We're not on Mort anymore Toto

By Troy Wells

Colour Designation: Green
Minimum SCL: 9
Training Package Recommended: Scout and any others
Consolidated Pay: 100c per Operative
Contact: Mr. Cykris 573-906-2033
Coverage: 3rd Eye News
Summary: Operatives will be headed off world to do some guard duty for some scientists on a newly discovered planet that SLA Industries would like to...see if any natural resources can be harvested. While on planet, the Operatives will meet up with some of the natural wildlife and bright sunlight, a change from the rainy streets of Mort.

The Briefing

Ah the BPN Hall..."One long wait in a BPN Hall line up..." After receiving the BPN, the Team will contact Mr. Cykris at the Dept of Expedition. Mr. Cykris is a mouse of a man, meek yet very excitable. A meeting is set.

The Team meets at the Dept of Expedition building. Up at Mr. Cykris's office the Team is stopped by Ms Wilcox the Secretary. She informs the team that Mr. Cykris is running late with a prior meeting that can't be helped and to just have a seat. While the team waits, 3 other teams arrive w/in the hour asking for Mr. Cykris.

Team 1 Seven Deadly Sins: Seven Brain Wasters ea. Named after one of the seven deadly sins. 2 scouts, 2-death squad and 3 kick murder Team Leader: Wrath

Team 2 KHAOS (Killers Helping Assholes off the Streets): 3 scouts (Frother, Human, and WraithRaider), 2 death (Ebon and Stormer) and 2 kick murder (BrainWaster and Frother). Team Leader: Wyrms (Brain Waster)

Team 3 Ground Zero: 1 scout (Shaktar) 4 Death Squad (2 Shaktar and 2 Stormers) Team Leader Mal'Karesh

All the teams sit around the office waiting for an additional 15 minutes before Mr. Cykris exits his office followed by 3 members of Cloak. After seeing the 3 members out, Mr. Cykris, who looks a bit under the weather, welcomes all 4 teams, and invites them into his conference room, as to be able to seat all members of the 4 teams. Mr. Cykris answers no questions until everyone is seated.

"Well, (cough cough) I am sure you are all curious why there are 4 teams in the office for the same BPN? Oh yes, it is for the same BPN, as a matter of fact, you 4 teams are the last of about 15 I have briefed just today!"

"This is an off world expedition BPN. I will start by welcoming to the team. We are all very excited here at the Dept of Expedition. A month ago one of our survey ships discovered a new system for exploration, and within this system we found a planet that contains life! Again, we are all very excited here. Well as the rules in our business states, we had to contact SLA to come and take a look before we landed. SLA sent a Military ship to investigate and came back with a green light for us to begin our work.

"You see, we believe Kitan, that's what we've named it, is rich in resources! So we need to send teams to the Four Corners of this planet and search the landscape for natural resources, catalogue anything useful then SLA will come and set up shop! Now, as you know, there are 30 teams going to this planet, and your jobs are as follows... Guard and escort duty to each survey team sent."

(Members of KHAOS, SDS and Ground Zero all moan in displeasure)

"Let me finish before you are consumed with this moaning thing you are all doing. The planet has no sentient life, however, there is plenty of strange Flora and Fauna to catalogue."

Rex 391 (Ground Zero Stormer) " Wuts flora and fauna?"

Mal 'Karesh " Plant and animal life Rex"

Mr. Cykris continues " Yes yes! New life! Wild animals! Birds! Lizards! Mammals! All have been briefly seen by SLA Military personnel that landed earlier this month."

"Now, you will be planet side for 1 month while the survey teams go about doing what they need to do, its all technical really. Anyways, you'll accompany them on their ventures, help out when needed, but you are there to protect them, the data and samples they collect.

Now, lets talk pay and why we have been authorized to send 4 SCL 9 teams on a mission clearly meant for lower SCLs. Pay is 100 credits a day while on planet. We have set up a bonus plan for any team that is involved in a discovery that SLA Industries can use. Example would be a new alloy that Karma could use for implants. Well...a small Sponsorship might be thrown your way from a distributor of Karma implants...Like Al's Chop Shop, who carry's only the finest in Karma implants would sponsor you. Do to your SCL we couldn't arrange a Karma Sponsorship you see, but you get the picture...you will be rewarded for working with your Team. Cash bonuses will also be handed out at the end of this Survey trip to the top 3 teams that came back with the most useful data."

