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This section was originally included to cover posting guidelines for the Station Analysis Mailing List. It is included here for the sake of completeness.

A general guide on netiquette is available at www.albion.com/netiquette/ .

Mail List Etiquette

This Netiquette summary is © 2000 Jukka Kolehmainen and is used here with permission.

A more general rule for netiquette on the list is to not make comments that are specifically aimed at provoking someone. Everyone on the list welcomes constructive comments of their work, but just stating that someone's ideas are rubbish is no help to anyone. Additional examples of provoking someone include criticising their nationality, their sexual preferences or their beliefs. These sort of comments should on the whole be kept away from the list. People who persist in offending others out of spite will find themselves forcibly unsubscribed by Glenn, as part of his duty as List Administrator.

The preferred format for posting in is Plain Text. The reason for this is that using HTML (so called Rich Text) in a post causes problems for those whose mail readers can't decipher them. It also causes problems with the digest. When a previous post is replicated as a reference, any irreverent sections should be removed. Duplicating a whole message just to add a one line comment is a waste of bandwidth and is annoying to most people on the list. Care should also be taken in criticising people's spelling. There are people of all nationalities on the list and also some who are dyslexic, so exercise a little patience.

Finally there are several members of Nightfall Games on the list as well as several people who have been involved with Nightfall in previous years. Although they are all willing to assist people's enjoyment in the game they should not be pestered unnecessarily.

Classifying Posts

All posts have [sla] in the header added by Topica to allow people to filter the newsgroup emails away from their general email. More specific subjects which can be added in the header are:


Over the years, the Station Analysis list has developed its own abbreviations for subjects that are repeatedly discussed. More specific terms appear in the list which include: