THE - S L A - 1 S T - E D I T I O N - F A Q

The body of this unofficial FAQ was originally compiled by James Fullerton, and previously hosted at his site, The Department of Misinformation. Since the disappearance of that site, it will be archived here at i20. Much of the material in James' version is still accurate, in regards to the 1st Edition of the RPG. It should be noted that this is not accurate in relation to current 2019 Nightfall canon. Originally composed as a reference document for the Station Analysis mailing list, the only change that was made was to make this version more centred on SLA in general.

The updated version (circa 2019) includes updated information on Nightfall Games' releases leading up to the development and publishing of SLA Industries 2nd Edition.  

Since we are entering the SLA2 era, no future updates will be made to this document as of 10/11/2019. 


0. Updates

October 11th 2019: New and final version of SLA1 FAQ uploaded to i20 site.


1. Introduction

2. Products

3. Game Background

4. Errata

5. System Queries

6. Station Analysis


This section used to cover everything you needed to know about the SLA Industries mailing list maintained by Glenn Berry. This list was the replacement for SLA-L (as run by Declan Kelly), and was (at the time of writing the original FAQ) the main internet location where SLA fans could converse about the game. This section is included here for extremely nostalgic reasons.


7. Netiquette