- E R R A T A -

SLA Industries v1.1 Errata

Please note: this information mirrors the official errata as published in the SLA Industries 1st Edition GM screen.

Departmental Chain of Command

In the chain of command on page 42-43, the Department of Shocks, Shares and Bonds should read Stocks, Shares and Bonds.

Game System

The Stormer's Movement Rate listed on page 149 is correct, giving Stormers a movement of: Walk:1 Run: 2.5 Sprint: 4.

Skill Descriptions

Rival Company (KNOW) skill description is not mentioned in the SLA Industries rulebook. The description is as follows:

"This skill represents the characters knowledge of the companies who oppose SLA Industries. This is a generic knowledge of company workings, recognition of company figures and associated symbols and equipment used by these companies."

Electronic Forgery (DIA) skill description is not mentioned in the SLA Industries rulebook. The description is as follows:

"This skill is the next step up from Manual Forgery. It allows the character to create fraudulent documents which will fool most humans and some machines, eg credit cards and electronic lock passes for door entry systems."


The money mentioned under the Advantage/Disadvantage of Finance should be in Credits, and not Unis as stated.

The Vehicle Advantage can be taken and the character can then sell the vehicle but only Ranks 1 to 3 as the other ranks are vehicles which are only leased to you from the company and therefore are not truly owned by you. This rule was being taken to the extremes in some cases with Players taking Vehicle Rank 10 and selling it, then starting play with Dogeybone armour and 17mm rifles!

Flow of the Ebb

Ebb Ability Blast: Rank 5 (Blast 3) should cost 5 Flux and not 4 as listed.

The Thermal Gauge functions in the same way for both Thermal powers (Blue and Red), as the Flintlock does for Blast (page 222 SLA Industries rulebook).

Thresher weaponry recoil

The need to give this weaponry recoil was not needed as it was being wielded by troops in power assisted armour which due to its size and strength effectively reduces the recoil to zero (the armour can take the kick back with ease) and most of the weaponry of this type is actually powered by the armour instead of having a separate power supply. Some of the weapons however are independent of the suit and could be picked up by a player in a gun battle situation, these weapons and their recoils are as follows:

Sheer 0023/B1 Assault Rifle (TH.BLA.0426-88B) Recoil: 12

Flay Auto 1701/C6 Automatic Pistol (TH.BLA0473-94f) Recoil: 9

Vaph III 0600/C12 Assault Cannon (TH.BLA0422-44A) Recoil: 21

Changes in the MRB v1.1 (as detailed by Tim Dedopulos)

Cover (now a pic of Halloween Jack by Glenn Fabry) & Spine.

Credits, thanks and contents updated to reflect modifications.

"Digging Up The Dirt", "Mr Slayer: A Profile", "Intruder: The Man", and the orthographic projection picture of Mort on 78-79 replaced variously with "Death in a Handful of Truth" by Matt Grau, and "An Interview with Mr. Slayer", "Digging Your Own Grave", and "Nature, Red in Tooth and Claw".

Character Sheet on pages 297-298 replaced with a full index.

Contract of Employment on page 299 replaced with a Quick Start Intro to SLA for players in a session who don't know what it's about.

"Fanboys" by Chippy on p290 and the forms on p291 replaced by new Dava artwork.

Tek Trex Ammo stats put in place on p282.

Disadvantages tweaked as below.[1]

Several small typos corrected -- I didn't make a note of them.

The Formulae rules have been made consistent. I'm pretty sure it's been set to 'GM Only', but I don't have the revises in front of me.

[1] Sterile to a flat _1 pt_ disadvantage, and Bad Housing and Arrogant are now worth 1pt/rank.

Karma Sourcebook Errata

Xenos and Chagrins regenerate as they are both variants of the Stormer and as such are extremely similar in genetic make-up (even though they radically differ in physical appearance!).

The Xeno's and Chagrin's claws are identical in every respect to the claws of a Stormer 313 (PEN:1 DMG:1 AD:0). The only difference is the amount of physical strength of the wielder.

The Chagrin's tusks have PEN:2 DMG:2 AD:0.

The Xeno should have the Detect skill at Rank 2. Add this to the list of Racial Skills for the Xeno.

Stealth is listed under skills for the Vevaphon Character Class. This is a typographical error, replace the word Stealth with Sneak.

The weapon description of the FEN 25 (04) Warmonger (page 133, Ex-War Criminal description) should read as follows:
FEN 25 (04) Warmonger
"Standard FEN 24 with underslung 40mm gauss fed and fired grenade launcher."