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1 SLA Industries references

P16/17 SLA - "[the House of the Black Church] was a truly malignant legion of troops renowned
throughout the Known Universe for their ruthlessness in battle. They were also respected by the
Conflict Societies for their leader, Cadavar, as a ruthless battle commander and military scientist.
Cadavar and his army joined Slayer's business for a variety of reasons....Cadavar overheard the talk of
biogenetic production. All Cadavar's previous attempts at living Biogenetics had proved unsuccessful.
The most he had accomplished were biogenetic enhancements...."

"..Cadavar prepared to depart for the Conflict Societies. he had no plans to return and secretly hacked
into Senti's database and stole her 'amended' plans and then, nonchalantly took the House of the Black
Church away from SLA Industries."

2 Cadavar and the House of the Black Church - History in Progress

Secrets upon secrets, lies upon lies, these are the foundations of SLA Industries over 900 years of
progress. Slayer, Intruder, Senti; these three names stand out foremost in the history of SLA Industries yet the brutal zealot Cadavar played a big part in the Stormer project that brought the conflict era to such a violent end. When you look at a Dark Finder you are looking at 900 years of lost knowledge, knowledge that Cadavar took with him on his journey beyond White Earth following his betrayal by Senti. Cadavar had a grand vision for the human race, to advance humanity above all the other conflict aliens and create his own Empire in the stars. Arrogantly Cadavar saw Slayer as no more than a convenient step along the path to his own divinity, a bit part player in his Grand Vision, meanwhile Slayer planned his Big Picture and kept a wary eye on Cadavar.

The House of the Black Church and Cadavar left SLA Industries to roam amongst the conflict
societies, little did Cadavar realise the scale of Slayers Big Picture. When Cadavar realised he had been tricked by Senti he went into a wild rage, destroying everything that came into his path. As he stood on the battlefield watching the cities burn a plan began to form within his mind to avenge himself upon Senti and Intruder. On the eve of the Big Picture Cadavar's forces landed on an almost unspoilt planet called Static, stealing away victims for his latest experiments. Even as the Stormers were destroying the conflict societies Cadavar's ships slipped silently past White Earth and into the space beyond, far away from SLA Industries reach.

What Cadavar found beyond White Earth was a region of space know as The Black Stump, a living
hell nominally ruled over by Bitterness. Whilst Slayer brought order, Bitterness spawned a universe of chaos where the basic laws of physics seemed to have little effect. In The Black Stump every nightmare took form, a stray thought could kill as quickly as any blade, and Cadavar's bigoted and violent mind created a region known as 'The Holy See' where he settled the House of the Black Church and set himself up as self-proclaimed 'Pope-Protector'. The Holy See became much like 17C Europe, a place of constant religious wars where new ideas were outlawed and punishable by death. All the while Cadavar carried on his experiments into biogenetics, now with a new and twisted dimension; the Ebons from Static.

Cadavar consolidated his empire within the Black Stump, magnificent fortified Cathedrals were built to control vast swathes of space whilst Bitterness looked on from White Earth. All the while Cadavar was creating a new race of ebb being, a
primitive life form that could accumulate raw Flux energy and use it to power strange weapons and armour for his New Model Army. This new life form lacked sentience but retained the vital ability of the ebon flux matrix, Cadavar had regressed the Ebon's to a stage long forgotten in there evolution. The new life form looked like a small embryonic child only 6 inches long, held in a special conductive fluid within a tube. When fitted to Cadavar's new biotech devices these creatures could produce

enough energy to power frightening ebb-like weapons, and the dark forces of the Black Church evolved tainted by Bitterness and the raw emotion of the proto-ebon creatures, which Cadavar named Ebids.

Cadavar had achieved much with his new army, the Black Church were stronger than ever and the
bio-ebb devices proved fearful in battle driving all before them. Cadavar continued to work, trying to recreate Senti's work and produce his own Stormers. But powerful as Cadavar was he did not posses the art of Deathwake, and without that his biogenetic abominations lacked the vital spark of life. Then the rumours started to come in from the outer regions of his empire, tales of nightmare creatures worse than any seen before that destroyed whole cities. These creatures were Necanthropes sent by Slayer into the furthest reaches of space beyond White Earth to seek out the enemies of SLA, travelling in a fleet of eight mighty Fold Ships known collectively as the 'Ghost Rider Union', and they waged a terrible war against the Holy See.

Cadavar summoned his finest warriors and formed from them an elite force known as the
Wytchfynders, armed them with the latest and most powerful Bioebb devices he sent them out to hunt down the Ghost Riders. For 100 years they struggled, fighting themselves to a standstill. Thousands died across vast areas of the Holy See, many of the few remaining Conflict Societies that had fled the Big Picture were exterminated, the Black Church were decimated along with many of the Necanthrope houses. The Wytchfynders becoming ever watchful for the Necanthropes, whilst a pathological hatred had grown between the two forces, eventually a tense stand-off was reached.

