A BPN for SLA Industries Open to all Ops/Squads

Players are recruited for BPN by Department of Philosophy at Meny.
Seek out and procure evidence of the existance of the 'Leviathan'.
For more details access the departments memory-core at Meny using 
access address Meny-0101-core/philos/~lore/Lev and state identity 
code of Op/Squad for security verification and clearance.

Data Download....... As you are aware much of the structure of the city is built over what was once the oceans of the planet Mort. The department has uncovered an ancient legend that tells of a vast ocean going creature known as the 'Leviathan' that lives below the sea. The ancient Mort legend (which dates from the days of the conflict societies) tells of a time of planetary alignments that will awaken the Leviathan from its slumber to wreak havok and destruction on the inhabitants of the palnet. This ancient tale was obviously not taken seriously until recently when an explosion destroyed a vaste oceanographic monitoring station. This incident is still under investigation at present, and the involvement of DN insurgents cannot be ruled out. GM Notes.... It has been noted at Meny that a Planetary alignment is going to take place in about 60 Mort days. Great erruptions have been coming up from below the surface of the polluted oceans of Mort causing damage to structures above. A very expensive aquatic monitoring staion was sent down to investigate but was destroyed. A student researching ancient records came accross the legend of the Leviathan and brought it to the attention of his teachers (he had no knowlege of the recent erruptions). The Leviathan does not really exist. The cult of the Leviathan does exist though. It is made up mainly of former philosophy lecturers at Meny who have worked with the ancient manuscripts. One particular manuscript told of a sea-god called the Leviathan that could grant power to its worshipers. The manuscript is interwoven with a glyph that sends all who read it mad. The cult sprang up from this and now boasts some 50 or 60 members. Some of these are priests while others act as a military wing who await the coming of the god. The preists have enslaved a group of feral ebons and are using the power of the ebb to summon the Leviathan. The glyph has absorbed this ebb energy is now causing the erruptions (and the destruction of the station). Tracing the cult can be accomplished in many ways. The OP's can follow the student, who has shown signs of phychosis. They can also be allerted by an ebon of recent fluctualtions in the ebb which are traced to the cult HQ. However they manage it the OP's are in for a fight. They must face not only the mad priests but also the warriors and the insane feral ebons. Good Luck.

A new soft company that has come to SLA's attention is 'Radio Tip-Top'. They use the weekly pirate broadcast of 'Radio Tip-Top' to advertise a range of retro products which are becoming popular amongst downtown gang members. Slayer has ordered that the leaders, 'Kid Tempo' and 'The Ginger Prince', are identified and stopped "with maximum force". Stay tuned for further developments......

"and remember, if it aint Tip-Top, it aint Tip-Top"

Intercepted transmission of 'Radio Tip-Top', Mort, 900SD

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