W H A T - I S - S L A - I N D U S T R I E S?

"People say that I am cruel. People say that I care not for the man on the street. This is true. The Big Picture is just that. A bigger picture, a concept that engulfs the entire World of Progress. For the greater good of the universe, with its billions of inhabitants and trillions of life forms, the concerns of the man on the street must be put aside.

Now get out of my way."

--Mr Slayer to Third Eye reporter Jackie Thomas, 355SD.*

SLA Industries is a tabletop roleplaying game set in the universe of the World of Progress, a dark empire ruled over by the immortal Mr Slayer and his omnipotent megacorporation that owns all of Known Space. From the capital planet of Mort, SLA Industries reaches out an iron fist to seize world after world, all according to Slayer's masterplan, his vision of how things should be - his Big Picture.

Players take on the roles of Operatives, the employees of the company tasked with sweeping its dirt under a proverbial rug. They are assigned these tasks via the BluesPrint News system - anything from street patrols to heavy assault missions to assignments personally granted by Mr Slayer himself.

They will find themselves pitted against many foes, from feral Carrien to Serial Killers to DarkNight terrorists to Thresher power armour attack divisions to street gangs; all seeking the destruction of SLA Industries and the end of the World of Progress.

To the common man, SLA seems to be the only thing standing between the universe and a legion of nightmares; at least this is what they are told on the news. All that Slayer asks in return for this protection is blind faith and absolute loyalty. Be obedient, don't ask questions, and don't rock the boat.

For behind the scenes lurks a secret so terrible that for 900 years SLA has been entirely focused on suppressing it, creating layer upon layer of conspiracy and deceit.

In the world of SLA, guns kill - but so does the truth.

* original quote by Sam 'Pythagoras' Pay