Kal Psycho

By Steve Wildes

Colour Designation: Red
Minimum SCL: 10
Training Package Recommended: Any
Consolidated Pay: 1200c per Squad
Contact: Captain Blaine, Shiver HQ Sector 187
Coverage: 3rd EyE News
Summary: Three Operatives in Downtown Sector 187 have been lost in seemingly random attacks. Local gangs are suspected, but the technique of the attacks seems to exceed their level of sophistication. Investigate the Operative losses, identify the guilty parties, and eliminate them.

Kal Psycho

Shiv strutted proudly down the street, the red-jacketed members of KAL strung out behind him. His black boots splashed heavily in the puddles of grimy water pooled up on the sidewalk, and more heavy, wet drops splashed down from the eaves of the crumbling buildings above. People scattered like crazy when they saw the gangers approaching, afraid that they might be the next to get beat down or shot by the hard boys of the KAL. Damn it was sweet to be a Killer At Large.

One old bum was not quick enough. He was sprawled across the sidewalk right ahead of Shiv and his boys, half-sitting against the worn bricks of an apartment building. The old bastard's face was covered with sores and scabs, and the grimy fingers of one hand were wrapped around a plastic bottle of antifreeze, with a dirty piece of rag stretched over the top by a piece of wire. The old bum looked slowly up at Shiv, trying hard to focus on the face of the young gang-banger.

Shiv slowed to a stop in front of the old geezer, and kicked the bottle over. It rolled into the gutter, already empty. The gang leader drew his booted foot back to deliver a smashing kick to the face of the bum, the voices of his cronies starting to rise in excitement, when something bright in the midst of the mud and filth on the bum's clothes caught his eye. Shiv couldn't help but look...

The ganger suddenly felt a quiver of excitement run through his body, like an explosion of fire in his shaved skull. He grunted with pain and pleasure, and suddenly turned back to the gang gathered behind him.

"Listen Up!" Shiv roared. "Tito, Mikey, Chazz and Skank stay here and keep an eye on shit. Gringe and Davy, come with me. I got an idea for something fun." With that he pushed open the ragged front door of the apartment building, followed by the two hulking, pimple-faced KAL boys. The old bum managed to roll over onto hands and knees, and quickly crawled around the corner of the building, disappearing into the rain-soaked alley beyond.

Shaking like a live wire, the gang leader lead his boys into the dark interior of the apartment building lobby. Stepping over trash and debris, the three men tromped past a busted elevator, and up a stairway that smelled like piss. Gringe and Davy stopped for a moment to kick a crumpled-up bum down the stairs, extinguishing his feeble cries with the soles of their black jack boots. Entertainment done, they ran up the stairs after Shiv, chuckling and high-fiving.

As they approached the third floor landing, Shiv suddenly turned on his two laughing followers. "Now shut the fuck up and be quiet! We need to creep from here."

Davy and Gringe both drew back a bit at Shivs' vehemence. Their leaders' eyes stood out from the shadows cloaking his face like two white saucers, crisscrossed by fine red lines that almost seemed to pulsate in time to the pounding of his heartbeat.

They eased into the third floor hall, their steps muffled by threadbare carpet. One or two flickering bulbs lit the hall, but Shiv didn't need to see. He just walked until it was time to turn. Before them was a reinforced door, with a backlit number pad mounted square in the middle.

Davy shifted uneasily. "Damn Shiv, what sort of fucker can afford to have a door like that installed around here?"

Shiv ignored him. He just reached forward and pressed one-eight-seven-six-four-four-three. The green pad darkened for a moment, and the door opened with a soft 'snick'.

The KAL boys crept into the apartment as quietly as possible, aided by thick carpet. It was a one bedroom flat, with a table on one wall that held a new-looking teevee and a laptop computer. A suit of pretty expensive-looking powered armor was in pieces on the small leather couch, along with a trench coat. The other side of the room featured a little kitchenette, with a small fridge and a nuker. Straight ahead was the door to the bedroom, which was partially ajar. Soft moans and the rustle of sheets came from behind the door.

Shiv felt his excitement reach a fever pitch, and he pulled the short mass of his sawed-off shotgun from underneath his red synth- leather jacket. Davy and Gringe were dancing from foot to foot, looking both excited and afraid, as Shiv moved to the door.

