).

Among the Subterraneans the observant among the squad will spot one sat apart from the others in a small, open lean-to on the side of the room who has a very familiar smile. If there are any Ebons or Brain Wasters in line of sight he will be staring right at them. The squad will never be able to get to the Havoc/Subterranean without alerting the rest of them, and violence will certainly ensue. This is fine to an extent, as the objective here is for the squad to kill the Havoc/Subterranean, although having to fight through 100 more of them to get to him might prove tedious. As a reminder, any Ebb using characters will pick up on Havoc's aura in the host. This is worth reminding the players of, as it might help things along in the next scene.

Confronting Havoc

If they are lucky enough to manage to get face to face with Havoc he might toy with them briefly by hinting to them at who he is. Chances are, though, that they'll just kill him before he has the chance. That's no problem. Havoc has developed certain aspects of his abilities much further than those listed in the main rule book, and if they kill his host, far from dying, he will simply jump to another host if nearby, or return to his own body. This is the key to the BPN, to kill Havoc's host in such a way that he has to return to his own body, forcing him from hiding in order to find another host. It is unlikely to happen here, although if he were to fall down the hole in the centre of the room this would achieve it. More likely that they will kill havoc's host and he will jump to a new one. This should come as a mild shock or revelation, to see the host die and then another person nearby suddenly develop the smile. This jumping around will continue as the hosts die, and until the Ops get the idea. He will then transfer around between hosts until the Ops get confused as to where he is. The encounter should end with the Ops withdrawing in chaos as the Subterraneans panic from the casualties they will likely take, and if the improvised weapons prove effective, the Ops should have no desire to stick around.

Dour's Return

Upon returning from the depths of Lower Downtown into relative civilisation, the Ops should hopefully want to try to speak to Dour again. The further evidence of Necanthrope involvement will hopefully ensure this. If things get desperate and the squad is flailing around with no further clues, Dour will return their calls or check on their progress.

Once the situation has been explained, Dour will come clean with the parts of the brief he was holding back on, about Havoc. He will also tell them that in order to lead havoc into the open they will need to kill his host in such a way that he can't jump to another.

Back to the Forge

It is most likely that the squad will want to go back to the forge to find Havoc again and chuck him down that hole. Gangs are old news though, and Havoc is bored of the Subterraneans. He's following the Ops to have more fun. Dour predicts this and will encourage the Ops to set a trap. Let the players exercise their creativity, and a half decent plan that Havoc could conceivably fall for (he doesn't know that Dour is involved, and a bunch of low SCL Ops would be unlikely to be able to access data on him) should be played out successfully but as amusingly as possible. If they come up with a half cocked plan that Havoc either wouldn't fall for, manages get out of, or just plain wouldn't work, have Havoc play with them a bit then vanish into Downtown. The squad fail the BPN and will have to do another at a later date once, or if, Dour finds him again. The get-out clause for this is Dour. If the plan looks rubbish then Dour might come along with his Vaph (see Scent of Ebb BPN). He hates leaving Central, and naturally despises the Vaph, or more specifically its DU ammo, but a chance to bring Havoc back will get him moving. Only if he thinks the squad is sure to fail and send Havoc back into hiding though. Dour suspects that a blast of DU will prevent Havoc spending the Flux to be able to possess anyone else and should force him back into his own neglected body. Whether it works should come down to how well the Ops have performed on the BPN.

If the squad utterly fail to think of anything and end up standing around scratching their heads, Dour has a plan of his own to suggest.

Dour's Plan

The sector they are in isn't all that far from Cannibal Sector 5. Massive sewer outlets push drainage water out of the city at this level, and if the squad were to be able to stem the flow of one and lure Havoc into it, they could flood the tunnel again and wash him out into the Cannibal Sector. The chances of the host surviving a trip like that are so small as to be insignificant, and with the mass of rushing water and confusion there's a good chance Havoc wouldn't be able to jump to anybody else as his host drowned or was battered to death in the flood.
It's a sound plan, but one fraught with danger for the Ops. They'll have to travel a few levels lower than they should like to in order to reach an automated sluice gate. Once there they can either try to hack the controls or manually wind them so that the (quite significant) flow of water slows to a dribble. They then have to lure in Havoc somehow. The best chance of this is to have the majority of the squad in the now dry tunnel, as Dour suspects Havoc is sure to be following them. By moving down the tunnel, hopefully Havoc will follow the same path and a squad member posted on the sluice can open it up. The gap between Havoc and the squad, along with the squad having fair warning, should give them enough time to get out before the water gets them, but their timing will need to be good. A good timing advantage will definitely be just that here. Dour won't attend this harebrained plan.

