N E W S - A N D - A N N O U N C E M E N T S

This section will include general news about the game, and copies of press releases and announcements made by Nightfall Games. Site updates has been moved to its own section.


September 17th 2019: SLA2 Kickstarter begins! Fully funded (£10,000) at 1 hour 7 minutes!

October 8th 2019: SLA2 Kickstarter ends! Final total: £90,444/$110553!

June 2020: ETA for SLA2!

October 1st 2020: The SLA Industries 2nd Edition beta PDF is released to Kickstarter backers!


August 5th 2019: Geeknative posts a review of the SLA2 QuickStart. Read it here.

October 7th 2019: Matthew Pook  of Ryleh Reviews (aka Pookie) posts his review of Cannibal Sector One. Read it here.

October 24th 2019: Geek Pride interviews Chris 'Shep' Shepperson about the 2nd Edition.


Monday March 7th 2006: The original integration-20.com site goes live. Making waves...

September 26th 2019: Relaunch of integration20.com. Addition of 2nd Edition archive, SLA2 FAQ, notes on SLA canon, updated disclaimer. Work begins on restoration of the 1st Edition archives. A special note: A HUGE thank you to fractalsilence for creating their mirror of the original i20 site. Restoration of this would not be possible but for you.

October 14th 2019: i20 announced to the World of Progress Facebook group. i20 gets an honourable mention on the official SLA Industries FB group and the CS1 FB group!

The full-size relaunch image can be downloaded here.

October 16th 2019: i20 got an honourable mention on Nightfall's update for the SLA2 Kickstarter!