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Ebons without the ability to manipulate the Ebb

Ebb-free Ebons are full canon, and most of them are mad to the point of full psychosis. They're known as -- and literally considered -- 'dead' by the Ebon races, who are disgusted by them. Their families hold funerals for them, then never speak of them again. They are the objects of a hell of a lot of hate and scorn, and other Ebb users won't voluntarily stay in a room with them. Most of them are heavily sponsored and equipped by Karma, 'cos they can use implants as they don't give a shit about their Flux. That means Dark Lament particularly loves them getting killed, and the Contract Killer ones tend to be very high profile + very dangerous with all top Karma tech, in constant battle with DL-sponsored Killers. 'Dead' Ebons don't get to pump formulae unless they do their own training + research -- no-one would ever teach them, and they can't learn through practice.

Falling (and Grenade) Damage

I'm not sure if we have a firm policy, but I assign falling damage as a D10 per ten feet. A successful STR roll will cancel out one D10, and a successful DEX roll will cancel out a second D10, but after that, there's nothing to be done. Work out the distance, and roll the damage. If it's onto sharp or very broken ground, the damage is maxed. It is taken from current total HP to ascertain survival; it is applied against each body location to ascertain broken bones. It ignores armour, but is also applied to armour seperately. FYI, I handle explosives damage in exactly the same way.

Ebby the Ebon falls 60 feet off a walkway onto a street two levels down, not having any Flux for Porting. He makes his DEX (10) roll easily, but fails his STR (8), so the fall is worth 5D10 damage. That 5D10 are 6, 2, 7, 9 and 4, for a total of 28 HP. The damage is transmitted straight through Ebby's deathsuit. Ebby is on combat drugs, so he only actually takes 14 hits of damage. He has 17 hits normally, so is on 3 Hits and actually survives the fall. His torso can withstand 17 hits of damage but has been asked to cope with the effects of 28 points of falling, so he has cracked ribs and a fractured spine. His arms and legs can withstand 8 and 9 hits respectively, and all four are broken; I'll arbitrarily decide that the break in his left leg is a compound fracture, his right hand is shattered like an egg-shell, and his right arm is broken in 8 different places. His head, coping with 5 damage, is badly hurt; he'll lose 3 points of charisma and all of his Good Looks for the next six months, and he'll be comatose until he receives proper medical attention regardless of the amount of Kickstart pumped into him. His Deathsuit, which had seen some damage earlier, takes 28 ID and is destroyed/killed. Given the gravity of his wounds, he'll need medical attention soon. Ouch. Still, falling 60 feet, he's lucky to be alive, even through UV. If he'd been falling onto rubble, he'd have received 50 Dam and would be dead, even through drugs.

As I said, I treat explosive damage in the same way. A R10 Blast Grenade does 10pts of damage, then checks that 10pts against each body location for breaks/unconsciousness and for Armour shredding. Lob two or three into the room and most people will be pretty fucked up.

Gauss Rifles have negative PEN values, how does that work?
Treat it the same as any weapon. If someone is in no armour, they take DMG 3. If they are in PV2 armour they take DMG3 - (PV2 - (-4)) = 0 damage.

The coding is designed so that if you have any armour you'll just get hit by bruising damage, but no wound. If however you're wearing nothing, then expect a broken limb.

Stormers, Necanthropes and Shaktar are considered to have PV1 when attacked by a Gauss Rifle (ie: it does no damage against them except through possible bonus damage from a high hit score of 20+)

Issuing BPNs

Who can issue a BPN?
You need to be a representative of a Department or subsidiary company, with sufficient budgetary authority to pay for the BPN at credit cost, plus the same again for admin to either 3ird Eye or Station Analysis, plus 100c per .1 SCL increase.

Are BPNs filtered before being issued?
Legit BPNs are lodged with the 3ird Eye or Station Analysis control departments before issue -- any queries or refusals will come up then.

Alternative Thresher Armour Values
When discussing Thresher, members of the list will occasionally refer to, "alternative armour values," or "Gent's armour values." These are replacements for the PVs given for Thresher armours in the MRB in order to make Thresher armours act more like their book descriptions. They were written by Dave "Gentloser" Crowhurst.

Endeavour: 13
One Way: 17
Close Nitt: 22
First Step: 30
Sarge: 34

Repairing Armour
Official Answer from Jared, posted on 02.10.1995, via Gent:

The repair of armour was missed from SLA (sorry), but this idea looks like a good one to me. My players don't get shot that often and can keep armour in mint condition for quite some time. The grading of cost by how good the armour is works well. I use a similar system myself.

Armour Cost & Notes
Striker: needle and thread
Flak Vest: 1 credit per point of ID
Body Armour: 1 credit per point of ID
Exo, Base: 1 credit per point of ID
Exo, Heavy: 2 credits per point of ID
Exo, Stormer: 2 credits per point of ID
HARD: 3 credits per point of ID
Powercell: 4 credits per point of ID
Crackshot: 3 credits per point of ID *
Dogeybone: 5 credits per point of ID
Silverback: 6 credits per point of ID
Shock: 8 credits per point of ID
*Because of the similarities with it and HARD