"I do understand that you 4 teams will be the underdogs, but like this mission to a new planet, you are all fresh! You're not as jaded as the other teams and I have every bit of confidence in you here that I am sure that I will be hearing great things about you in the next month"

Wyrms says, "We're babysitting scientists, and the reason SLA authorized 4 teams of SCL 9 is because of the money they will save, and the places we are going, its not expected that we will find anything, or see anything of any interest right?"

Mr. Cykris looks a ghast, " Of course not! Every inch of this planet is new and exciting! It is true that we are saving some money by having some lower SCL teams join us and yes, the areas that are left on the survey map are light on our ore scans, but you are there to discover new things!"

"Well, I think we have covered everything we will cover at this briefing. A full brief will be given to you on board the Fold Ship Phemphyre in two days, which is your departure. You have until then to get everything you need in order. Any questions?"

A Frother from Khaos, Auntie Scrott (scout) asks, " can we bring any snacky foods?"

Several chuckles follow as the answer is given...yes.

The Departure

The team meets up at the shuttle that will take them to the foldship Phemphyre. The Team leader is asked by a "Suit" to register his/her team. A few minutes later the same suit announces that the last shuttle is now boarding.

A short ride on a shuttle later...

The Team debarks from the shuttle onto the deck of the Phemphyre where the team leader is given a letter with a second briefing and a note to please head to stateroom C-30 to prepare for the fold. The "air" of the ship is filled with excitement.

Briefing part II

The _________________(Team Name) have been assigned to Expedition Team Charlie 9. You report directly to Dr Paul Esker.
The area of land you will be assigned to is a desert region. Additional supplies have been added to you're current supplies.
Now even though now sentient Life resides on the planet, a semi-advanced race once did. We believe they died out do to war, more so, biological weapons.
We have found no trace of the contagion but each team will be supplied with an atmosphere scanner to be safe.
We are going to this planet to see what useful tech we can find. Stay alert and protect Expedition Team Charlie 9. You will report immediately to shuttle 7 one hour after the Fold Ship arrives at the planet.

"One short ride on a fold ship later..."

The team meets up at the shuttle where they meet their wards for the next month.
Dr Paul Esker SCL 7 (middle aged human male)
Dr Margaret Weiser SCL 8 ( Mid 30's human female)
Dr Janet Sood SCL 8.5 (Mid 30's human female)
David Gerig SCL 9 (General fixit man) (mid 20's human male)
Autumn SCL 9 (Pilot) (Mid 20's ebon female)
(There are 12 SCL 11 (students) that are interning with the 3 doctors...they are expendable :) Names are: Jason, Owen, Mark, Sean, David, Kevin, Kenny, Erin, Jeff, Troy, Bob, and Nick)

All are friendly individuals, all quite excited about this little adventure. The players get the feeling these people, save for David Gerig and Autumn who are SLAOps, don't get out much.

People board and the ride down to the planet is quite spectacular. A beacon, which is the marker for the teams base camp is next to a large oasis. Sand Dunes aren't prevalent here in this part of the desert, its mainly packed dirt and rock, although more sand becomes prevalent about a mile out from the oasis, which then leads to hundreds of miles of sand dunes, with the occasional oasis.

An alien setting

Its hot, bright and the air smells funny, its fresh that's why. As the players have a look around they suddenly realize that the temperature here is a bit unsettling. Any Wrathraiders in the party will be miserable, but they have all been fully supplied for one month of desert survival. Base camp is now set up, and the sun is slowly sinking below the horizon. The team settles in for their first night of 30 to come...

(GM note) - SLA thought they were setting the younger groups...the SCL 9 teams in easy areas, putting the other 26 in urban areas looking for tech. Although the wild is all cute and fuzzy by most citizens of Mort, the cute and fuzzy animals of Kitan have big teeth and sharp claws. Following the BPN I will write up some of the fuzzy animals of the desert, as well as the still anticipated Slithes

A few things, that are discovered in the desert during their stay.


During the first evening, any player with a detect skill can see for them selves, 100's of little pockets of light, all over the desert. After investigating they find crystal formations.The crystals almost seem like plants, some small, fragile looking, while the "older" formations are like young tree saplings, averaging up to 3' in length. The crystals are any Colour, mostly blues and purple has been observed. Each crystal gives off its own light, and thus a form of energy. The scientists theorize that they feed off light from the sun. In the evenings when the heat of the desert disappears, the crystals give off a heat that lasts all night long. If any Ebb users come near the crystals they learn other things about the crystals...

