Platinum Blond BPN

One wet Mort morning an op in a sqaud who have gained an SCL of 9 or better very quickly without too much media attention has a knock on their door, a financier is the best choice if the squad has one, then a scout or kick murder type.
BPN colour code : Platinum
SCL requirement : 9
Consolidated Bonus Scheme : 3000 c / Operative
Covered by Station Analysis
Packages : Kick Murder / Scout Back / Any

Operatives required for Off World operation to eliminate subversive executive and contact. Futher details from delivering clerk.

The clerk (Karl Burgon, Human Executive, Internal Affairs, SCL 6) will ask if they accept the BPN (if they don't he immediatelly informs them that there loyalty is in doubt and that they must take a Black to prove their loyalty. The black is the same BPN but has only 2000 c / Op) and none of the 'benefits' described bellow). If they agree he will ask for the squad to be brought together.

The Briefing

Mr Slayer wants an annonymous squad to wipe out an exec called 'Blond' has turned DN. She is a high up in an off world facility but has a weekly meeting with a DN contact in a hotel room. This is when the hit will occure. The SLOps will be inserted by an IA team into the area, they have access to a hotel room in a hotel opposite the one she will be in and equipment and transport as the referee deems fit. The team that investigated her has been withdrawn but the remanants of their operation can be found in the room.
The Attack
The journey to the other planet is uneventful, the team has a day to look round and plan their attack. Karl accompanies them all the way.
Two basic routes present themselves:
1) Sniper shot across the way. It is difficult to be certain of eliminating both targets.
2) Direct assault on room. They may face opposition on way in or out but will have improved chance of success.

Blond arrives on time and the SLOps make their attack with ease she and her contact are eliminated without much difficulty

The Double Cross

As they are leaving the scene however Karl draws a pistol (FEN) and shoots himself in the head in the local public space port. Security guards appear from everywhere shooting before asking questions the SLOps have little choice but to run or die.
They are now alone on an alien planet wanted by the law, SLA industries, Dark Night and almost every one else with no idea why.

The Investigation

Karl was a DL drone brain washed to set up an unimportant squad of SLOps to remove a DL op (Blond) who was selling genetic material to Karma (the supposed DN Contact, a Karma employee, Geof Strejn). The gun he used the SLOps will quickly find is a FEN stollen from one of the squad members, his finger prints have been changed to match those of the SLOp he stole the gun from prior to the Op so the SLOps prints are all over the gun and there is no trace of his prints at any of the places he has been. Karl's body lie unguarded at the local hospital so the slops can check it out.
The BPN they have a copy of is real but has been altered from a black by a good forger who the SLOps may be able to trace back to DL who now employ him full time. The hotel room they used was rented by a DL agent and was until recently used by a squad carrying out a DL issued investigation BPN.

Under a seat in the room where the assasinations took place a brief case can be found some how missed in the search. In the brief case is the genetic material which very soon every one will want to get their hand on. Karma want it because they need it for development work and because they don't want it to fall into IA's hands. Dark Lament want it so Karma don't have it and to avoid a scandel. Internal Affairs don't know why they want it yet but they want to know why every one else wants it so much.

Lots of stuff can be found from the Department of Records, unfortunatelly every time they go there they run the risk of recognition. They can use computer access to find information out to but this gives away their location as IA have a trace programme set up waiting for them to log in.

Along the way the SLOps will have to fight off other squads sent against them by Karma, Dark Lament and others.

The Show Down

If the SLOps put a file together and get it to IA detailing the set up they can clear their names, claim the money and increase their SCL by 1.0 to 2.0 depending on the referees feelings. However before getting there or any meeting they may have arranged DL elements will launch an attack. First a number of small mechanical insects will dope any ebon users up with a D.U. potion which halves their Ebb. Then a squad of Frothers will attack with a scout running back up. If they survive they can deliver the file.