Mr. Screams

A White BPN by Sean Conway

SCL: 10
Color Code: WHITE
Package: ANY
Dept. of Investigation: Investigate serial murderer in Upper Downtown. Contact the Dept. of Investigation for further details.
Third Eye News:

MO of a Killer:

The Squad is to investigate recent spree of murders in Upper downtown. The media has dubbed this killer MR. Screams. He or she has not been seen and He (which will now be used as a generic term) is up to his 13 kill in a week. All of the victims have died in horrible pain screaming there little Bloody heads off. All of the victims so far have been between the ages of 7 and 20. Five males ages: 7, 9x2, 12, and 13. Twelve females ages: 7, 8, 9, 10, 14x3, 15x2, 17, 18, 20. One man, Age 46, was found near the area but does not fit the MO of the Killer as he was too old. Mr. Screams uses a Strain 66 of Shatter mixed with Kickstart, and yet another unnamed drug. This mixture (dubbed Vial 32) seems to cause the person's suffering to last from minutes to half an hour in one case.

Shatter Strain 66 - This strain of shatter was immediately dropped by all be cause of its detrimental effect on the body. It causes muscle spasm so hard as to break nearly every bone in the body. The heart explodes and victim bleeds from every orifice. Eyes, nose you get the picture.

Kickstart - Go to Karma Pharmaceuticals if you don't know yet.

Vial 32 - The mixture does all the great things that Strain 66 does but instead of everything happening all at once it happens in stages. First the victim will have chest pains then a full blown heart attack. The Kickstart then kicks in to bring the person around to feel their muscles convulse and the snapping of bones to occur while blood starts to squeeze from their bodies

Getting Started:

The BPN starts like this. The Squad gets the BPN, and calls the Dept. of Investigation and Gets the how many and what gender, The killers MO, and the weapon seams to be a Drug injector. They are given the area of Downtown (Sector 21 Level 7) and that is about It. All of the victims were in the street or in apartment rooms when found. Nothing was taken from their homes but some of the people found in the streets were stripped of all valuables. When the squad arrives in the area, a boy about 17 stumbles into them. He is clutching his chest. Mr. Screams has already done his deed. Let them do all they want but describe the boy's death in all the gruesome horror. Shivers will arrive in 10 minutes to pickup the body if the Ops decide to call. Thirty seconds into the death a 3rd eye news reporter (Michael Reeves) arrives and is on top of the body filming the last half of the death. He should seem excited about catching it on film. During the death, those with a low cool should roll. The rank is up to you. If asked, the reporter says that he was notified that there was going to be another death in 15 minutes, in 7C of the apartment complex in front of the Ops and by his watch Mr. Screams was about 10 minutes early. (Plus, he was in the middle of the street, but do not tell the Ops that.) (NOTE: The guy in the street was just in the way. He has no connection other than being dead.)

No time to waste:

If the Ops take their sweet time about getting to the apartment, they arrive in time to see another victim tied to a kitchen chair with an empty vial on the table, a teddy bear in her lap and tears running down her eyes. Then the convulsions start. (The girl is only 11.) If the players hall ass up the stairs (the elevator is broke) they will see a young girl in the hall (she is about 15 yr. Old). She will keep out of the way of the Ops. When they get into the room they will see a prop leaping out the window. The girl will be tied to the chair, but will be fine. The prop "TC" was hired to help contain the victims, and is in * FBN's Raven 909 * armor. Mr. Screams has yet to show himself to anyone but the prop. Let the prop get away if at all possible.

After these first two encounters The Dept. of Pharmaceuticals calls the Ops to tell them that the third drug in the mixture is a Psychosis causing agent, and under no circumstance are they to let themselves get injected.

The Truth:

That little girl in the hall is "Mr. Screams". A month ago she was injected with the Vial 32, which was a drug created by one Dr. Eric Blake. The drug was being tested to use as a weapon against Slops. She lived through the experience (the mixture was strong in Kickstart Plus) but became obsessed with pain, in particular other people in pain. She likes to listen to people scream. She also thinks of herself as a Messiah and has decided that if anyone can live through the experience, then they are worthy to bring on a new age. She will offer any who survive a chance to join her in the Cleansing of the area. (Sick and twisted)
She killed the Doc and now has a drum of this stuff hidden in the basement of a building in the area. The props, TC and Pike, will stop anyone who tries to get in the way of her mission. (They are also crazy now). She is using Vial 32 under the disguise of Shatter to pay the prop's she higher's. (4 props failed the test (dead) and 2 have passed so far). TC and Pike are now loyal Followers, Fanatic if you will.

Turns for the worst:

To make matters worse there is Copy Cat Killer out on the loose that is killing children. "He" is using a Vial 32 that he found in a pack in an alley. (He has enough for 25 killings.) Also if Jenny gets too close to being caught she will hide out for a while and stalk the Ops, one at a time. Jenny will uses her good looks and shaped body to get close to people. She is old enough to play in clubs and young enough to be seen with children.. the perfect age. If you really want to screw your players over, have them catch the Copy Cat and give Jenny time to "TEST" the Ops. Maybe they will be strong enough to help her in her cause.

Who's in the News?:

The reason the 3rd Eye was called, is so she would have a video tape of the deaths.. She will call 3rd Eye for every one of the "Cleansing" so she can better enjoy them later.. If the Ops miss her twice but get real close she will collect more props to deal with them, so she will not be disturbed. Remember her age and the age range of the victims. She attacks young people "mostly". It would be just desert to one of the Ops to have a 7 yr. Old die screaming in their arms, if they let this go on too long. (This will definitely get them on the move and/or cause some serious nightmares.)

