There's no more penguins here

By François Lalande

Color code: Green
SCL req: 8
Contact: World Discovery Channel
Training package: Any
C.B.S: per op
Text: Protect and assist a media team from World Discovery Channel during their filming in the southern polar zone of Mort.

What will be told to the operatives about the BPN:

World Discovery Channel wants to send a media team in the southern polar zone of Mort to make a film about the life in and around the industrial Complex NZ-12 / 126-TT, one of the most remote complexes in the South zone of Mort. WDC, knowing that this zone may be quite dangerous, wants its team to be protected by a squad of operatives. The WDC media team hope to find if some rumors about a polar breed of Carriens and other predators are true. Of course if such creatures are found WDC wants some footage of fighting between operatives and those predators.

The WDC media team is composed of four people:
Wallace Fitserti: male human, 28, media package, SCL 7 C. The head reporter of the team. He is the one who brought the idea of this expedition.
Lili McFerat: female frother, 25, pilot package, SCL 9 B. Pilot and technician for the team.
Walry: male Wraith Raider, 10, media package, SCL 8ans, cameraman.
Niksi Lemon: female Wraith Raider, 9, media package SCL 8A, Fitserti's assistant and information gatherer.

The trip:

The squad will have one full day to prepare before they leave for the South. The trip will be done by gauss train from Mort city to the industrial complex PNZ-9 / 456-TG, some 250 km from industrial Complex NZ-12 / 126-TT. From there the team will finish the trip by helicopter. When they'll reach their destination they'll find an APC, rent for them by WDC, and rooms in one of the very rare hotels of the complex.

The truth behind the mission:

Once they'll reach the NZ-12 / 126-TT complex Wallace Fitserti will gather the squad away from his team. Then he'll to explain what is the real goal of this mission. According to him he's working for Internal Affairs and this media mission is a cover up for something far more important. He can produce a false Grey BPN issued to him by IA. This BPN allow him to hire a team of operatives through a facade BPN. The goal of the IA BPN is to discover subversive activities in the zone around the industrial complex NZ-12 / 126-TT. Fitserti will explain that IA believes that a Soft Company (Dark Night or a Soft comp working with them) has some kind of secret base somewhere neat the industrial complex. Their mission is to find this base and bring back info and pictures for IA. The Grey BPN does not say that the squad has to storm the secret base, it will be the job of another team. As IA suspect the presence of several subversives within the rank of the administration of the complex the investigation must remain a secret. The Grey BPN is paid 550 C per op, with eventual bonus.

The truth behind the truth behind the mission:

The truth is that Wallace Fitserti works for DarkNight. He has been an undercover agent for them for several years. Recently he has find some information about the Core and the existence of a SLA base guarding it's lair somewhere near industrial complex NZ-12 / 126-TT. Thinking that this information could be useful for DN he sent them to his superior. The answer was quite surprising: he was order to find the base, event if it could blow his cover. It seemed that DN had more information on the Core than him, except for the supposed location of the base. He was given a radio beacon he 'd have to activate when the base is found. The best way for Fitserti was to go to industrial complex NZ-12 / 126-TT for a media mission, so he manage to convince his WDC boss that there was an interesting documentary to do there. He was given a team, funds and to issue a BPN to find a squad of op to protect his team. Knowing that he'll have to work with a squad he created the false grey BPN to manipulate them into helping him find the base. He has wait until they arrive in the complex to reveal his false BPN only to be sure that the ops won't be able to verify if the BPN is valid. With the help of a squad of ops believing they're working for IA he thinks he'll find quickly the Core lair.

Industrial Complex NZ-12 / 126-TT:

This industrial complex is stuck in the southern zone of Mort, surrounded by the toxic, blackened ice of the polar cap. The complex is has large as a Mort city sector. It's mainly composed of plants, with some administrative buildings and big housing buildings. Nowadays about half the population is unemployed and live in a part of the complex that is as sordid as downtown. The proportion of Wraith Raiders is quite important in the complex, and there isn't a lot of Ebon and Brain Waster. Almost half of the heads of the various departments in the complex are Wraith Raiders. There are very few operatives squads working there, there is 3 Shiver stations, 1 SCAF unit but no dispersal unit. There is some gang activity and a small DN presence. The local DN cell's main activity is black market, including drugs and prostitution. They don't do terrorism and subversion; there's nothing worth it in the complex. Several centuries ago the main activity of the complex was mining and ore processing, but there isn't any ore left. Now the main industry of the complex is processing the ice to extract various toxic products that can be used by industries in other parts of Mort. There's also a food industry run by a subsidiary of Karma, growing all kind of food (even meat is grown in tanks). There is also a Wraith Raider run subsidiary specialized in living food.