On a d10 roll...
Odd - The crystals are flux gems...eternal burns that vary between 10 flux for the small gems, on up to 100 flux for the 3' tubes.
Even - The gems dull ebb, draining the flux from an ebb user when they are about to use an ebb skill. This is within a 10'area that the draining takes place.
As another note...the crystals, when shattered, will do one point of damage per every 5 points of flux stored within.
Dam 1 point/5 flux Pen 1 point/10 flux AD 1 point/10flux
This is a major discovery, and many samples are taken.

Spring Water

Who ever takes a drink first, player wise will discover that the water is very sweet, as if filtered through a honeycomb. Closer inspection reveals a moss that grows in the water, which after one of the interns just ups and eats a piece, discovers its very sweet. The Moss is very nutritious; one could survive on the moss and water almost permanently if needed.

Cute Fuzzy Animals

Each Day the oasis is seiged by the local population of the desert. Small fuzzy rodents seem to be the main population. Every so often a six-legged camel type animal comes up to the far side of the oasis to drink. There are insects and various lizards that make their home here as well...be descriptive if you want to add them in. Some of these may be poisonous, while some might not.

Cute Fuzzy Animals Part II

Throw some not so cute fuzzy animals with nasty teeth an claws their way, Slithes not included :)


In one of the rocky areas, there are some caverns, inside there resides large wurm type creatures that produce a silk that is more durable and strong than most alloys out in the market. What could this mean? Armor that's stronger and can take more of a beating yet could look like ordinary street clothes! The wurms also secret a saliva that disolves the silk in mere moments. They wurms are close to 6 feet in length, and have no interest in the players, even if being handled.

Uncovered a mystery

(Note Dr Sood and 4 of the interns are stayin at base camp for this expedition) On one of the days, while wandering the desert, one of the players notices a "camp" near an oasis that's in a canyon. Investigating the camp leads to the following discoveries. The camp is about 20 years old

It was almost a permanent site, the dwellings were carved into the canyon wall one of the "rooms" held several generators. There were several "labs" as well, each containing many holding tanks, where the skeletal remains of a creature still reside. The creatures were between 1'-2' in length, with a hard segmented carapis, six legs ending in whicked looking claws. The head was but a mouth of fangs, its jaw structure looking like it could rip bone as easy as it could flesh, and that looked pretty easy.

The players would also find in various areas of the camp, skeletons of those that resided here, sinse there's a shuttle half burried by sand, no one ever left this place alive. Close inspection of the skeletons will note that all but one skeleton died via loosing part of the spinal colemn near the base of the skull. The last skeleton died from a self inflicted gun shot wound to the head, the gun still in his skeletal hands is a CaF. Checking computers for knowledge net nothing, the people wiped the drives. However, in one of the foot lockers in the barracks a player will find a PDA with a single private journal entry.

We realeased more breeders into the desert about 20 miles southeast from here. A new nest should build pretty quick. My superiors will be very happy with the success of the Slithes, and the next stage of their development should show promicing results on the next target world. Their intelect is amazing and their memory, I just can't believe. Our shuttle has been sabotaged, we all think Batch Alpha are to blame.

Derek found one of the camels outside the canyon dead yesturday, so they're around, they've layed seige to us. With that, our research is done. Our theories are that with just the two Batches of Breeders, it should take a mere year or two to wipe out the continent. We haven't been able to speak with any of the other teams, but we are sure that they have completed their releases and have already left the planet.

Radio silence has made it so our own fate's are sealed, so Im leaving this one journal entry to inform those that come looking for us that our mission was a success. They have come, I can hear screaming outside. My children have come home to visit their Mother.

Ellen Winters

What company did these people work for? The common CaF suggests that they atleast came from Mort, but what company. The answer is found within the shuttle, several weapons lockers are found here, all Dark Knight weapons.

The players radios chirp for a moment as Dr Sood announces that a pyramid has been discovered, 20 miles south east of the canyon, they are entering the pryamid. This is where the transmission is cut.

GM NOTE - Dark Knight came to this world to test the Slithes out before introducing them to contested war worlds...like Mort. Sinse their tests here 20 years ago, they have had several other "tests" on other worlds, which were very successful. It wont be long before Slithes are introduced to Mort.

