A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing

By Mark Edwards

Colour Designation: Grey
Minimum SCL: 9
Training Package Recommended: Kick Murder/ Any
Consolidated Pay: 400c per Operative
Contact: Internal Affairs, Mr Morden, 0005-118-965
Coverage: Station Analysis
Summary: Operative(s) required to investigate and terminate seditious Operative activities within Uptown Mort Central. Please contact Dept of Internal; Affairs, Mr Morden for more information.

GM Material

The main plan for this BPN is to use the info below and make the PCs come up with the means to enter the building and complete the BPN. It was originally designed within a couple of hours for a 2 man Kick Murder squad, so feel free to flesh it out (which it will probably need). There is no real investigation needed - just go get in and do the job.

At the end of the info there is two handouts, - the BPN and an Internal Affairs document given out by Mr Morden. In this Document anything in Italics has been modified by Miles Plance so is shown as slightly different to try and point it out.

Part 1 - Mr Morden I presume?

Once the BPN has been been taken the PCs will need to contact Mr Morden of Internal Affairs. If they ring the number they are asked for their names and SCL clearances and the BPN number. They are then informed that a meeting with Mr Morden has been arranged. - They are to meet him beside the statue of Slayer in Central Park 1 in one hour.

The rain is constant put clean in Central and the concrete pavements are clean. The PCs pass regular patrols of SHIVER dressed in clean, bright light green Blocker armour. The sidewalks are filled with shoppers dressed in anything from New Paris suits (both men and women's) and Crackshot armour emblazoned with adverts for SLA companies.

Central park 1 is a large 5 kilometre square of KARMA enhanced plants. They have been specially created to withstand the pollution that drifts around Mort. The park is square and enclosed with a low red brick wall and lined with a red brick path that leads in from each point of the compass to the large obsidian statue of Slayer at the centre.

Surrounding the statue is a number of roofed seating benches. As the PCs enter this area they notice that the park is suspiciously empty. The PCs will have the feeling of being watched even through there is no one around.

Sitting in one of the "booths" is a tall well built man dressed in a black suit. His short curly hair is pitch black and seems to match the deep darkness of his eyes, which look over his pointed nose with an intelligence that is only surpassed by the cunning that tweaks at the eyes edges. Even in the pouring rain the man is completely dry.

As the PCs approach he stands, reaching 6 feet tall and seems to stretch slightly like a cat.

His smile is inviting and in the same moment cold.

"Welcome, I am Mr Morden, I believe you are here to see me? I have been waiting for but a moment, your timing seems impeccable."

"As you are professional people with no time for petty "chit chat", I will get straight down to business."

Mr Morden then picks up a brief case from the seat behind him (which you could have sworn wasn't there a moment ago). Opening it he sits back on the seat and produces a clean, crisp sheet of white paper.

"This will give you all that you need to fulfil your task. We would like this business accomplished as soon as possible, but there is no dead line. It is however that you succeed without any undue attention to either yourselves or SLA. I have no doubts that you will give this task your full discretion; you after all professional aren't you."

Questions and Answers

Mr Morden will only answer a small number of questions.

Proof that Morden works for SLA - He will produce a SCL badge with the details showing - Morden, M SCL 2F, Op no 00000452465. This badge will look completely authentic (just like the PCs), as Mr Morden is indeed an "employee" of Slayer and SLA Industries.

What methods can we use? - Any you feel is necessary. Extermination Warrants can be obtained for any and all targets.

Is there any back up? - Is back-up really necessary for professionals like you?

Any other questions can either be answered on the spot or ignored.

Part 2 - Rainbow Towers - notes for GM to play with

Rainbow towers is the home for the target(s). It is an Operative apartment block in Uptown sector 235. There are a total of 25 floors, with 30 apartments on the first floor going down to 20 apartments on the 6th, 10 on the 12th, 8 on the 18th then 6 on the 24th and finally 4 on the last floor. Security clearance for the building is similar. It is SCL 11 on the ground floor (for maintenance crews from "Clean-U-Eaz" - a subsidiary of SLA Industries - they also have special access to a maintenance elevator that has access to all floors - in the back (code locked with an ID swipe card.

