"Just another day in Downtown"

by David Crowhurst

#1) The BPN opens with the usual long wait at 'Slayers Crib'...
The line snakes around the hall without ever appearing to have an end.
Hundreds of fresh faced and enthusiastic operatives wait in line for there
first BPN. Huge message boards advertise the latest in weapons from FEN,
extol the virtues of financiers and announce available jobs for operatives
needed on Dante & Cross. Mean looking shivers watch for trouble, and carry
out impatient Wasters who don't want to wait in line, these shivers are
loving the power they can exercise of the 'newbies'.

Eventually the team will get to a booth and be registered for a Blue BPN,
the details of which are as follows;

SCL 10
Contact Dept : Enquiries
Colour Code : Blue
Packages : Any
Details : Control & Supress and civilian disturbances on REGAL-TOWN STREET,
DOWNTOWN. Check access hatch 216N to sewer system and seal.
Payment : 50C / Op
Third EyE

Regal Town Street is situated close to the perimeter wall between Downtown
and Suburbia and it is a simple matter to catch a bus from the crib to Gate
16, and thence in a taxi to Regal-Town Street.

#2) Regal-Town Street is situated in a nice area (well, nice for Downtown
anyhow). The street was last night the scene of a Carrien attack, and the
corpses of 2 or 3 people lie in the street, along with the remains of some
carriens killed by what looks to be more than just CAF. As the Slops
investigate the carrien corpses a crowd begins to gather round, shouting and
chanting at the Operatives. These people blame sla for not protecting them
from the carriens attacks, and vent there anger at the Slops. They have
retained the services of 2 props to gaurd the area overnight (thus the dead
carriens) but they have run out of money and thus demand slop protection.

This is a tricky situation for the slops to deal with. They are in a dead
end alley (how convenient) and it is not long before the first pieces
garbage are thrown from the back of the crowd. If your slops are anything
like mine they will only be carrying lethal weaponry and will find it hard
to deal with this non-lethal but embarasing situation. Also at this point a
Third EyE newscreww appear.

There options are...

a)Promise to stay that night and protect the street.
b)Shoot into the air, this will cause the people to disperse but as they try
to leave the street rubbish will be dumped on them from the walkways and
they can forget any sponsorship deals for a while.
c)Shoot into the crowd, caught on camera murdering sla customers is a bad
thing to do. Expect to be either shipped out to Dante of busted down to
sewer cleaning duty.
d)Call the shivers, as soon as the team mention there scl10 status the
shivers have 'radio problems' (was that static or laughing you heard over
the comm headset?)

It is best if the players make some sort of show for the cameras, stating
that sla has the people best interest in hand and that they will gaurd the
people against the menace of the carriens etc etc. The Third EyE team will
stick around to film the action. The third EyE reporter will take the team
to one side and make sure that they know what is expected, good H2H fighting
and a minimum of gun play basically. Anyone in the team with low H2H skills
will be told to shoot only at close range, "cos the holes are larger then".

#3)The Carriens have set up home in the sewers below the street following a
blockage clearence team leaving the main outflow shutters open. At leat one
mutant carrien is in the nest, and you can add Pigs to spice things up if
the fight is going to well for the Ops.

That night all hell breaks out as Carriens and Slops meet on the street. Mix
in some innocent kids and the 3rd EyE Team for good measure. Unless the
players state that they are making the effort to look good for the 'teevee'
crew then they don't make it onto the 10 o'clock slaughter update. Hopefully
they will really 'go for the ratings', saving innocent kids and killing
carriens whilst yelling those made for teevee war cries. If they make a good
show give them a bonus of 50-100 credits each, if they forget to reseal the
sewer access then fine them 50 credits and an scl decrease.

Payment & SCL
1C / Carrien killed
50C for sealing the sewer and dealing with the crowd
bonus 50-100C if they make it onto the teevee
0.1 SCL increase for the basic deal
bonus 0.1 - 0.5 increase if they do a good show for teevee and make sla look

Depending on how well they did have them contacted by a few finaciers who
offer to meet them at The Pit to talk buisness, and why not chuck in a few
deaththreats as well.


This BPN is designed as an introduction to the WoP for a team of Operatives
just out of Meny. No stats are listed as these can be added by the GM later
to fit the number of players involved.

To my mind this covers everything that a BLUE should. It introduces the
Slops to 'the people' of downtown, to 3rd EyE and gives them a bit of combat
as well. If your players haven't read the background then I suggest that you
give them a few pointers like "you gotta make this fight look good" and "you
can't shoot down unarmed civilians".