S L A - I N D U S T R I E S - 1 S T - E D I T I O N - A R C H I V E

PENANCE The writings of John Dodd. Still not playing the game.
THE BIG PICTURE All copies of The Big Picture fanzine in pdf format, as well as the unofficial Chocolate Frog SLA Sourcebooks. DoN't RoCk ThE bOaT.
DEPARTMENT OF MISINFORMATION The works of James Fullerton (and others).
WHITE LIGHT, WHITE HEAT The writings of Dave Crowhurst, aka. Gentloser.
THE STORM FACTORY The fiction of Peter Bogdasarian, and others.
THE PYTHAGOREAN LAIR The Pythagorean Lair, home of Sam Pay's SLA material. Also includes some original Nightfall material.
MORTON T SMITH Two very special pieces from another ex-Nightfaller, one of the original design team that brought us SLA.
FREDDY LENNON CRYPT The writings of James "Freddy" Lennon, ex-Nightfaller, one of the original team that brought us SLA.

Read on, dear child...
TEAM8 SLA COMPENDIUM The writings of Sue Wilson and others. (under construction)
HEXWOP The writings of Ed Handley.
THE WORLD OF PROGRESS FB GROUP Material by various members of The World of Progress Facebook group!
REDDIT Material archived from posts on r/slaindustries and r/rpg.
FREEDOM OF THOUGHT The writings of Neil De Carteret.
MORT CENTRAL Truly ancient SLA Material by Declan Kelly, admin of the original SLA-L, the precursor to Station Analysis.
BAD KARMA Bad Karma's Toys
THE MORT TIMES ARCHIVE Compiled by Eric Larsen.
THE GOLDEN VAULT  The writings of David E White.
MORT CITY The writings of Robert Jeffrey Burson.
WALKWAYS The writings of Chris DiDonna.
MK The writings of Kris Steel.
ASH The writings of Andrew Elliott.
SCL11 The writings of Richard Thomassen.
INDEPENDENT SUBMISSIONS All game material archived on i20 by individuals.
and last, and by no means least...  
THE NIGHTFALL ARCHIVE This section contains snippets, fragments and apocrypha from various members of the various incarnations of Nightfall Games over the years.

This is NOT to be considered remotely canon info as of 2019.