S I T E - U P D A T E S

October 9th 2019: Uploaded the Penance, TBP and Department of Misinformation sections to the Black Stump Archives. More to follow! Also: I am aware that there are minor formatting errors, will be tidying those up over time. I've used the Palatino Linotype font throughout to match the style of the 1st Edition MRB, but need to tidy up titles, text alignment, etc.

October 10th 2019: Uploaded the BurnTimes, Freedom of Thought, Dark Rains, Mort Times, Mort Central, Bad Karma Toys, White Light White Heat, The Pythagorean Lair, The Storm Factory, The Freddy Lennon Crypt, Morton T. Smith, HexWoP, MK, Ash, SCL11, Walkways, SLAIndustries.net and Voidstate sections to the Black Stump archives. MUCH more to follow!

October 12th 2019: SLAIndustries.net section updated with Monthly collection PDF's.

October 14th 2019: World of Progress Facebook group section added to the Black Stump First Edition Archive!

October 15th 2019: SLA Fan Art section created. First three archives: Derek Dow (Artmunki), Images of Progress, 'Graduation Day' by John Helzer.

October 16th 2019: "ESP", "The Full Story" (GM's Notes for ESP) and "Valhalla" (sequel to ESP) added to The Pythagorean Lair

October 18th 2019: Moved all updates to their own section; makes it much easier for people to see what's being added and when.  Started making formatting changes. Added SLA 2nd Edition archive (currently empty!)

October 21st 2019: Added a BPN Hall section to navigation. Allows GM's in a rush to access all of the BPN's on the site on one page.

October 24th 2019: Added The Golden Vault to the Black Stump First Edition Archive. Resolved issue with receiving email to webmaster@integration20.com - feel free to drop me a line!

October 28th 2019: Added Fractal Silence to the Black Stump First Edition Archive. Added Independent Submissions sections for both 1st and 2nd Edition.

November 3rd 2019: Added Team8 to the Black Stump First Edition Archive.

December 29th 2019: Yvash added to the SLA Fan Art Galleries.

January 26th 2020: Added cover illustrations to the Products section in the SLA1 FAQ. Will do the same for SLA2 products as they are released.

October 1st 2020: The SLA Industries 2nd Edition Beta PDF is released by Nightfall to Kickstarter backers!!!

October 3rd 2020: Updated SLA2 FAQ with info for SLA 2 Beta PDF, updated Links to show all new artists.