In Part Exchange

BPN colour code : Red
SCL requirement : 10
Departmental Authorisation: Transport
Consolidated Bonus Scheme : 150 c / Operative / Day
Covered by Third Eye News
Packages : Any

Squad required for night time security at Mort Central Space Port. Contact: A. Harman at Mort Central Space Port Security Office.


The security staff at the Space Port will give this information out during the briefing for the twilight shift.
The squad is to provide additional perimeter security in Sector 1D of the Space Port
Excess damage to space port property may lead to SCL penalties and or payment reductions

Intelligence Report

A Dark Night cell is known to be preparing for an attack on the Space Port.
The DN cell has been purchasing heavy weapons, ammunition and have contacts with a renegade ebon and Tek Trex.

Space Port Security Measures

CCTV Coverage of all areas
Shiver perimeter patrols every 20 minutes in armoured GA-J with automatic weapons.
SCAF patrol every 30 minutes.
Missile Launchers provide extensive air cover.
Each sector has a well equiped security bunker which can be used by Operatives as a base of operations.

Sector 1D Layout


Key for Plan:

Security Bunker
Fire Shiver Station
Ambulances and Field Hospital
Shiver Station
Vehicle Maintainance
Fuel Storage
Admin Offices
Repair Hanger
Launch/Landing Pad

Marek: The Renegade Ebon

Each of the points bellow is next to the number of points of SLA Information that the Operative enquiring about Marek has alternatively this information can come to light through research.
Former Foldship Pilot
Vanished after a trip to Dante as Dark Lament prepared to arrest him.
Known to be a DN sympathiser believed to be living down town.
Believed to be planning to leave Mort.
He is in possesion of a Death Suit and a number of other Dark Lament Devices.


Time Table of Events

20:00 Shift Starts
20:25 Sensor Fault Launch Pad 1
20:45 Sensor Fault Outer Perimeter Fence
21:00 Shuttle Launch Pad 1
21:30 Shuttle Launch Pad 2
21:40 Sensor Fault Between Perimeter Fences
22:05 Sensor Fault Between Perimeter Fences
22:30 Shuttles moved onto Pads 1 and 2
22:50 Twenty Tek Trex Drones attack the perimeter, any vehicles parked outside the security bunker have had the breaks disabled.
22:52 DN Shuttle lands in C2 having folded in overhead. It is in a poor state and is to be abandoned while the DN agents will try to steal one of the ones on the launch pads as a replacement while causing as much destruction to the Space Port as possible . They are armed with rifles, grenades, goggles and their fanaticism.

Added Fun

If there isnt enough action for you in this BPN why not spice it up by adding a couple of Tek Trex Drones attacking the fuel dump just before the main attack. Marek can teleport them in to near the bunker and the first the SLOps will know is when the ala rm goes off at the dump.

I originally wrote this to emphasise the boredom that SLOps can face and actually ran this out as a week of game times worth of BPNs before launching the attack, I wasn't so cruel as to play it in real time though.

How about one of the perimeter patrols being attacked by a Tek Trex assasin drone or the missile battery in the area developing a fault which will shoot down a SLA Industries shuttle on its way down to the surface.

Clean Up

100c bonus for each DN Op killed
150c bonus for each DN Op captured
500c bonus for Marek dead or alive