The Pyramid

Im sure the players make all haste towards the pyramid. It doesn't take long before the pyramid comes into view...well atleast the tip, sinse most of the pyramid is covered by sand. At the top of the pyramid is one of the land vehicles and a tent set up. One of the interns is there cataloguing various treasures...gold necklaces with varous gems, rings, tiara's, bracelets, masks, ceremonial wpns of various designs.

The intern lets the players know that Dr Sood is in one of the tombs at the bottom, but there's something that jams communications so the players will have to go down to get her. After several chambers and many long corridoors the players will meet up with Dr Sood, who is in a chamber with many writings on the walls...the other three interns are busy cleaning the walls for proper photographing.

As the players will most likely be giving Dr Sood the 3rd degree, one of the interns moves to a part of the wall that hasn't been cleaned and falls through the floor. When the players rush to look in they will see 2 things...1) the intern is laying still in a chamber below them. The intern lets the players know that he/she cant move, he/she thinks their back is broken. 2) The floor itself seems to be moving, the players can hear a chittering, almost to the point of a droning sound.

After a few moments, the intern begins to scream, the floor begins to cover him/her. (Note if they used any vision enhancements other than lowlite, they would have only seen the intern. The slites don't give off heat.) While the players are watching the intern get buried by the floor...its not a floor but slithes...one comes crawling out of the hole, leaps onto an intern, scrabbles behind the intern, bites the back of the neck, spins; ripping the back of the neck right out of the bodym, drops to the floor and attempts to hi-tail it back into the hole with a mouth full of intern. Also note that the intern in the hole, is still screaming...Slithes don't attack living beings that don't move...they cant see them if they don't move.

Now for the moment the players are safe...for the moment, this should give them a bit of time to figure a plan out, but if they begin to dither, well let a few more slithes come on up and maybe drop another intern. Don't forget the fear checks...these suckers are pretty nasty with a fear rating of 10.

Their best bet would be to run but keep an eye and a few guns on their six...if they have explosives they can seal up the hole...if they want to save the intern at the bottom, well even I wish them luck...there's over 2000 slithes in that chamber...just picture indiana jones when he looked into the room with all the snakes and substitute snakes for slithes. Any attempt to move the intern below and he/she is dead, aside from the broken back, the slithes will attack, all trying to get at that tender meat at the back of the neck. Now if they blow the hole and start running, they will have to make running rolls each round to keep a pace that's faster than the slithes, as well as whom ever has "the six" will be doin a lot of firing to keep them at bay, although an interesting piece of slithe trivia, they are severely canibalistic and with each dead slithe, 4-5 will stop to eat their fallen companion. Now sinse you'll be in combat phases, this run and fight thing will take a bit...they can rest a little after entering each new chamber if they close the door, it will take a few moments for the slithes to dig through the stone!

(GM Note - The players have run into a hybernating colony...although this room only has a small portion of the colonies population.)

Breaking the tip of the pyramid

Once the players and hopefully the Doctors and interns get out of the pyramid, they will hi-tail it to their land vehicles and take off...which will allow them to view a horrifying sight...tens of thousands of slithes erupt from the pyramid after the players...staining the brown sand black with their carapaces. Of course the vehicles will out run them, and they can get back to the shuttle in time to prep for launch.

Let them gain that sense of safety, especially when they are all on board the shuttle. However, while everyone was at the pyramid, several slithes...call it a d10 + 4, stowed away under the vehical and stowed onboard the shuttle...remember, they are intelligent creatures...some very intelligent. Among the contingent of slithes, 2 are a breeding pair, so when the slithes attack, 2 are hiding...the female laying eggs in an air shaft duct. The breeders will not attack unless discovered.

Also note this part of the fight should be hand to hand...fire arms could be somewhat dangerous here. Hoping the players survive the fight, the shuttle will dock with the fold ship...Troops are on deck to aid the players if need be, or to form a perimeter around the shuttle so no slithe gets off ship.

After a the shuttle is clear of slithes, and the egg sacks are found, the players will be taken back to mort for a debriefing with cloak, sinse these slithes were a dark knight "bio weapon". They will be paid accordingly to the bpn, with a 500/ per operative credit bonus and an additional .5 scl raise do to the major break in knowledge of the Slithe/Dark Knight connection.