The plan is certainly feasible if the Ops have the balls and skill to pull it off. Gathering and wandering back into the lower levels will certainly attract Havoc's attention, who is now hosted by one of the Sleeper Shivers the Ops encountered earlier. If the Ops send too many people to the sluice controls, though, Havoc will follow them instead, suspicious of what's going on. A brief fight will probably see him killed with only one of the characters to jump to.

Otherwise, Havoc will follow the main part of the squad as planned. Catching him in the flood will rely on several things. First, they need to plan a way of monitoring Havoc as he follows them. A good scout following him would work, but they'd also get hit by the flood. Setting up cameras would work best, but let them be creative. Waiting to see if he arrives will not only not give them time to get out of the tunnel, but will also alert him to their presence.

Once Havoc is spotted and following the squad, they need to wait until they're at a maintenance hatch, then get the message to the sluice controller to open it up. They will then have a short time to get out of the hatch as Havoc comes quickly up behind them, followed closely by the water. Delay at all and not all the Ops may make it out.
Should there be a way of making this cinematic without the players realising, all good. If not, have the sluice man make a diagnose roll. Anything over 20 is a success. Anything over 10 and the sluice is opened too late, giving Havoc time to get out and failing the BPN as he realises he was almost trapped. Under 10 and the sluice is opened too early. Havoc is caught in the water, but so is at least the last Op, maybe more depending on the size of the squad, their performance on the BPN, and how mean the GM is feeling.

Possession by Havoc

It is possible that Havoc's only escape route is to possess one of the player characters. Certainly if they lure him somewhere secluded and kill his host, this may well be his only option. Indeed, this should be used as a last resort. Taking control of their character away from the player is bad form, but on this occasion there's little choice.

A character possessed by Havoc will become an NPC for the duration of the possession, which should be as short as possible. Havoc will use them to flee somewhere populated and then jump to as many random people as required to lose the possessed Op. If the other characters try to restrain the possessed character Havoc should just jump to someone else.

Whoever ends up being used as the escape host won't be in any state to pursue anyway. Being possessed by Havoc is a horrible experience. The character is aware of everything they are doing, but are compelled to act as Havoc wants them to. The whole experience is like a half remembered nightmare, but the feeling of having their mind abused will be left with them. As well as feelings of nausea and disorientation for around an hour after Havoc leaves them, anyone possessed takes 4 automatic stress points. Anyone possessed for long enough for Havoc to escape will also roll on another 4 potential stress. Ebons or Brain Wasters will also receive a point of Formula.


If the squad manage to isolate Havoc and kill his host, he will be forced to return to his own body. This has been lying hidden in the wastes for decades, and now Havoc will be forced to venture back into the city in his own body. Dour will be pleased, as he will be waiting for the manipulative Havoc to return (with another BPN). Ebb using characters will receive a point of Formula, in addition to the one they get if they are unfortunate enough to be possessed.

If the squad complete the BPN with their own plan, Dour will give each of them a 50% bonus of 150c, and they will gain a point of reputation with Dark Lament.
If the squad use Dour's plan but still complete the BPN they will be paid as stated on the BPN. If they fail, as well as getting no SCL increase or pay, they will take a -1 reputation modifier with Dark Lament.


Hits: 14
Phases: 2, 4
Skills: weapon skill 5 (depending on weapon carried), gymnastics 2, detect 4
Equipment: Choose from; CAF weapon, crude shotgun, crude melee, improvised melee.

Crude melee weapons
Knife – 1 DAM, 1 PEN, 0 AD
Club – 3 DAM, 0 PEN, 1 AD

Improvised melee weapons
Note, should a double 1 be rolled with any of these weapons it will spectacularly backfire, causing the wielder to somehow take the damage.

A crude blade made from scrap metal with a power cell causing it to be charged. The handle is wrapped in tyre rubber or some other insulator to prevent the user being electrocuted. Should a successful blow land, an armoured target suffers the same effects as they had been hit by a Jolt Glove (see Karma). Unarmoured targets take an additional 6 damage.

3 DAM, 1 PEN, 2 AD

Capacitor Hammer
A huge, charged capacitor on the end of a haft. When the contacts of the capacitor are struck on a target, the charge is released with explosive effect. As well as having the same effect of the electrical effects of the electro-sabre, the cap hammer will cause an extra 4 damage on the first hit from the explosion.

3 DAM, 0 PEN, 1 AD

Shell Harpoon
The Shell Harpoon is a long pole which is pointed at one end and hollow at the other. When the hollow end is struck against a target it triggers a shotgun shell held within, which hits the target at point blank range. Once it is spent, the weapon can then be turned around and used as a normal spear.

Shell end: 9 DAM, 7 PEN, 7 AD
Spear end: 2 DAM, 2 PEN, 1 AD