"The Ring Raider"

A Blue BPN Overview by James Fullerton

Colour Designation: Blue (Street Maintenance)
Minimum SCL: 10
Training Package Recommended: Investigation and Interrogation
Consolidated Pay: 350c per Squad
Contact: Corporal Antilles, Gateway 658
Coverage:Station Analysis

Repeat rapist striking in subways of Sector 658. Monarch have been unsuccessful in capturing and have asked for assistance. Possible DarkNight involvement. Minimal undercover work required.

BPN Background

Briefing by Corporal Antilles who will inform them that Monarch Law Enforcement has asked the Shivers for help. They have a serial rapist who keeps attacking women in the subway system at night. They have increased their patrols but have had no luck in finding the man responsible. The Shivers have decided that an Operative squad may have more success on this one than an increased Shiver perspective (ie: the Shivers don't have the personnel).

Dressing in black the rapists has struck some thirty times in the last few months and he is currently attacking women every other night. Monarch are worried that this anti-social behaviour may turn the man from a rapist into a killer and so they are trying to stop him quickly. All of the rapists victims have been held at knife point and don't remember much about the attacker. Surveillance equipment in the area has been destroyed prior to the attacks and so there is little for Monarch to go on. Their case files identify numerous suspects but no one definite. One more worrying detail is that in the last two weeks all of the victims have reported that the killer had a DarkNight pistol on him.

Monarch will be happy to let the Operatives have as much information as they want and will also let them plan where they should be patrolling. Unfortunately there will never be enough Monarch teams to watch all of the subway stations in the area, so there will always be one or two that are unpatrolled. The rapist seems to have been very careful in concealing his tracks and also striking at stations that aren't being patrolled. This should be the Operatives first hint that something isn't right and if they start being more secretive about who is patrolling where, they may be more successful.

The actual Rapist is one of the Monarch officer who works mainly during the day. He then hangs around in the evening and finds out who is patrolling where. He enjoys his daytime patrols a little toomuch, often hurting suspects a bit more than is necessary. If he is able to outwit the Operatives he may start dropping unsubtle hints at them if he sees them at the Monarch base. Whether or not he has a DarkNight pistol is up to the GM. None of the victims have really seen it, the Monarchs just added it to the reports to get Shiver assistance quicker. It is also likely that if the rapist is disturbed in the act he will try running away rather than fighting. It would be really unfortunate if he stumbled into a Manchine or got hit by a Subway train...