W H A T - I S - I N T E G R A T I O N - 2 0?

Integration 20 is a mystery within a mystery, a dirty secret buried deep beneath the vast corporate machine that is SLA Industries. One is that not understood by the general population, that is ruthlessly suppressed by the Company. SLA will stop at nothing to protect what lies within.

In the same light, this site was originally conceived in 2006 as a place to access information on the SLA Industries RPG that was otherwise unretrieveable elsewhere, as well as to post current articles and game material.

Everything you see here on i20 is entirely fan-created, unofficial material; the collected works of many people who have loved and supported SLA Industries since its initial publication in 1993. It will be in a continual state of development and updates from now on.

In 2019, as SLA Industries 2nd Edition is on the horizon, i20 has returned from beyond White Earth. Hopefully I won't get shot for (re)creating it...

And in an old and fine tradition of the Station Analysis mailing list, as amends for taking a 13-year break from the SLA community, I humbly submit this site as my act of Penance.

SLA Industries and all characters, settings, images and other intellectual properties pertaining thereto are (c) 1993-2019 Nightfall Games Limited, and are used without permission. No challenge to those copyrights is intended or implied.