Stat Min Max Norm
Str 3 7 5
Dex 9 15 12
Dia 7 13 10
Conc 6 10 8
Cha 3 7 5
Cool 9 15 12
Phys 6 11 9
Hits 9 18 14
Walk 1
Run 2.5
Sprint 4
Height 5" (2' long)
Weight 5 lbs
Claws P-2 Dam - 3 AD - 2
Bite P-4 Dam - 5* AD - 2
unarmed combat 8
run 5
detect 7
climb 5
leap/jump 8
* Spinal colemn bites do an initial 5 points of damage, and then 6 points every
action after that due to the spinning.
# attack -5 attacks per round
Blind - Slithes are totally blind, but they see using sonar and have an acute
sence of smell.
Fear Rating 10
Weakness - Polluted Water - Slites absorb water through membranes between their
carapaces. Polluted water makes them very ill and die. Thus the reason they
haven't introduced them to Mort.
Dark Knight also has a virus that when airborn will wipe out Slithes, sinse
they are partially of the same DNA stock as Stormers, Stormers will get quite
sick from this virus, which will last several days. Treat it as a severe flu.
They added this little kill switch so when they have done their job, Dark Knight
can then walk in without their Frankenstein Monster turning on them.
On average a slithe is one foot in length reaching up to 2 feet in optimum
conditions (extremely well fed)
Its height, 5 inches is nothing to scoff at considering a slithe can jump
vertically 15 feet straight up or 20 feet horrizontally. The easiest way to
get a visual would be to take the last foot or so of an Xenomorph's tail
(the aliens from Alien, Aliens etc etc) add 6 legs and a head wrapped around
a powerful jaw filled with 3 rows of sharp, serrated teeth ( much like a
shark...but smaller :)

Some Fauna to sink your teeth in to

The following list will be generic averages for Avian, Saurian or serpent,
Mammal and Insect. Don't forget to add the .3 x running skill to the sprint
Stat Small Med Large
Str 2 4 6
Dex 4 5 6
Cool 6 7 7
Phys 3 5 6
Hits 5 9 12
(Small being anywhere from Canary to dove, Med Crow and Large vulture size
or bigger)
Small Med Large
Walk .5 .75 1 (1.5 if flightless)
Run 1 1.5 2 (2.5 if flightless)
Sprint 2 3 4 (4.5 if flightless)
Skills S M L
unwinged combat 4 5 7
run/fly 2 4 5
Detect 5 6 7
Claws P- 0 Dam - 1 AD - 0
Bite P- 0 Dam - 1 AD - 0
Claws P- 1 Dam - 2 AD - 1
Bite P- 1 Dam - 3 AD - 1
Claws P- 2/*4 Dam - 3/*5 AD - 2
Bite P- 3 Dam - 4 AD - 2

Birds...they love going for the eyes...on a successful "unwinged combat"
roll, if you so choose, an eye peck will do double the listed bite damage,
so long as there is no armor shielding in the way.
On the large avians I wanted to throw in an ostrich type bird with a
"raptor" claw...the Pen and Dam under the large avian has a reg and "*".
The "*" depicts the slasher claw.

Saurian / Serpent
Stat Small Med Large
Str 1 / 2 3 / 4 5 / 6
Dex 4 / 4 5 / 6 6 / 7
Cool 4 / 5 4 / 7 5 / 9
Phys 3 / 3 4 / 5 5 / 7
Hits 4 / 5 7/ 9 10 / 13
(Small being anywhere from gheco and garden snake, Medium from iguana
and rattler snake Large kamoto dragon and anacanda size or bigger)
Small Med Large
Walk 1/1 1.5 / 1.5 1 / 1
Run 2/2 2.5/2.5 2.3 / 2.3
Sprint 4/3 3/3 3.5 / 3
Skills S M L
unarmed combat 4 5 7
run 2 4 5
Detect 4 5 6
Claws P- 0 Dam - 1 AD - 0
Bite P- 0/1 Dam - 1 / 2* AD - 0
Claws P- 1 Dam - 2 AD - 1
Bite P- 1 / 2 Dam - 3 / 3* AD - 1
Claws P- 2 Dam - 3 AD - 2
Bite P- 4 / 5 Dam - 5 / 4* AD - 2

Snakes could have a poisonous bite, thus the "*" depicted next to the
bite damage. To be quick and easy here's a quick poison damage formulae
(Snakes Phys / 2) + Snakes Str in damage each min unless a successful
Phys roll is made at a -2. Three successful rounds of checks and the
poison will stopped by the bodies immune system.


