Down Under

BPN Colour: Green

SCL Requirement: 10
Contact Department of: Sanitation for further details.

Exploration of newly uncovered sewer system. Clear any obstacles in the way of the maintenance crew. Possible carrien infestation. The safety of the maintenance crew is of the highest priority.

Station Analysis X
Third Eye News

Pay: 300c per Operative

GM Stuff

The run starts out as a pain in the ass. The workers are just total ass holes because they know that the Ops were ordered to protect them at all costs. They do there job but won’t lift a had if the PC’s are in any sort of trouble. If the players check the environment they notice the lower they go the higher the rads and all the other icy crap will be in the air. (Yes I like to torture my players.)

The first thing the players will run across is a carrien nest. (Oh my god! The BPN spoke the TRUTH!!) Of course the carriens should be equip with some heavy guns and some powered weapons. (hahahhah) This should get the characters good and scared. (If they are smart.) The workers should get away fairly unscathed. They hide far behind the PC’s.

Next they notice the tunnel goes straight down and the workers make the PC’s go down. (If the PC’s give them any trouble then have them call Station Analysis. Station tells them to continue. DarkNight at this point has jammed the transmission and is broadcasting there own. (Nasty trick!) At this level they Rads are much lighter than before. (If they bother to check) Once they are a ways down the tunnel DN will spring there trap. Two highly armed and armored DarkNight Contract Killers/w camera’s will start to tear into the OPS while three others will start to take out the side people. The workers will take off and get into a safe location. (DarkNight spies, but will not engage the Ops) There is only one sniper but I think that one is enough.

And last but not least the Brainwaster from the Blue BPN:Just your everyday normal sewer run will be there for the party. (Let him leave if at all possible) There is a chance to run and only one tunnel. (DN would not mind if the Ops cleared the tunnel for them.) The entrance that they used has been sealed. (The Workers) The other tunnel is controlled by three Thresher Ops and they are not in the mood to fight. (If the Slop's decide to try to make a quick deal Thresher will oblige. (They just want to leave the area but can’t and they will not just start shooting.)

If the Slop's decide to fight they will be stuck between Thresher and DarkNight. I hope they got good armor. If they win and let Thresher go they will be known as men of there word and some to Thresher’s forces will look kindly on them. (will be a little less likely to ambush them but God help the Next Slop's to come down that street. (could make for an intersection investigation for Cloak to see why everyone BUT them are being attacked by Thresher.)

If any of the Ops are chipped let them get the feeling that Station Analysis could not see them while they were down there. (Yes it is true. You can even have Cloak tell them they could not see what was happening to them while they were down there.) Let them get out of the sewer system with relative ease and a bonus if the got the Brainwaster. (If not I’m going to have him come back a little later for one final confrontation.