B P N - H A L L

This page is a shortcut to all of the Bluesprint Newsfile content here on i20, for SLA GM's in a rush.

Where a BPN has been specifically written for a particular edition, it will be marked (1stEd)/(2ndEd) accordingly.

GREY - Internal Affairs

A Wolf in the Fold by John Dodd

'Uptown Girl' By Mark Edwards

'I've got a little list...' BPNs By Sue Wilson

'He always seemed like such a nice man...' By Martin Wheeler

'I hope you wore clean underwear' By Darrin O'Connor

'The Wetherall Towers Murders' By Nick Barnes

'A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing' By Mark Edwards 

"Torn" by Brendan Sometimes

"Lending a Hand" by David E White

Sordid Fascination by Simon Naylor

BLUE - Street Maintenance

Pet Hates - Max Bantleman

"The Ring Raider" - James Fullerton

"Hole in the Wall"  - James Fullerton

"And on to the next life" - James Fullerton

The People's Right to Know by Peter Bogdasarian

The Tower by Phil Matt

Just Another Sewer Run - by Sean Conway

One Week of Hell - by Leath Sheales

Welcome to Hell

Just Another Day in DownTown - Dave Crowhurst

Ciggy Trek by Andrewhotep

20 Blue BPN's by Neil de Carteret

True Grot by Martin Wheeler

Wild Pig Hunt by Martin Wheeler

Sewer Patrol: Route 99 by Dan Livengood


ORANGE - Cult Related

Please note: Orange BPN's are exclusively 2nd Edition content. They do not exist in the 1st Edition.

WHITE - Investigation

"Testing Ground" - James Fullerton

"Hard Day"  by David Plank
"The Source" by David Plank
"Mercyman" by Brendan Sometimes

"The Devil Owns a Sawmill" by Matt Rose

Scratching the Surface - by Kuro Togimonoshi

Raging Bull - by Kuro Togimonoshi

Spy vs Spy by Sean Conway

Mr Screams by Sean Conway

Rush'n Romance - by Robert Jeffrey Burson

Gift from the Machine by Simon Naylor

Hunting the Machine by Simon Naylor

Day of the DAC by Simon Naylor

Justice for All by Simon Naylor

The Hooded Claw by Martin Wheeler

White BPN Goodness by Novafix

JADE - Ebon Related

'It's what you know....' by Sue Wilson
'Beauty and the Beast' by Jason Averill

'HOP/E & PREY' by Matt Rose

'Killing in the name of...' by Nick Barnes

'Orphan' by Gavin Clough
'Visions' by Brendan Sometimes
'Welcome to the House of Fun' by Michael McDonnell

Sweating Bullets by Simon Naylor

A Scent of Ebb by Simon Naylor

It's a Nec-Thing by Novafix

RED - Emergency

'KAL Psycho' By Steve Wildes

Ghost in the Manchine by Peter Bogdasarian

In Part Exchange

It's a Darknight in Sector 17 by David E. White

Tower Offence by Simon Naylor

Mind the Gap by Martin Wheeler

BLACK - Suicide Mission


GREEN - Expeditionary

"Deep Space Butterball" by Sipke de Vries
"We're not on Mort anymore Toto" by Troy Wells

"Knight of Shadow" by Roger Willcocks

"Singing Crystals" by Cyril Denoual

"Slops of the Round Table" by Sipke de Vries

"Clearwater Blue" By Mark Edwards

"A couple of days by the sea" by Sue Wilson

"The great hunt" by Simon de Vries

"Discrepancy Correction Initiative: Stage 3" by Matt Rose

"There's no more penguins here" by François Lalande

Down Under - by Sean Conway

An Inch From Eden by Simon Naylor

Giving to the Machine by Simon Naylor

YELLOW - Retrieval

The Laboratory of Mr S by Phil Matt

The Illuminati by The Phantom Scribbler

SILVER - Media

"A Shock to the System" - James Fullerton

Where the Rage Takes You by Peter Bogdasarian

Narcotic Trends by Simon Naylor

Tour De Mort by Martin Wheeler

Easy Silver BPN by Novafix

New Silver BPN by Novafix

Silver BPN by Novafix


PLATINUM - Head Office

Platinum Blond


BPN's by Jimmercubed