Oh and before I forget 3rd Eye will be there every step of the way so if the Ops Screw up, then it's on camera. Oh and last but not least if the Ops let it out that they think it is a little girl the Dept. of Pharmaceuticals want's her alive and unharmed..


Mr. Screams (Jenny Blake)
STR: 6 (9)
DEX: 7 (8)
DIA: 6
CHA: 8
Good Looks: Rank 4
Good Figure: Rank 4
Good Speech
Psychosis: Perversion: Rank 7
Delusion: Rank 7

Jenny lived with her father in an apartment building in Upper Downtown. Dr. Blake was a very abusive father and took to beating Jenny whenever things were not going right. He was a DN scientist that was working on a drug mixture to use against Slop's. He had almost perfected the mixture when Jenny knocked a large dose of kick start into the mix. Luckily there was not violent reaction but a whole container of KS was hard to get a hold of so Jenny got the worst beating of her life that night and almost died. As she lay in her bed she decided to finally leave. She knew were her father kept the KS and decided to take a vial to get on her feet and leave. She waited till he left the next night and went down into the lab. None of the drugs were marked, but she remembered what it looked like, so she grabbed a vial and stuck it in the hypo. After the Injection she did not feel any better so she started to look for more vials of KS. She found a few vials marked KS+ in the butter dish. She remembered that that was an even stronger version that KS. So she injected it also. After that Jenny started to feel better so she took another vial of KS+ just to be on the safe side and started to leave. That is when Vial 32 struck. She started to feel her heart pound harder and harder, as she started to scream. The scream woke up half the block and scared the hell out of her father who was at the door to the apartment. He ran in drawing his gun to save his daughter if she was alive. He found her on the floor blood coming from her eyes, noise, mouth, and ears. Her body was broken and you could hear a slight whimper coming from her. He immediately injected her with KS and Pain away in an attempt to keep her alive. It worked she spent the next month recuperating from the experience. Dr. Blake noticed a very changed Jenny when she was better. She seamed to enjoy getting beat and seeing others in pain. Her father decided to have a talk with her and see what was causing the change. That night Jenny decided to try the Drug labeled Vial 32 on her father. Just to see if he was worthy to give the pain the had caused. He did not live through the experience. That is when she decided to test those around her to see if any were worthy. So the killer Dubbed by the media Mr. Screams is born.

She originally was only testing children, but since none have survived she has go to testing older and older people. The props: TC and Pike are both experts. TC was a pilot on Dante and Pike was a Slop on the circuit for 2 years. Both of them are currently addicted to Shatter, and have taken the Vial 32 and survived. They have been twisted into believing Jenny's mission 100% and will die to help her cause.

STR: 9 (12)
DEX: 8 (9)
DIA: 6
CHA: 5
Unarmed Combat: 4
Blade 1-H: 6
Sneaking: 6
Hiding: 6
Pistol: 6
Rifle: 3
Acrobatics: 5
Climbing: 6
Lock Picking: 6
Electronic Lock Picking: 5
Detect: 7
Streetwise: 5
Navigation: 4
SLA info: 5
Rival Co. 3
Pilot, Military: 8
Space Navigation: 7
Vision Good: Rank 5
Major Enemy, SLA: Rank 10
Major Friend, * FBN: Rank 7
Psychosis: Delusion: Rank 7

TC has * FBN's new Armor Raven 909.. It is a PV 9 Exo with a flight pack on the back. The PV of the pack is 9 so any shots to his back are considered PV 18 and has AD of 30. If the AD of the pack is brought below 30 the pack will explode with a PEN of 7 (9 to TC), DAM of 10 (12 to TC's back) and AD of 10 (12 for TC). The Raven is highly maneuverable and is designed like the Silverback armor with thrusters in place for sharp twists and turns. In lower Down Town no one will be able to keep up with him. He uses a DPB Vibro Sabre (+1 PEN), a DN assault rifle, and a BLA 046M.

STR: 12 (15)
DEX: 12 (13)
DIA: 6
CHA: 6
COOL: 10
Unarmed combat: 2
Pole-arm: 8
Sneaking: 7
Hiding: 5
Pistol: 6
Rifle: 6
Auto-Support: 5
Climbing: 6
Demolition: 5
Tactics: 5
Detect: 7
Drive Civilian: 5
Streetwise: 5
Navigation: 6
SLA info: 5
Rival Co. 4
Vision Bad: Rank 7
Major Enemy, SLA: Rank 10
Luck Good: Rank 6
Psychosis: Delusion: Rank 7

Pike has PV 13 armor, PP70 that has been modified. He uses a DPB Flick Scythe, a FEN 204 loaded with heap, and a Bully Boy 10-10. Pike also has an especially made Keshang (Beta) from and uses it often. The Keshang is designed to attach to the armor for easy mounting and dismounting of the vehicle. (Pike also has a mod or 2 from KARMA STR and DEX)

Vial 32:

Effect: + 7 rank of Psychosis, +3 to STR and +1 to DEX
Detox Effects: -1 CONC, -1 DIA Permanent.
Addiction: Once
Cost:: It is free J

If this is a little light for your players, throw in DN. As they try to help Jenny along, and help themselves to the formula.

* FBN (Fly By Night is a new soft company that will be creating soon..)

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