He threw the door wide with one hand, stepping into the semi-darkness with his shotgun raised. The middle of the small bedroom was filled by a double bed, which was occupied by a tough-looking man who was atop a writhing woman. The man turned his head at the sound of the door being kicked open, and his eyes widened as he saw Shiv standing there, shotgun raised.

There was a huge BLA pistol on the nightstand, along with a mobile phone and a wallet. The dude went for it.

Shiv was surprised by the greasy quickness with which the dude lunged for his gun. He already had the pistol in hand and out of it's holster when Shiv fired his shotgun. The sizzling pellets blasted the man's face into hamburger meat, sending a spray of blood and brains onto the wall above the headboard of the bed, and the woman still underneath him.

She screamed, pushing the dead weight of the dude off with flailing legs and arms. The sheets flew off as well, and Shiv idly noted that she was a tight-looking little package.

"Shut up bitch" he said, pointing his shotgun at her. Her screams faded into a terrified babble of pleas for mercy, but Shiv just turned away, going back into the main room. He felt the elation of the kill starting to fade, and as his bloodlust subsided, his material instincts kicked in. Time to check out the stuff in the living room. There was something that he needed to pick up in there...

Behind him, the woman's screams began again as Gringe and Davie went to work.

Colour Designation: Red
Minimum SCL: 10
Training Package Recommended: Any
Consolidated Pay: 1200c per Squad
Contact: Captain Blaine, Shiver HQ Sector 187
Coverage: 3rd EyE News
Summary: Three Operatives in Downtown Sector 187 have been lost in seemingly random attacks. Local gangs are suspected, but the technique of the attacks seems to exceed their level of sophistication. Investigate the Operative losses, identify the guilty parties, and eliminate them.

The Setting:

Some weeks ago, the leader of a nasty little gang called KAL (Killers At Large) had the bad luck to stumble across a Dark Night Operative looking for creative ways to create havoc in Downtown Sector 187. Specifically, he was looking for ways to strike at some of the Operatives housed in that Sector, without exposing himself to confrontation.

He seized the leader of the gang, a nineteen year-old punk named "Shiv", and implanted an internal drug dispenser and transceiver in the gangers' abdomen. When triggered by the Dark Night Operative, the dispenser pumps a drug similar to Rush into Shiv's system, but it has additional psychotropic effects. When Shiv is under the effect of the drug, and sees certain visible cues, he is extremely receptive to subconscious suggestion, provided by a low-frequency audio output from the drug dispenser. The audio transceiver also allows the DN Operative to keep tabs on what Shiv is doing.

Basically, Shiv us all but under "remote control" by the Dark Night Operative. In effect, the Operative has obtained a mobile hit squad, that he uses to eliminate targets identified by his own investigation and spying. Once the target is identified, and information gathered, he triggers Shiv to take KAL into the area, then guides Shiv through obstacles so that he and his boys can kill the target.

Thus, KAL has continued it's normal activities, but periodically strikes a blow against SLA Industries Operatives for Dark Night. KAL generally avoids the Shiver Patrols in the Sector, and is not in the habit of mixing it up with others gangs. Instead, they rigorously patrol "their turf", seldom leaving it.

So far, the Shivers have not connected KAL with the murders of the Operatives, but that can't last much longer. People have seen them in the area when the murders occur, and eventually someone will talk. Fortunately for KAL the Commander of the Shiver Outpost for Sector 187, Captain Blaine, is hated by the populace, so no one has given them away yet.

The Dark Knight Operative knows that the situation won't last forever, but he will use KAL until they can't be used anymore.

The Details:

Sector 187 is a typical Downtown Sector, filled with grime and hopelessness, with never-ending rain and crumbling infrastructure thrown in for good measure. Of course about 90% of the populace is unemployed, sitting around in their ratty tenements watching teevee, and waiting for their paste ration. The rest are gang members, scroungers, bums and a few people who ride the Gauss Train to work at factories in the 'burbs. Plus the odd Shiver and Operative.

There are a couple of seedy bars, and several clubs set up exclusively for those who have a few Unis to spare for a drug habit. Crosstown Traffic is present in the sector, along with several smaller gangs, like KAL, the Skull Rapers and the Scab Squad.

KAL hangs out in a abandoned building near "The Meatshop" a drug and sex bar. Shiv has thought about trying to force "The Meatshop" into paying protection, but the owner already has a deal with Crosstown Traffic, plus he and his bouncers are tough customers in their own right.