Now Cadavar is ready to return to the World of progress and fulfil his Grand Vision for humanity.
After 900 years in the wilderness he is going to raise humanity to it's rightful place and subjugate the heathen alien races. This will be a religious war, fought not only on the battlefields of the World of Progress but also in the hearts and minds of all humanity. The taint of Bitterness is strong in the minds of the Black Church, they are without compassion and mercy, they live only to serve and die for their leader Cadavar. Feared above all else are the Wytchfynders, sociopathic killers with a violent hatred of Ebons and their dark cousins the Necanthropes. And Cadavar now has the Preachers, a symbiotic human/ebid lifeform able to manipulate flux energy much like an Ebon.

3 Bioebb Devices

Bioebb Devices fuelled by flux from the Ebids were created by Cadavar for use by the Black Church
army. They are characterised by there ornate design, combining a shiny brass like metal with strange

fluid carrying tubes that convey the flux energy by means of a conductive fluid medium. At the heart

of these devices is the Ebid, held within a clear tube like container and filled with a special conductive

fluid medium, flux flowing through the tubes to power the devices. Weapons, Armour, Vehicles and

even the fortress Cathedrals are powered by flux leached in this way from the Ebids. These pitiful

creatures are born without sentient minds, but raw emotions of pain and even a kind of despair haunt

them throughout their lives.

The most abominable bioebb creatures are the Preachers, a symbiotic human/ebid lifeform. As
powerful as a Necanthrope these creatures are a fusion of bioebb and flesh. The proto-ebon is linked

directly into the mind of the human host, who feels the full pain and despair of the creature. Most

symbiotes live short and tormented lives, surviving maybe only hours or days. But a few develop a full

symbiotic bond with the Ebid by controlling the emotional daemons, and they become Preachers

powerful in the manipulation of flux energy.

The Ebids soon wither and die, consumed by the force of raw flux energy they were grown to
accumulate. The Ebid looks much like a creature that evolved on Static many millions of years ago,

possibly the first creature able to collect flux in a basic natural matrix. This creature eventually

became the Ebons that live on Static and throughout the World of Progress, Cadavar was able to

'back-engineer' this creature using the ebon test subjects he stole from Static during his flight from

SLA Industries. All of the original test subjects died in the process, but Cadavar had what he wanted,

a simple life form that could collect flux energy.

4 The Wytchfynders

5 Preachers
The most abominable bioebb creatures are the Preachers, a symbiotic human/ebid lifeform. As

powerful as a Necanthrope these creatures

are a fusion of bioebb and flesh. The proto-ebon is grafted directly onto the mind of the human host,

who endures the full pain and despair of the creature. Most symbiotes live short and tormented lives,

surviving maybe only hours or days. But a few develop a full symbiotic bond with the Ebid by

controlling the emotional daemons, and they become Preachers powerful in the manipulation of flux

energy and ebb powers.

The Psychological damage that this symbiotic existence causes is profound. The Preachers are solitary
beings, found upon the fringes of Cadavars New Model Army, they are watched carefully by the

Wytchfynders who view them as an intolerable abomination of all that is Holy.

The Preachers manipulate the ebb by using a holy book given to Cadavar by Bitterness, this book is
called 'The Byble' and contains page upon page of prayers and religious liturgy. The Preachers often

sermonise from this book, calling upon the powers of "God and the Pope Protector", and talking in a

strange language called 'Psychobable', in part this is where the Preachers derive their name.

5a The Holy Byble
Gifted to Cadavar by Bitterness the Holy Byble contains the liturgy of The Preachers and allows them

to manipulate the ebb in much the same way as the Glyph Cards where once used by the ebon race.

Written in an ancient language The Byble is divided in thirteen books called The Holy Scriptures, and

these books are each a parallel of ability of ebb:-

            Book of...               Ebb ability

Within The Holy Scriptures Bitterness has corrupted many of the known ebb abilities to his own dark
and twisted ends. Some of the rank abilities have remained unchanged, whilst others have been subtly

altered in their effects.

The following changes to the ebb abilities as listed in SLA are in effect:-

Heal 1-10 instead of healing in fact the use of this ability causes damage.

Regeneration 1-3 instead withers the affected limb/area.

Psychosis instead increases ranks of psychosis.

Heal 12 creates an animated zombie. These unfortunate beings crave human flesh.

Light 1-10 actually creates darkness, absorbing all light in the effected area.

The Preachers also make use of equipment to enhance their ebb powers. These again are a parallel of
the Science Friction equipment produced by Dark Lament, though that utilised by the Preachers

appears to be of a more arcane construction. In fact these items are copied from RealTime artefacts by

Bitterness and as such have great power:-

            Ability                  Equipment                            Dark Lament equivalent

6 The Black Church

6a Enemies - The Ghost Rider Union

7 Armour

8 Weapons