Finding the camp:

All that Fitserti knows about the base he's looking for is that it's located somewhere within 100 km of the complex. It's seems obvious that the base get it's supplies from the complex. All that the team has to do is find from where the supply are sent and then follow the supply vehicles to the base. During their investigations the operatives are risking run the risk of attracting the attention of the authorities or of one of the local gangs. The human gangs are not as violent as those of Mort and can more easily be impressed by headstrong operatives. On the other hand there are gangs of young Wraith Raiders that can be quite dangerous, because they act more like packs of wild animal than anything else. They are very protective of their 'hunting grounds', and like to hunt humans. There's a group of 3 IA agents working undercover in the administration of the complex. Their mission is to keep a eye on all activities linked to the Core base. If those agents spot the operatives they'll try to make the shivers arrest them. Those 3 agents where not send there because they were brilliant (quite the opposite), so they won't be as effective as other IA agent could be.

The camp:

The squad will find the so-called Soft Company secret base around a crater on a huge blackened glacier. The first time they see it will be nearly a kilometer away. The base is made of half a dozen blockhouse, several watchtowers and electrified fences. When they come in sight of the base the characters will see soldiers in blue-gray armors, 6 armored snow vehicles and 2 heavy combat helicopters. The operatives won't be able to identify all the equipment they can see, but what they can recognize is clearly made in SLA. While they are watching the base Wallace Fitserti will activate his beacon without being seen.

If the operatives begin to have doubt about the mission, Fitserti will play along this line, trying to look as confuse as the squad. Several minutes will pass after Fitserti has activated the beacon. If the squad choose to try to contact the base, they won't be able to find the good frequency, but they'll get noticed. If they want to go near the base they'll get noticed too. An armored vehicle will leave the base and come their way, but without trying to communicate. But before the vehicle can reach them ten heavy helicopters will come out of the clouds and drop soldiers in the camp. So begins the DarkNight attack on the base. With a successful roll of detect and Rival Company the operatives will identify the helicopters as being DarkNight vehicles.

The battle:

I leave the exact nature and number of the DN and SLA troops to every GM. I see it as very violent, with the use of war-world grade weapons (but no weapon of mass destruction). When the battle begins Fitserti will try to eliminate his team and the squad. If the operatives want to join the fray they'll have to do it carefully if they want to avoid being shoot by SLA troops. After several minutes of violent combat, the Core will emerge from its lair with a mighty roar and begin moving through the troops of both side with a deadly efficiency. He will try to get away from the camp. Even if both sides will try to stop and capture it, they will hinder each other, and the Core will succeed in its escape (unless the players are very, very clever).

The battle finally ends when the very few DN surviving troop make their escape in the last helicopter. There are few survivors among the SLA troops, and the operatives will have to explain their presence to the officer of highest rank (Lt. Andrew McCollins, Frother, Death squad SCL 5A, coming out of UV Blaze and still kicking). McCollins will make it perfectly cleat that the operatives are responsible for a seriously fucked up situation. But for the time being the most important thing to do is to find where the Core is and what it's doing. Of course the Core is heading toward the industrial complex NZ-12 / 126-TT.

Stopping the Core:

I lazily leave this part of the BPN to the imagination of every GM. I think that every GM will have a different idea on how to run this monster hunt, and on how it might end. While running the hunt keep in mind that John has based the Core on the Incredible Hulk. The industrial complex NZ-12 / 126-TT will, more than likely, be heavily damaged, and the Core will have the opportunity to had a lot of interesting peoples to his body.

What I'm sure of is that when all is finish, the operatives will have to answers to a lot of questions from Cloak Division. Their SCL is more likely to drop than to rise. This is not a happy ended BPN, but it can open the way to other BPN inclosing the Core.