Like most gangs, KAL tends to sleep through most of the day. They emerge in the late afternoon to raise hell, party, and scrape a living off the streets by beating, robbing and intimidating anyone they can find. Of course "The Meatshop" is one of their favorite places to party, but they can seldom afford it more than a few days out of the month, plus traffickers are in the habit of lingering around the place. Another place they can be found is "the Black Curtain", a sprawling bar known for it's cheap drinks and attractive waitresses.

KAL actually hides out in a building that used to be a theater, built during one of the numerous "urban renewal" programs of the past. Of course it has fallen into ruin and disrepair, just like Mr. Slayer wants it to.

The scumbags and riffraff that make up 80% of the gang crash down in the main seating area, while Shiv and one or two buddies have sole ownership of the ancient balcony overlooking their peers. The rickety staircase leading up to the balcony from the lobby below is unable to support more than one adult at a time. Any more weight than one typical armored human will send it crashing down into an old cleaning supply room beneath the stair, where the overly-heavy parties will encounter a square pit full of broken glass and jagged metal, placed there by KAL.

Shiv and his boys use a rope ladder in the viewing room to go to and from the balcony. The staircase is nothing more than a crude trap.

The front lobby of the building is always occupied by four or five KAL's, who pass the time throwing darts at an old board, and looking to smash anything in the old concession stand that hasn't already been broken. During the early day, these lookouts are apt to be asleep.

Like most KAL members, these lookouts are armed with an assortment of cheap pistols, clubs and knives. One of them will have either a FEN 603 or SLA 10-10 shotgun. They are un-armored.

The back entrance to the theater opens onto a garbage-filled alley, which leads to larger streets both ways. The alley is filled with feces, trash, rubble, and the remnants of a few dead bodies. The occasional body tossed into the alley usually disappears quickly. Only scattered bones remain. The back entrance itself is a reinforced metal door, barred but not locked. Sometimes at night one or two KAL's will sit quietly in the darkened hall leading to the door, or will bring a "date" there that they don't want to take into the main area of the theater.

Depending on the time of day, there will be anywhere from eight to twenty KAL's lounging around in the theater auditorium, sleeping, gambling or just "hanging-out". KAL is primarily a male gang, but there are one or two skanks and hangers-on that live in the theater to give the Killers At Large the love and attention they deserve. If it is after about 3pm, Shiv and some of his favorite boys will be out and about, stirring up trouble, ripping off stuff for the gang, and possibly making a hit for the Dark Knight operative.

Most of the KAL's are armed with a pistol or cheap shotgun, a crowbar or club, plus a knife. Shiv has recently acquired a BLA Blitzer pistol, plus he has an old double-barreled shotgun. Additionally, he has a suit of PV8 Powered Armor, but he doesn't wear it around.

There is assorted loot up in the balcony, which has been carried up through the use of a primitive winch and some rope. There are several teevees, some small appliances, and a laptop computer. Physically the computer is pristine, but it has been wiped of any software, and needs to be re-loaded to be useful. A player with computer skill would recognize that someone "Mem-Raped" the computer, basically dumping all the data from the hard drive onto another machine, while simultaneously erasing it.

There is a rickety trapdoor in the ceiling over the balcony, but none of the KAL has ever used a ladder to try to climb up to it. Close inspection will show that the trapdoor has been opened in the recent past, probably from the outside.

The storyline:

At the time squad receives the BPN, three operatives have been killed in seemingly unrelated attacks. The first two murders were over a week ago, and the crime scenes have been cleaned up, but the Murder of Operative "Frost" an I&I Operative who was assembling data on soft company dumping of cash and weapons to Mort Gangs, is more recent. The squad should be able to visit the apartment if they want, and see that the armored door with it's lock was defeated. It should be evident to the squad that a lot of technical expertise would have been needed, or the attackers would have needed the six digit access code.

Within three days two more operatives will be killed by KAL, unless the squad can stop them.

To completely succeed, the squad needs to do three things.