Stat Small Med Large
Str 1 5 10
Dex 7 8 9
Cool 6 7 7
Phys 4 7 12
Hits 5 12 22
(Small being anywhere from mouse to rabbit, Med German Shepard and
Large Grizzly Bear size or bigger)
Small Med Large
Walk 1 1.3 1.5
Run 2 2.3 2.5
Sprint 3 3.3 3.5
Skills S M L
unarmed combat 3 6 8
run 3 4 5
Detect 4 5 6
Claws P- 0 Dam - 1 AD - 0
Bite P- 0 Dam - 1 AD - 0
Claws P- 1 Dam - 3 AD - 1
Bite P- 2 Dam - 4 AD - 1
Claws P- 3 Dam - 7 AD - 3
Bite P- 4 Dam - 6 AD - 2

Insect - Theres one thing I really loved about the Starship Trooper
Movie, an that was the flying bugs, so here's the rulers of the desert,
aside from the slithes, but they were transplanted on planet.

Stat Drone Queen
Str 7 10
Dex 9 11
Cool 12 13
Phys 8 11
Hits 15 21
Drone Queen
Walk 1 1.3
Run 2 2.3
Sprint 3 3.3
Flight 4 4.3
Skills Drone Queen
unwinged combat 8 9
run/fly 5 6
Detect 8 8
Claws P- 6 Dam - 7 AD - 4
Bite P- 3 Dam - 5 AD - 2
Claws P- 7 Dam - 8 AD - 5
Bite P- 4 Dam - 6 AD - 3

Items of note found or to be developed from this expedition.


Manufactured by silk from giant worms found on the planet Kitan, Mal was quick to pick up the license to produce the latest in lightweight armor designs. Spun into a thin thread, the silk has proven to be stronger than many current alloys used in armor design. Sinse the armor can be fashioned to look like ordinary street clothes, this will free up much needed space for the busy SLAOps.

Although, since Silkwear is as thin as ordinary cloth, a kinetic suit must be worn underneath to protect a victim from taking the kinetic damage of a bullet. The kinetic suit is a thin jump suit filled with a thin layer of gelatin, which disperses the energy of most projectiles.

PV head torso arms legs cost
9 15 45 35 40 3000c
Note that unless the suit is penetrated, AD does not effect the suit!
Also, if the kinetic suit is not worn under the Silkwear, the wearer
will take half damage from the firearm in kinetic damage.

As far as useful tech that was found on this planet, most were up to par with that of the WoP or slightly below...in some areas there were advances, which I will add as I come up with it :).

Here's a write up on the slithes...

Slithes are the creation of Darknight scientists as a method to wipe Morts population out with minimal contact by Dark Knight Ops. The DNA used was that of the Stormer 313 but altered of course. Slithes so far have been tested on 3 worlds, all very successful except when heavy pollution and rain are involved. Scientists are still not sure what causes this defect within the DNA, but they are confident that they will solve the problem, and then tests on Mort itself will begin.

Society - Driven by an unquenchable hunger, Slithes are cannibalistic, but will only kill and eat the weak. Slithe society is very "Ant" like, in that, the Alpha Breeders will form a colony and will do nothing but produce drone after drone after drone until another breeding pair is produced, which after nurtured, are exiled from the colony to go form another.

Drones spend their time hunting for food, which their method is quite unique. Leaping at their target, which could be 10 times its own size, the Slithe will scurry to the back of the neck where it bites down at the base of the skull with its powerful jaws. Once it has a hold, it begins to spin, much like a crocidile spins to rip the meat from it's prey, falling to the ground with a mouthful of spinal colem and brain stem it will scury off back to the colony where it will share its nutrient rich take with the colony. As the Slithes pillage every living thing in the area worth eating, they will then move on to another area filled with their prized soft meat.

Slithes will also hybernate if food is not available, if the colony's territory becomes barren of food, the breeders will cease their duties to fall into a slumber while scouts will then begin the long search for a new territory to move to. While the scouts are gone, 95% of the colony will also fall into a slumber, those left behind to watch over the colony will often eat the hybernating slithe drones to keep themselves alive. The reason they are able to even "see" the hybernating slithes which aren't moving is a pheremone that Slithes give off and can target easily with their excellent sence of smell.

Life Span - If a breeder dies, the colony will die with it, the drones will not seek out other breeders, but will stay with the colony til it is the last. The average life span of a drone is 2 years, while a breeding pair will live upto 10 years and produce in excess of over 100,000 bouncing baby slithes every 6 months