Just another sewer run.

BPN Colour: Blue

SCL Requirement: 10
Contact Department of: Sanitation for further details.

Sewer Sweep from Sector 17A Corridor 37C at hatch 256 to Sector 17A Corridor 58B at hatch 73.

Station Analysis X
Third Eye News (I'd like to see them cover a sewer run)

Pay: 75c per Operative

GM Stuff

The run starts out as any other run. Players go to the entry point and move to the exit point, and clear anything in-between, right? Wrong, first if any of them use enviro-scanners then they notice a slightly higher level of radiation then normal. (This is because of the opening further down the tunnel. Don't give them this if they only check at the start of the run because of the distance from the hole.) Later they notice that there is a metal crate in the middle of the sewer. (all radio communication is cut because of a radio jammer) Also there is a hole into a parallel sewer tunnel right next to the crate. When they get closer they notice (if they have a good detect rank 9 or actively detect at a 5 or higher with a minus 3) a trip wire connected to a grenade. The crate has a electronic key pad so anyone with Electronic Lockpicking w/tools or Electronic Repair and a Computer Subterfuge (to hook a clam computer to the keypad) can see if they can open it. Inside they will find (see list below). Two minutes after they open it, (or when you have grown tired of them waiting) anyone with a motion sensor will go off like a cheap car alarm. From every direction possible DN operatives are closing in (if anyone thinks they can win shoot them dead). Also feel free to add equipment to the container so that the operatives CANNOT carry it all. Do give them the chance to blow everything in the crate to hell. As an escape route the only choice is the old sewer system that there is no navimaps for. The Operatives will find out that there were more explosives in the crate that they thought. The sewer system collapses partially on top of them and they now have only one way to go..( and if they think to take an enviro-scan they notice that the radiation level is higher than normal. As the move down the tunnel the will come across two DN snipers (if the players are real quiet they might be able to sneak up on the snipers, if not then have them get shot.) The player then come to a T in the sewer tunnel. To the left the tunnel continues (slightly down).

To the right about 30 meters is a collapsed and looks so even in UV and IR. If they check it out they notice that it is a fake (the PC’s must be 5 meters close). One meter from the fake wall is another trip wire. This one is an anti-personnel explosive and is a contained blast. Unless the PC’s decide to actively Detect they should have NO CHANCE to detect the explosive (this should only hit one to two people MAX. And should really hurt them to the point to near death). Also if they trip the trap the DN base will know they are there. Past the wall there is a long corridor (50 meters long) half way down is a hatch in the ceiling and at the end of the corridor is a door.

The next part is up to the GM. We setup a trip wire in front of the door below the hatch and halfway between the hatch and us. That way when we set off there trap at the fake wall and they came running we could shoot them and have them trip the traps we setup. There should be a Brain Waster defector with DN and he should have a DeathSuit. For a later adventure he should get away. Jump Ports work great for this environment. In any case the Operatives should be forced to retreat down the tunnel (the one with the higher levels of radiation.

Game mechanics - 1 Flux loss per hour for ebons.

Have them run and get lost the amount of time is up to you. After a while have them come across a Carrien nest of about 20 carriens, have a lot of mutant carriens in the group (because of the radiation) after they kill the carriens they come to a hatch. (The only way up that has been seen so far. When they try to open it water will start to leak down (Str of 8 or greater). If they don't tie themselves down the will be flushed. Give them the chance to lock themselves down before the open the hatch. The hatch opens with the stream so once they get it past a certain angle it will flip open and will be unable to close. Once the water has fallen through and they get up on the next level the radio will start to work again.

At this point we called Cloak Division and told them of the DN base and the radiation (we were put into detox and given a bonus for a job well done). Of course the DN base was gone by the time Cloak got there but the Brainwaster is known and is not happy. DN will setup an ambush later for the players interference and can be setup as the GM wants.

The list:

GMs discretion. Don't be lazy. ;)