  1. Figure out that KAL knocked off the operatives, and take them down. This should prove relatively easy to do, as there are several people in the Sector who are aware that KAL is behind these killings. The fight to take KAL out might be easy or hard, depending on the composition of the squad, but there is more going of course, than just a squad of 'bangers that happened to kill some ops. Anyone in the squad that has any forensics skill, or is street smart enough to know the MO of most gangs, will realize that each of the killings has one or two details that is beyond the normal scope of small time gangers. If the squad determines that KAL is responsible, and eliminates at least Shiv, this objective should be considered complete.
  2. Investigate how KAL was able to defeat the security measures of their victims. (Directly related to #3). In two of the murders, KAL managed to defeat, evade, or slip past security measures that should have alerted the operatives. In the other, it seems as though they were lying in wait for the Operative. The squad must determine how KAL did it. If the squad manages to determine that outside control was used to guide KAL through their attacks, this objective should be considered complete.
  3. Uncover the Dark Night Operative behind the attacks. If the squad tails KAL during either of the upcoming "hits" on SLA Operatives, they may be able to observe that Shiv passes near an old bum. Truly observant and/or lucky operatives may even spot the bright pin sewn onto the front of the bums shirt. The Dark Night Operative is nearby, coordinating Shivs' attack through the implant, making sure that the job gets done properly. The old bum is another of the Operatives' pawns, but not quite as valuable as Shiv. So far the Operative has killed three SLA Operatives and stolen valuable data from the laptop of Operative Frost. That data has given him the key to striking at two more SLA Operatives involved in an investigation of soft companies dumping arms, cash and drugs into certain gangs to attack SLA Industries. The Operative (referred to as "Controller" for the rest of the BPN) will drive home his attacks, hoping to glean more information that will enable him to strike at SLA. If Controller believes that he has been detected, he will first try to quickly eliminate the Squad, through use of KAL and his own weapons. If the first attempt fails, he will run, and set up shop elsewhere. To fully succeed in the BPN, the Squad must at least figure out that Controller exists. Forensic evidence from Shiv should give some clue that there is an outside influence, and of course the mysterious ease with which KAL got through security to kill the three victims is a glaring hint. If the squad manages to discover "Controller", kill the Operative, or better still, take him under observation until he makes contact with other DN Employees, they can be considered to have met this objective.

The squad receives the BPN through Slayer's Crib, or (not likely for SCL's so low) their agent. Events proceed on the following timeline.

Day One - Until four hours after receipt of the BPN, the squad can gain access to Operative Frosts' Apartment in Sector 187. Forensics analysis has already been completed, and no evidence remains other than bloodstains and the undamaged door.

Getting further information would necessitate a visit to the Shiver Outpost, under the command of Captain Blaine. If the squad shows up to request information on the crime, Captain Blaine himself will show up to discuss the situation. Blaine makes a point of being personally involved any time a murder involves someone other than an SCL11 civilian. He understands that it is murders of higher SCL's that will give him a feel for what is going on in Sector 187. Plus, he doesn't give a damn about the civilians, and doesn't hide the fact.

Blaine basically outlines the crime: Operative Frost was killed by a shotgun blast to the face, from approximately three meters. His companion, a cocktail waitress at "The Black Curtain", was sexually assaulted by two or more individuals, then stabbed to death. A computer, teevee, powered armor and a couple of firearms were stolen.

There was no sign of forced entry, and only one shot was fired.

Captain Blaine was Operative Frost's point of contact for a long-term BPN he was working on, but if the Squad asks about it, he will just say: "Sorry, your SCL is too low."

The other murder victims were:

Operative Chan, a human Kick-Murder op working the same BPN as Frost. Chan was doing observation work on a suspected Soft Company Operative, when he was suddenly caught in a blaze of small arms fire from an alleyway. Chan was intent on following his subject, and was caught totally off guard. He went down after one or two seconds, having only fired one or two shots from his FEN 603 back at his attackers. His body was stripped down and dumped naked in the gutter.

(Chan was following Controller's old bum, following up on a tip Frost uncovered that the bum had been present when Operative Sh'Ter was taken down. Frost thought that there might be connections between the soft company activities and the death of the Operative. He was right.)

Operative Sh'Ter, a Shaktar Death Squad op working a BPN to carry out a Death Warrant on a Sector 187 resident who has expressed dissatisfaction with SLA Industries. Saying such things is nothing out of the ordinary, but saying it in the earshot of a high-level SLA Operative who was undercover in the Sector on a BPN was a bad move.

Sh'Ter received the BPN, then headed down to 187 immediately to carry it out. He figured he would hop a gauss train, and be back to Slayer's Crib in time to get a second BPN for the day. He was setting up a spot atop a building to snipe the subject of the Death Warrant , when he came under fire from close range. Always consistent, Sh'ter had set up security devices in a loose perimeter around his chosen spot, and dialed in the range to several nearby spots from which he could possibly be taken under fire. Despite his precautions, at least a half dozen assailants managed to get through his screen, and blast him where he lay, waiting for the shot.

