T H E - B L A C K - S T U M P - A R C H I V E S

What is the Black Stump? It is a place outside of the Known Universe; if you are beyond the Black Stump, you are beyond the borders of reality, in an imaginary place at the farthest point from where you really are.

Contained within these archives are some of the greatest and most difficult to find pieces of SLA material written by the fans, for the fans, bringing to life many different aspects of the World of Progress within their own SLA campaigns. It is is separated into two distinct sections for ease of use.

The first section is dedicated to older material related to the first edition of the game published in 1993. Please note that some - if not all - of this material does not conform to, or support current Nightfall canon.

The second section will focus on archiving all relevant fan-created material once the 2nd Edition of the game is published. Whenever possible, this material will support current Nightfall canon for SLA2.

E N T E R - T H E - SLA - 1ST - ED I T I O N - A R C H I V E


 E N T E R - T H E - SLA - 2ND - E D I T I O N - A R C H I V E


If your work is displayed here without your permission or without credit, my sincere apologies. i20 is intended to be mostly an archive of otherwise unavailable material, from SLA Industries-related webpages that often have vanished anywhere up to 14 years ago. In some cases, it has been possible to retrieve the information, but has not been possible to retrieve details on authorship. Please contact me if you wish to verify a credit.