Each group of floors houses Operative of a different SCL Clearance - the higher the better.

  1. SCL 10 - Floors 1-6 - Security cameras on and in the 4 elevators and a fixed standard camera in each corridor (has blind spots). Each Apartment is code locked (4 digit) and has a SCL 10 swipe system.
  2. SCL 9 - Floors 7-12 - Security cameras on and in the 4 elevators and an infrared camera in each end of the corridor - sweep pattern of coverage every 10 seconds - each sweep takes 5 seconds to complete. Each Apartment is code locked (6 digit) and has a SCL 9 swipe system.
  3. SCL 8 - Floors 13-18 - Security infrared cameras on and in the 3 elevators along with a code lock (4 digit) for floor level. Each corridor has 4 infrared cameras - one at each end and two in the corridors centre. They are all on a sweep setting - once every 5 seconds with a sweep taking 5 seconds. The central cameras sweep in opposite directions. Each apartment door has a code lock (8 digit) and a SCL 8 swipe card system.
  4. SCL 7 - Floors 19-24 - Security infra-red cameras on and in the 3 elevators along with a code lock (6 digit) for floor level - there is a passive laser counter on the lift doors - counts movement in and movement out. Each corridor has 4 infrared cameras - one at each end and two in the corridors centre. They are all on a sweep setting - once every 5 seconds with a sweep taking 5 seconds. The central cameras sweep in opposite directions. Each apartment door has a code lock (8 digit) and a SCL 7 swipe card system. The floor is patrolled by 4 drones (TEX TREX), sweeping every corridor once every 4 minutes. These drones will prompt for ID and SCL card or will open fire with a built in grenade launcher firing knockout gas (PHYS roll minus 10) (one grenade per phase is automatically launched in front of the drone 1 metre). If attacked the drones will automatically call for assistance (including other drones) and open fire with a SLA bullyboy shotgun (slug rounds) - rifle 4 Phases 135, DAM 9 PEN 7 ROUNDS 100.
  5. SCL 6 - Floor 25 - Security infrared cameras on and in the 4 elevators along with a code lock (8 digit) for floor level (each elevator goes to a separate apartment)- there is a passive laser counter on the lift doors - counts movement in and movement out. Each elevator opens into a security booth that is sealed. There is a code lock (8 digit) and SLC 6 card swipe. Each booth can delivery a gas release within 2 seconds - which is a potent knockout gas (PHYS rolls at minus 20). There is an infrared camera that sweeps the entire booth once every 2 seconds. The booth is made of tough plastic and is designed to contain any blast (PV 20 ID 150). The elevator side drops down as the elevator closes sealing the booth. Outside the booth is a small waiting area with a couple of seats and a small table. Again there is an infrared camera that sweeps every 5 seconds. The apartment door has a PV of 20 and ID 100 (much like the booth). It is code locked (8 digit) and uses a SCL 6 swipe card system.

The Building floors can be isolated and shut down in the event of fires etc. Each floor has access to a hidden stairwell that leads down to the ground floor and then (through a sealed hatch) to a tunnel to the buildings bunker complex across the street. This bunker is normally only used if the area is under orbital bombardment or if compromised by an invading force. The Bunker can only be accessed via the tunnel or via a hidden hatch (code lock - 10 digit) in a small power transfer building (fake).

In the event of an emergency there are 10 Shiver in the building at all times armed with Sure-Kill cannons and gas grenades. They are housed in a small room behind a hidden door in the lobby. The Shivers first priority is to secure the area and then evacuate the residents. Back (including Riot and Fire Shiver) can be at the building within 7 minutes with aerial reconnaissance going by every 15 minutes at all times (the air space is restricted to Shiver and high SCL flights.

The maintenance elevator is code locked (10 digit) and uses a special card swipe that is only held by the maintenance company - Clean-U-Eaz. It is possible to copy the card by it will be a very difficult task to do, even with special tools. The elevator exits through a hidden panel on each floor and allows access to the main corridors of each floor. In the case of the 25th floor - there is only a cross section corridor that has doors that open into the waiting area of each apartment. These doors are again code locked but only with a 4-digit lock. - The access doors are hidden on the waiting area side.

