T H E - S L A - 2 N D - E D I T I O N - F A Q

0. Updates


10/2/2019: SLA2 FAQ rough draft written.

10/11/2019: Quickstart info added.

4/15/2020: SLA2 FAQ updated with recent Nightfall releases.

10/1/2020: SLA2 Beta PDF is released to Kickstarter backers.


1. Products




Published: 2019

Writers: Jared Earle, Chris "Shep" Shepperson

Artists: Dave Allsop, Jon Hodgson, Scott Purdy

Cover Art: Dave Allsop

A 48-page introduction to the forthcoming SLA Industries 2nd Edition.
Description: 'Five Operatives take a BPN to go clear the sewers of Carrien. If none of that makes sense, you're in luck, as this PDF introduces players to the World of Progress and the all-new SLA Industries 2nd Edition system. Containing five pre-generated characters and everything else you need to play, apart from dice and players, this Quickstart is designed for newcomers to SLA Industries and experienced players alike.'



Published December 2019

Writers: Jared Earle, Mark Rapson, Chris "Shep" Shepperson

Artists: Dave Allsop

Description: A festive Hunter Sheet, an excerpt from a magazine and a page from the diary of an Aetherman. SLA Industries 2nd Edition: Ex Mass is a perfect companion to SLA Industries 2nd Edition: Quick Start and lets you continue to adventure with the pre-generated SLA Industries 2nd Edition characters from the free introduction to the new system. Get Jacked.



Published: April 2020

Writers: Jared Earle, Mark Rapson, Morton T. Smith
Artists: Dave Allsop

Description: As we find ourselves locked down for the foreseeable due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Nightfall team realised that we were able to alleviate the boredom for ourselves, and hopefully for you, by putting together this document. It is a ragtag collection of pieces, all SLA Industries orientated. Some parts are brand new, some are small and abridged bits and bobs that will be included unabridged in future publications and others are blasts from the past. Stay safe, STAY AT HOME.



Published: June 1st 2020

Writers: Dave Allsop, Jared Earle, Mark Rapson
Artists: Dave Allsop,  Matteo Spirito

Description: 'Within this document you will find two short pieces of fiction, a new Cannibal threat with four BPN ideas, ten BPN recipes, some Cannibal Sector fun and a stand-alone Shiver Print & Play game. Oh, and did we mention all-new art by Dave Allsop and Matteo Spirito? The Nightfall Games team hope that this will be enough to encourage you to stay indoors and prepare further for the upcoming SLA Industries 2nd Edition.'  



Released October 1st 2020

Writers: Dave Allsop, Jared Earle, Mark Rapson, Chris 'Shep' Shepperson
Artists: Dave Allsop, David Alvarez, Jacob Atienza, Mike Francina, Jon Hodgson, Aaron J Riley, Clint Langley, Alyssa Menold, Mirco Paganessi, Scott Purdy, Matteo Spirito, James Worrall

Description: 'In the World of Progress, the megacorporation SLA Industries rules all. Employing Operatives to enforce, extend and maintain their power base, they control a multitude of worlds - industrial, franchise and resource - with planet Mort at its core. As Operatives execute the company’s will, new threats emerge through the cracks of the city walls, turning Downtown into a battleground.
The freshly arriving Neophron signals a shift in the balance in the universe, as the scholarly species joins the ranks of SLA Industries, sending their brightest to train as Operatives to serve alongside Ebonites, Shaktars, Wraithen and Humans. You, the SLA Operative, are fighting for recognition and fame and fortune against a backdrop of a reality crumbling at the edges, feeding Downtown with a gaudy media of wall-to-wall death and dismemberment across the screens of the always-on televisions, climbing the corporate ladder and earning sponsorship deals and notoriety along the way.
Dream Entites claw at the fabric of reality, dredging up nightmares, while elsewhere the Shi’An Blood Cult rises, corrupting the disenfranchised masses of Mort to its cause and unleashing the horrors from White Earth into an unsuspecting world. As SLA Industries battles to reclaim the Cannibal Sectors, the Operatives are forced to deal with problems within the city walls more so than ever, and below, the Deep Construct awakens.
Guns kill; so does the truth.'


Published: TBA, following Kickstarter campaign

Writers: TBA

Artists: TBA

Cover Art: Dave Allsop

Description: TBA



2. Game Background


There are several differences between SLA1 and SLA2 in terms of setting.

 The 714 Chagrin and the Vevaphon are no longer available as playable options.

Wraith Raiders are now known as "Wraithen'.
Ebons and Brain Wasters are now different Ebb Paths of the same species, Ebonite.

A new race option, the avian Neophron, have been added.

The Shaktar have undergone a radical change in appearance, becoming more humanoid in nature.

A new BPN type was added. Orange BPN's now cover 'cult-related activity', including the Shi'an, White Earth entities such as Ethereals, Hominids, etc. They are set for lower SCL's than would be expected in 1st edition.

The Kick Murder and Death Squad packages have been renamed Close Assault and Heavy Support, respectively.


3. System


SLA2 features a new system of d-10 based game mechanics. As defined in the 2nd edition Kickstarter, the new system is 'built from the ground up and designed to offer a more streamlined and cinematic gaming experience than the old system, while remaining true to the setting. Ratings Points are a new mechanic for 2nd Ed, earned from face time in front of the camera, or through bravery, extreme success and spectacular failure. These points enable players to perform cinematic feats that defy the norm and impress audiences, and when things don't quite work out, there's the new Luck mechanism that allows players to alter or re-roll dice results. Both Ratings Points and Luck are a finite resource, however, and should not be used frivolously. '