Colour Code : Blue
Contact Department of : Sanitation
Consolidated Bonus Scheme : 40 c / operative 0.1SCL
Third Eye News
Training Package Recommended : Any
SCL Requirement : 10
BPN Number : San-B-1296034

"Inspect Sewer hatch S-1-54a, and ensure free of blockages"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

When the squad contacts Dept of Sanitation, they will be informed that
the sewer hatch is in Suburbia Sector 1. And that it is supposedly in
need of maintenance. A maintenance crew will be issued to clear the
blockage, and it is the operatives job to baby sit this crew.

4 crew will be detailed to make sure that the sewer is *clean*. There
names are Harold, Mark, Andrew and Davey. They are equiped with
breathing aparatus, full body overalls, flashlights and assorted tools,
(shovels etc).

The squad and the maintenance crew will get transported down to the
entrance of the sewer by Shiver APC. Upon entrance to the sewer system,
they will find that the water level is quite low, and the high sides are
free from the water. This uncovered concrete is covered with slime and
makes walking very difficult and running impossible. The sewer is very
dark, and light sources will be necessary. Also, if the ops don't have
breathing aparatus or air filtration systems, they will feel light
headed and sick from the stench permeating from the fetid water.

From the entrance to the sewer to the hatch that needs to be cleared, it
is about a 20 minute walk.

The hatch is a large steel grid, about twice the size of a manhole from
the street. It is indeed blocked, with filth and slime and all manner
of debris. Only a slow trickle or brown stained water escapes from the

As the maintenance crew set about clearing the blockage, you can have
encounters spring up out of nowhere. The crew are making alot of noise
as they clear the hatch, so the ops will be at a disadvantage if they
stay too close to the work. Probably have a couple of Carriens or a pig
or two wander on in, and decide that they need to munch on the ops. If
no warning is given, and gunfire from the ops suddenly breaks out, have
one of the maintenance crew slip over in shock and twist an ankle, or
break a leg, suffer concussion. This should make the ops a litlle toey,
as one of the maintenance crew can no longer work, and the job will take
ages anyway.

Just as the debris starts getting removed at a good rate, a large
creaking sound will start to become noticeable, and then all of a
sudden, the hatch will burst from built up pressure suddenly being
released. This sudden release of water will wash out into the sewer
proper, sweeping away anybody not securely fastened. The strength of
the flash flood is enormous, and all 4 crew members will be washed away,
the ops probably as well. Swimming will be useful here, as the risk of
drowning is quite real.

Just as the wave that carries the ops and the hapless maintenance crew
starts to settle, the floor of the sewer collapses under them, dropping
them about 20 metres into water below.

During this whole event, describe to the ops how desperate the whole
time is, as they get buffeted up against the sides of the sewer, dunked
and slamed into the floor, and into other ops. Those who can swim, will
have a better time of it, but not by much. None of the maintenance crew
can swim. Each op will take the following damage from their
rollacoaster ride 2d10 - PV - swim skill. Their armour will take 2d10
ID. The damage sustained can be allocated as per the GM sees fit.

The water that the ops and maintenance crew crash into is dark, deep,
and oh-so cold. This water is slightly salty if any of the ops taste
it. 1 of the maintenance crew drowned in the maelstrom that led them
here, his body floats only meters away from one of the ops. It is then
that they realise that the pool of water they are in is not deserted.
One of the maintenance crew starts yelling about something brushing his
leg. Looking carefully, the ops with high detect and/or good vision may
be able to just make out the shapes of long serpentine creatures
writhing through the water beneath them. There is what appears to be
land only 10 or so metres away from them. Those that can't swim are in
a lot of trouble!

The serpents will attack and drag one of the crew under water, he will
start thrashing and screaming, blood spraying everywhere. The ops
should make it out of the water with 2 crew still alive. (If you want,
they may now notice that some equipment is now missing - knocked off in
the buffeting. Anything that was held in their hands at the time has
indeed been lost, headset-comms no longer work.

The area they are in looks like part of the city that has been
overbuilt, the air is stale, their is no light, and no apparent signs of
life, (except for rodents). Looking around they will find a broken
down, old fashioned street sign with the name Mornington Crescent in
black letters. Any of the Ops who have the history skill can make a
test at -3. Depending upon how successful they are you can tell them
some of the following.

Mornington Crescent was a bustling hive of activity about 500 years ago.
It was a centre of fashion in the World of Progress, full of top class
restaurants, night spots, and expensive shops. It was the epitomy of
decadence, to be fashionable you had to live near or in Mornington
Crescent, if you didn't you had to appear that you did, this meant that
thousands of people, employees and ops alike would travel there all the
time. Because of this, Mornington Crescent became a prime target for
attacks from Rival Companies. One of these companies by the name of
Crimson Mist, dealt SLA a deadly wound, when it unleashed a terrible
virus onto the World of Progress. This bio-engineered virus was simply
called PROMISE. Promise did exactly what Crimson Mist wanted it to do,
and what their promise to SLA was. On the first day of it's release,
Promise accounted for 9,500 deaths. All manner of people died from this
dreaded disease, ebons, humans, even Necanthropes were not safe.

To prevent the spread of the virus further from Mornington Crescent, SLA
bombarded the area with radiation, in an attempt to try and kill the
virus off. Once this had been done, the area was ordered sealed off
forever. Crimson Mist were the subject of one of the largest hunts of a
soft company in the history of the world of progress. A record 14,291
BPN's were issued in relation to this company, and a combined force of
Cloak Division, Black Chapter, Shiver and other departments finally
raided and brought the culprits to Justice.

500 years later Mornington Crescent has been discovered.

The Ops will have to find a way back out to the surface. They will only
have the food that they brought, any water that they have, and the
equipment on their backs. This may take time, and tempers will probably
flare. The surving 2 maintenance crew are concerned about their well
being, and will complain to the operatives to get them out or "Just do

If they inspect the city block that they are in, they will find ancient
skeletens throughout the place. Mutant animals and perhaps even a
couple of Scavies are all that make this place home. The area is sealed
in by 20 metre thick reinforced concrete. If any members of the squad
have an environmental sensor or some such device, it will give readings
of dangerous levels of toxins and radiation.

If when the Operatives finally get out alive, they mention Mornington
Crescent, they will be quarantined immediately and the entire area will
be once more sealed off. The length of this quarantine is entirely up
to the GM, but 3-4 weeks is a good time to get the Ops even more Jumpy.

For this to be a successful adventure/BPN, the GM will have to be
slightly creative, and have a feel for the horrific and dramatic.

"Do you fully understand what it is like to have slain a world, the emptiness and bitter hatred of yourself that you will feel? - I do, and I did."

- Malakai, Kilneck Warrior
formerly Preacher SCL 2f, (Stigmartyr) Human Death Squad