The ground floor lobby has a security desk with 2 SHIVER at all times. Another SHIVER patrols the corridors to the elevators and maintenance area. The maintenance area (and its elevator) is at the back of the building behind a door marked Maintenance, which is code locked (4 digit) - it only leads to a room with tools and the elevator.

Each lock can be picked with the right skill and equipment - it is easy for a 4 digit (no minus), difficult for a 6 digit (minus 5), very difficult for an 8 digit (minus 10) and extremely hard for a 10 digit (minus 15). Unfortunately these code locks are not alarmed so PCs can try more than once. Also every minute spent on the lock will increase the skill roll by 1. Card locks are the same but a forged card will be needed. The card lock can be by passed with electronic lock pick with SCL 10 being easy, 8 being difficult, 7 very difficult and 6 extremely difficult (same skill changes as above, again spending time will increase the time).


Clean-U-Eaz - this is a small company that deals with all the maintenance for the apartment blocks of Uptown sector 235. They have a small office within the sector, which is usually manned by a receptionist and 2 salesmen. The only security is a silent alarm and a code lock (8 digit) into the equipment office (holds code cards and tools). All the code lock numbers for each apartment block are stored on a stand-alone computer in the equipment office - it is quiet heavily encrypted and will be a very difficult task to hack into. The plans to the buildings are also in this computer with maintenance access marked on them

On each callout there are 3 maintenance workers with one having the code card and another knowing the lock codes. They normally drive around in an armoured van and are armed with FEN pistols (pistol 3 phases 1 3 5) and have padquil armour (PV3) with full-face re-breather masks (hoods).

All the employees of Clean-U-Eaz are Human

Plans and Dept of Housing

The plans for the building (with out maintenance access) can be requested from the Dept of housing. These are detailed plans that show security and normal guards - this is so Ops can see if the apartments are worth renting. To obtain these plans the PCs would first need to get the right forms (in triplicate) from the Dept of forms, fill them in and hand them into the Dept of Housing. They would then process the forms (4 hours - 1 day) and give a requisition form to the PCs to go to the Dept of records. They would then process the requisition (again 4 hours - 1 day) and then allow the PCs to see the plans of the building within their visitor room for 30 minutes before the PCs would need to redo the whole task.

Inside Apartment 1 - floor 25 Rainbow towers

Once inside the apartment the PCs will find the target and his friend - Morgan Jones (Strike Squad) - Both the target and his friend are only really SCL 10 but have hacked the SLA housing and personnel systems to increase their SCL levels to get a better apartment. Unfortunately they have been caught and since they are low risk Ops with a better than normal hacking skill IA has only assigned normal Ops (who should be able to handle the job) to eliminate them. They will blame it on a DN infiltration team later.

Due to the low SCL and the fact they both targets will be extremely surprised about being caught I haven't included STATS. Feel free to make them up or do as I did and allow the PCs to kill them quickly with no problems (a complete let down after they thought they were after rough experienced Ops.)

As the PCs break in they should catch the "traitors" trying to change their records back. - Miles will be sitting in a dressing gown at his Oyster computer and Morgan will be crossing the room to him carrying a tray of cake and drink. Morgan is only dressed in casual wear (no armour or weapons).

When the PCs burst in (if that's what they do), I had Miles stare at they in shock, mouth agape and Morgan turns to run but trips on a low table and goes sprawling on his face


Internal Affairs Document 1245775

SCL 5 required for access.

It has come to light that there may be a small problem within the Operative personnel records. Immediate attention is required.

Elimination order granted.


Miles U Plance


Training package: Mechanical / Strike

Squad: None Assigned

Residence: Floor 25, Apartment 1 Rainbow towers, Uptown sector 235

Known accomplices: Morgan Jones, SCL 6, Kick Murder package

Mr plance has been found guilty of seditious activities towards SLA Industries and is to be targeted for immediate cleansing through whatever means are necessary.

Proof of completion will be required. Body parts for DNA; retinal and fingerprint scan will be acceptable.

All known accomplices that interfere with this task are also charged with sedition and aiding a known traitor and are to have summary execution of sentence carried out immediately. Mr Plance and his known associates will be denied any and all BPNs requested. This should keep him one place.