The Great Hunt

By Simon de Vries

Colour Designation: Green
Minimum SCL: 9
Training Package Recommended: scout/any
Consolidated Pay: 200c per Operative
Contact: Mr. Adley, Dept. of Recreation and Entertainment
Coverage: 3rd Eye News
Summary: Protect and guide hunting party on the world Daina.

The meaning of the BPN.

Your squad will be send to the world called Daina where you will meet civilians that have the money and experience in hunting. (That could mean none at all, that is up to the GM to decide. It could be very fun for the players to find out that the Party members do not know how to use a rifle, in the middle of a hunt) You will have to make sure that your group of civilians survives the trip in the wilderness. A trip could mean one day but it is more likely that your squad will be there a couple of day’s maybe even a few weeks. The squad has to make sure the party has enough to eat. (This could also include the shot animals but the players have to find that out for them selves. Even in a car there won’t be food forever). Enough to drink and safe places to sleep. It is up to the wishes of the costumer to decide whether there will be a car with them or that they will be walking through the jungle. (Also keep in mind that it is the meaning of the Party to hunt and not of the squad. It is not the meaning that your squad starts shooing at animals when they get aggressive. But then again it is bad commercial to let a Party member get hurt, bad for SLA I mean and so it is bad for the one responsible. Only when an animal is a direct threat to a Party member they can kill it.)

How this came to be:

In an attempt to explore another unknown part of the universe in search of, mainly, resource worlds and labour worlds came across a little planet now called Daina. (Daina is about as big as the Earth’s moon) This little planet is in orbit near the sun, only 119 million Km removed from it. Because of its size Daina could never be an effective resource planet. (So SLA would strip it of all its resources and let it die and of course this is GM info only). This was prevented by the many incoming requests of the human and humanoid species, mainly from Mort but also from other planets, to make a place where the can hunt. SLA once again looked for a way to please its people and Terra was put under the microscope. Luckily the mining teams hadn’t settled on the planet yet and where send to other worlds. Once again SLA Industries will provide what the people want.


Daina lies at a distance of 119 million Km in orbit around the sun, because of this relative small distance the polar caps are beautiful rain forests with in the very middle of them a sea of sweet water. From the seas streams go across the whole planet, although most of them will be under-ground Rivers, even into the desert. In the middle, all around the planet, you have one big dessert. If you go up or down the planet the dessert will change into savannas and these will become rain forests. In the dessert it does never rain and the temperatures do change at night. On daytime it will be hot. On the sides of the dessert it will be about 35 degrees and in the middle it could go from 45 to 55 degrees. The whole party will need protection and maybe even cooling suits. For the Wraith Raiders there will be special adapted suits that keep the temperatures of the Wraith on a temperature a few degrees above that on Mort. A lot of the more extreme physical exercise like a lot of sprinting is a bad idea. Because it is a small planet and close to the sun one day is 18 hours. One year is 243 days. The air is easy to breath. Over the whole planet there are under ground clean rivers and these can be used to bath and drink, unless you have a vehicle, than it may not be necessary. In the dessert these can only be found in deep caves in the rocky parts of the dessert.

The animals. As far as SLA knows the most dangerous animals called the Daina Mantis is completely wiped out. These extremely dangerous animals have huge claws that can cut a well-armoured Op in half. It has cost many lives of Ops and Contract killers alike to take out these creatures. This is the only creature that I will ad to this list, as a GM you may decide if these creatures are indeed extinct or that a few did escape the annihilation of their kind. You can ad bonuses for every proven kill, but don’t tell the Ops that these creatures exist or that there is a bonus. The other creatures you as GM can make up yourself. I will give a few hints for some creatures. Use creatures that are similar to bears or lions, but these are quite common so I would suggest animals like ants that spit acid (the acid spitting is so they can get trough armour). Also you can have beasts transported to this world from other worlds. A few of the fabled Shahantian bulls that live on the Shaktar worlds could be released on Terra to have better game. Or some off the very adaptable or DNA altered beasts from the ice worlds, the homes of the Wraith Raiders, could have been loosed here. For the members of the Party and the squad it is probably fatal that they know what kind of species they can run into. But of course it is also always fun to let them encounter a species that does not show up in their computer.

The squad will first set foot on the planet on the arrival hotels called Slayer’s Safety Points. These are indeed more fortresses than hotels. For protection from the beasts outside and of course Darknight but that reason is safely hidden. In here the squad and the party will have one day to prepare and one night to rest before going out. The squads will have a few maps with them with points where you can most likely find species and water. For all the other stuff: you are on you own.

The Hotels

The hotels look indeed more like fortresses than hotels. With their one meter solid concrete walls, unbreakable glass, a wall that is a small copy of those at the cannibal sectors and four gun towers with men patrolling them day and night it becomes very intimidating indeed. The men patrolling the wall are shivers and are equipped like shivers but their armour is PP10 instead of blocker toilet paper. The gun towers are equipped with power reapers and are heavily armoured. I can hear you thinking ' but what of the view'. Well as I said the walls aren’t that high. They are about 12 meter. The hotel self is about 50 meters. You can see it sticking out over the forests. The ground floor is the exit area, with a grand desk and red carpet. There are paintings off of course Mr. Slayer and other people. Beautiful plants and flowers from other worlds and this one make the exit look like you don’t want to go. In the 3 basements are the guns, armours (for the Party not the Ops.), food and drinks kept. This is restricted area. Then you have the first and second floor where the personnel of the hotel sleep. This is restricted area. The third up to the eight floor, are the floors where the Party members and the Ops sleep. Each floor has a dazzling view over the deep blue sea and part of the forest, and exotic plants make the rooms seem like a paradise, with big sized TV screens up to 1 meter. The other furniture is made of the best wood and softest leather, in every room different exotic colours. Of course there is room service 18 hours a day. The ninth floor is the arrival point. The foldship will land on top of the roof and the Ops and, if the Party is from Mort, Party will step out onto a red carpet into an elevator. The ninth floor is the info floor with a beautiful view over the sea and a part of the forest. On this floor there are also plants of every size and colour. Here the Party and Ops are shown their rooms and on this floor the Ops will get the info they need. Naf maps and other handy stuff, like cooling suits are send to the rooms them selves. It is probably already there when the Ops arrive. Every thing is done to make it look like a paradise to attract costumers and to make the Party members come back. The member of third eye news (he/she is operative trained and knows how to act in the wilderness) that will go with your Party will have plenty to talk about and make it look and sound as a paradise. Indeed SLA has given the people what they want.

What can go wrong on this mission you are asking yourself.

Well a Daina Mantis does still exist and is after your party.

Darknight. This will be a big attraction for TV. Of course Darknight wants to prove that SLA cannot protect its people as well as it sass it can. This can mean an attack on the party self or an undercover agent in the party.

Other species that attack a party member that is not careful enough.

An unknown more civilized creature that lives in the caves of Terra. SLA does know the tunnels and where they lead but did not discover any live forms. (Also a great hide out for Darknight with the right cloaking devices).

Thresher raids for its resources.

A Party member brings his own life in danger by sneaking off because he wants to hunt alone.


Poisonous plants and flesh eating plants

Teaching Party members to shoot when you are hunting

And of course all the things that you, as GM, can come up with.

It is up to the GM what information the squad gets about Daina and it environments and creatures.

It is a family trip so kids are allowed.