(Sh'Ter set up in a spot overlooking "The Meatshop", which was perilously close to both KAL's place, and Controllers' lair. Controller observed the Operative setting up, and decided that this would be a prime opportunity to test his newly-acquired pawn, Shiv. KAL was just getting up to head out to "The Meatshop", and Controller spiked Shiv, just as he spotted the old bum would be passed out on a bench across the street from the building Sh'Ter was set up on. With Guidance from Controller, who was directly observing from a spot nearby, Shiv and his boys got close and nailed the SLA Operative.)

Another hit will occur around midnight. Shiv and the rest of KAL have been planning to kill a ex-ganger named "Wedgie" for weeks. Wedgie is a little slimy weasel of a man, who stays down in a warren of ancient, shattered sewage pipes near some broken-down factories. He used to be a member of another gang, the "Skull Rapers", but was kicked out for making a deal with Shivers to be a "tongue". His flapping mouth got several Skull Rapers and KALs caught last month. Now KAL has gotten a tip about where he stays, and they plan to beat him to death.

(Controller found out that Wedgie lives near a warehouse which currently houses a SLA Operative named Crash. Crash is a Frother Kick-Murder Operative who likes to slum, and indulge his taste for the hardest drugs that can be found. Crash rides a souped-up trike from place to place, and has managed to pull off some pretty rough BPNs in the nastier sections of Downtown. The old warehouse is rigged with some relatively difficult security measures, but Controller, in his typical thorough fashion, has obtained the original blueprints of the warehouse (hundreds of years old) and has discovered a point of entry through a sewage drain. He intends to set up his bum in one of the pipes so that Shiv and his boys will spot him after killing Wedgie. Shiv will "notice" that there is something interesting farther up the pipe, and find an old electrical access up into the bottom floor of the warehouse. Barring intervention from the squad, KAL will find Crash passed out on his couch, and will easily eliminate him.)

Day Two - Another Operative dead. At this point the players should begin to feel a little pressure. They have only been on the job 24 hours, but they have to know (or at least imagine) that if they don't perform, dire consequences could befall them.

Imagine some fellows from Cloak showing up: "So tell us again why the murders actually accelerated once you got on the job? Was it perhaps because you were right in the Sector, and didn't have to worry about travel time before you bumped off the next operative your Soft Company employer ordered you to? "BLAM!"

KAL will basically lay low for the day, going through the loot that they snagged at Crash's place. Towards midnight or so, Shiv and a couple of boys will head to "Hard Harry's Hardware: SLA Approved Contractor" to try to sell off a couple of the firearms they picked up, and to buy some ammo (mostly standard shotgun and 10 mm stuff). Hard Harry will help them fence their goods, and sell them ammo at a nicely-inflated price.

Afterwards they will return to their hideout, and party the night away with Crash's drugs.

This is a good day for the squad to put the puzzle together, and gather info. If they are really working the streets though, it is possible that Controller might pick up the fact that they are investigating. Most likely he would just try to observe them a bit, but if he starts to think that they are going to follow the trail to him, then KAL might be out on the streets, looking for the squad.

Another scenario would include Controller learning of the squad, and making Shiv aware that they are coming, so that KAL can prepare an ambush. The logistics of this would be difficult though. All that Controller can do without showing Shiv the visible cue would be to get the young ganger hopped-up. It might be possible that Controller would "drop in" through the hatchway in the ceiling, trying to covertly put the visual cue somewhere that Shiv would see it. This would be most interesting if the timing coincided with the squad making a strike on the KAL hideout.

Day Three - The squad must at least succeed in taking KAL down today, whether it be before, or after they carry out their fifth hit for Dark Night. Come up with your own consequences, but make it stick.

The players will be brought in direct conflict with Shiv and KAL today whether or not they have pieced things together. Whatever happens, if Controller didn't hear about the players being assigned to the BPN yesterday, he will find out about it today. From here forward, things might get dangerous.

At about nine o'clock Shiv and seven or eight KALs' will be making their regular rounds. Around 10 P.M. they will stumble across an old bum, picking through a trash bin against the side of the "Cheap Sleep Hotel" (run-down hotel across the street from the Gauss Train Station). At this point Controller will kick the drugs, and Shiv should spot the visual cue. Shiv will slap the old bum once for kicks, making the old fellow drop a key.

The key is to the door of room #116, on the fourth floor of the hotel. That room is currently occupied by Linnea, a human Kick-Murder Operative. Linnea is working a BPN that requires her to insert herself into a gang in Sector 195, so she has set up shop here to pick up the lay of the land, and to learn what she can about the gangs in that Sector, without being likely that they will have heard of her when she makes her appearance.

Shiv and his boys will go up the fire escape in the alley behind the hotel. Controller was kind enough to ensure that it would be down. Linnea has done very little as far as security goes, except for having brought a pneumatic door bar to add to the pitiful lock on the hotel door. The bar, which is a half-inch steel bar with a hydraulic attachment that extends until either end is rooted in the wall to each side of the door, will present a problem. Controller has no knowledge of it, so Shiv and his boys will have to blast the door to pieces, or do enough damage to the door frame that the bar falls out.

This violent, loud entry is way beyond what KAL would normally do, especially in an area patrolled by Shivers, as the area around the train station is. But Shiv will be too hopped up to stop, and will make his boys stay as well, detailing two of them to watch the elevator, with guns ready, and one to watch the stairs. The other two, probably Gringe and Davie (they are the biggest guys in the gang) will stay with Shiv, and try to pound/shoot in the door.

Through all this, Linnea will not be idle. She is armed with a FEN 603, and will blast away at the gangers through the door (which will actually assist them to some degree). Based on the volume of gunfire, an emergency BPN will be issued on Station Analysis, rather than Shivers responding. It might take a while for the BPN to be answered though, as the already-scarce Operative count in the Sector is low, and few SLA ops happen to be in the Sectors immediately around 187.

It is more than likely that the player squad will be the closest group of Operatives when the emergency BPN is issued. The BPN is:

Colour Designation: Red
Minimum SCL: 10
Training Package Recommended: Any
Consolidated Pay: 225c per Operative
Contact: None/Local Shiver units for cleanup only
Coverage: Station Analysis
Summary: Station Analysis reports major gun battle at Cheap Sleep Hotel, Sector 187. Investigate source of gunfire, and eliminate with extreme prejudice any subjects engaging in unauthorized use of firearms.

This is an opportunity for the players to encounter the old bum, who is fleeing the sounds of gunfire, along with several other people on the street near the hotel and train station. Extremely observant operatives may detect the presence of Controller, who is on a rooftop nearby, directing Shiv. Controller will probably spot the squad, and will tip Shiv off. Whatever route the squad takes to get up to room #116, they will be met by gunfire from KAL.

Once the gangers get through the door to Linnea, it shouldn't take too long for her to go down. Shiv, amped up as though he is on Rush, will be fine, but Linnea is likely to have eliminated Gringe and/or Davie.

Once the fight really gets intense, Controller will move out, going from rooftop to rooftop for a couple of blocks, then going down to street level. Depending on what he gets through the audio pickup on Shiv, Controller will either clean up his lair and move on, or quietly poke around for a few days, trying to see exactly how much the player squad was able to figure out.

Day Four + - If Controller goes to ground, only to resume his activities after a few weeks or months, the BPN cannot be considered completed (Objective #3). If that happens, then the players must continue until they uncover his hiding place, or manage to stumble across him somehow.

If Controller moves on to greener pastures, then the BPN is a success, as the problem with Operative deaths in Sector 187 will be solved (except for the normal ways that SLOPS get offed).


Shiv, Leader of Killers At Large

Human, 19 years old

Leather Jacket, Double-barreled Shotgun, BLA Blitzer, PV-8 Powered Armor (wears from Day 3 on).

Implanted with special biomedical unit that injects special drug (treat as Rush for combat purposes) upon radio command, has integral radio receiver/transmitter, audio pickup and subsonic speaker for subliminal commands.

Gringe & Davie

Humans, 18 years old

(Each)Leather Jacket, generic pistols (Pen-3 Dam-4), FEN 603 (after visit to Hard Harry's on Day two), knife.

Killers At Large (21)

All Human, between ages 15 and 22

Four have FEN 603, Knife

Three have Double-Barrel Shotgun, Knife

Fourteen have generic pistols, Knife


Human DarkNight Operative

SLA-Equivalent SCL - 8B

Weapons - Depending on Squad Strength

Armor - Also Depends on Squad Strength